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Famous Sagittarius celebrities across the world

Energetic, versatile, superficial and restless, that’s the Sagittarius for you!  They are usually honorable, truthful and sincere. But like every sun sign they have their own negatives too. Sagittarius is known for impatience. Their anger is quick to flare at the slightest reason not to forget their boasting and extravagance in their private lives. Having known their positives and negatives, we will now take a look at some of the famous Sagittarius celebrities and check if their traits show who they are!



The country singer who sweeps awards at ceremonies is a perfect Sagittarius. Taylor Swift displays the ambitious trait of her sun sign and of course her hate songs dedicated to her broken relationships sure shows the anger in her!



Controversy queen Britney Spears is a famous Sagittarius. The other traits might go unnoticed but her impatience is a clear proof of her sun sign. Freedom loving Britney was also very jovial. She, just like her sun sign has many faces to live by. Restless is another clear trait of her.



Which girl does not remember the heart throb Damon Salvatore of the famous Vampire Diaries? Well, Vampire or not, he sure is a Sagittarius. He might be the one who displays the ‘playboy’ characteristic of this sun sign. After all, with so many girls in line, he sure has his hands full!



Better known as Max from the popular kids show ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, Jake touched a lot of hearts. Known for his spontaneous and witty humor, he sure is a Sagittarius. Ambitious and popular, Jake is a true Sagittarius.



Every kid owes his childhood to this man. If it wasn’t for him, childhood would never have been so much fun. The perfect example of a versatile Sagittarius, Walt was an animator, voice actor, and producer and of course the founder of Walt Disney company. He was also the one to create the famous animated icon Mickey Mouse. We all love him and will always.



The man who brought fame to martial arts; Bruce Lee also belonged to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Another versatile personality, Bruce was an actor and a filmmaker too. He was also awarded the Founders Award this year. Bruce shows the ideal Sagittarius trait of optimism and ambition.



The famous Moneyball star Brad Pitt is another jewel among the famous Sagittarius celebrities. Not just his looks, but his talents also never fail to amaze his fans. Brad is also a Golden Globe winning actor, producer and icon. He also won five Best Actor awards for his performance in Moneyball.



Hip-hop artist who shot to fame with her famous album Pink Friday is also a Sagittarius. She had seven singles reach the Billboard’s Hot 100 at the same time. Now that’s some Sagittarius trait in her!

The list doesn’t end here. There are many more Sagittarius celebrities who have won a lot of hearts around the globe.

Gifts for the Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men are outspoken and lively by nature. They like to look at the brighter side of things. This makes choosing a gift for the Sagittarius man a rewarding experience. Sagittarians are explorers by nature. Those born under this sun sign are restless and always in search of new horizons. Thus, what can be the best gift for him other than a vacation to a completely new place, somewhere he has never been before and which would give him ample opportunity to explore. Wait before you rush get those flight tickets. Make sure it is not a tame beach holiday or a cruise where he is mostly stuck indoors. Nothing would enthuse a Sagittarius guy than a white water rafting holiday or a hike through a mountain forest trail. You can also go for travel gears if not the actual travel plan – like a rucksack, or a good quality shaving kit with all the grooming essentials that fit perfectly into his minimal luggage. Go crazy and gift him travel boots and even a money belt too. You can also gift him annual subscription of his favorite travel magazine or a travel book for the next destination on his travel plans.

Just as their thirst for exploring new places makes them the ardent traveler, it is this same sense of wanting to know more about the world that makes the Sagittarius man also enjoy a good book. It is like a window to another world – something that would add to his collective knowledge about the many wonders of the world. They enjoy a whole range of books – from travel, history and culture to philosophy, politics, autobiographies and even fiction. Something on the more glamorous side would be fancy coffee table books about foreign countries and cultures with some glossy pages and great photographs.

Another great way to make his day special would be by giving him an opportunity to participate in some adventure sports. Horse-riding, sky diving, scuba diving or snorkeling should be at the top of your list. The Sagittarius man loves to stretch the limits of his physical strength and stamina. This risk-taking personality of the Sagittarius man is also something that makes it easy to win his heart with a little bit of gaming activities. If you can trust your Sagittarius man to keep his head on his shoulder then arrange for him to spend an evening at a casino. It will be one of the best experiences that you can offer him. However, if you do not want to be the Eve to lure your Adam to the potentially dangerous habits, there is also the option of gifting him gaming software – how about an XBOX or the latest FIFA gaming software.

Sagittarian men are never short of humor. They are a fun-loving lot and so a gift with a touch of humor would be a great success with him – from a funky T-shirt with a witty message to a classic collection of Charlie Chaplin films. The Sagittarius man is the best partner to share a laugh with; what can be better than giving him something that would tickle his funny bone.

Common Sagittarius Personalities that Get Misinterpreted

Somewhere in this blog we have mentioned that one should not judge a Sag too quickly. If you’re thinking it is easier said than done then you are right. Or at least highly understandable. It is very easy to judge a person most especially someone born under the Sagittarius zodiac. They have qualities that gets misinterpreted more than any other signs of the zodiac wheel.

The Rule Breaker. Sagittarius ruled people likes taking chances and pushing boundaries. They like to know their limitations so they can find out how far they can go. If you look at it in their way, pushing boundaries just means perseverance. A Sag would go a long way to make sure they finish something they started. They are not afraid to try unusual procedures if it would bring good results. This leads for them to be misinterpreted as rule breakers. They would try anything out if it means it’s something new and most especially, out of the usual. For them, if it’s fun and brings new experiences then it can’t be that bad. It just depends on who’s looking at it.

The Heart Breaker. A Sagittarius love being around people but most of all they like getting to know people. They would figure you out like a puzzle to know what tickles you pink. Sags are somewhat people pleasers in that regard. They are very accommodating and they would give you what you want and need without realizing they are leading you on. The Jupiter ruled zodiac are also hopeless romantics.They are forever out there looking for “the one” and they aren’t afraid of getting hurt or taking chances because deep inside, they know that “someone” is out there waiting for them and they wont miss an opportunity if it means they will finally meet. If they feel like the person they are dating is not the one they will be honest and say so so they can move on to find their soul mate. For them, the truth should be said even if it hurts. On another note, Sags are huge flirts too. Sometimes they don’t realize it but they are. They are very playful and sociable and they would have a conversation with anyone who is up to it. Especially with the opposite sex. :p

The Know-It-All. The philosophical nature of Sags can also lead them to be misinterpreted. Sagittarius people are inquisitive and forever looking for answers. They don’t stop when you give them a good-enough answer. It has to be the absolute truth. Although they are fun-loving people they can rant too like when they don’t understand why people do things a certain way, for example. This is mostly why they are pegged as a bunch of know-it-all. They will talk about things that they don’t understand and suggest something that, for them, makes more sense.

The Sagittarius people have strong personalities so they can come off as extreme (and we don’t mean it in a good way). The best thing to do is look inside them and know what their intentions are. Most of the time, they think and act in ways they think will benefit not just them but the people around them too.


How To Ask Forgiveness from a Sagittarius

How do someone ask for forgiveness from a Sagittarius? First off, if you’re asking forgiveness from a Sag, you must have done something REALLY bad. Sagittarius are fun loving people and are somewhat nonchalant that they let most things slide. This is not to say they do not care or worse, push overs. It’s just that these philosophical people understands at a young age that keeping a grudge only does more harm to them than anyone else. They do not hold on to the bad memories and events. They let these experiences hone them as a person and put it in good use. If there is one thing a Sagittarius hates more than anything, it is resentment and hate itself. So you might not have to worry about pissing them off because of trivial things. Now, if you really must ask for a Sagittarius’ forgiveness, here are a few things to consider.

Make sure it’s from the bottom of your heart. Sounds cheesy, yes, but a heartfelt apology is always appreciated. Look them in the eye when you ask for their forgiveness. If you feel the need to explain yourself then do so. Sagittarius people are very good listeners and they will not only humor you but even put themselves in your shoes. They are somewhat righteous in a way that they ask themselves “how would I feel if I were in his position” all the time. Just say your piece and let it all out but be careful about the words that you use as well especially if the two of you disagreed about something. Sagittarius can be very passionate about their beliefs so explain yourself in a way that would make him feel that you understand where he is coming from. If they feel you are sincere about saying sorry and making amends, they will forgive you from the bottom of their hearts too.

Generally, people under the Sagittarius zodiac are very forgiving. Extraordinarily forgiving, actually. And it’s not just about the small things. Sagittarius people wear their hearts on their sleeves and most of the time you can tell how they really feel about the situation. These party goers are also hopeless romantics. If you are lovers and had a disagreement, don’t let pride get in the way.Don’t be afraid of getting rejected or being asked to walk away. A Sagittarius prefers to know both sides of the story and he will not mind hearing you out. In fact, he prefers this because any other option makes him feel left in the dark.

If you have wronged a Sagittarius person, he may have forgiven you before you even ask for it. If it’s not a major issue, a Sagittarius will probably initiate the conversation too. He will try to sort things out and figure out where things went wrong and he would prefer that the two of you work it out together. It is very hard to make a Sagittarius person angry but keep in mind not to take advantage of them. Don’t wait for that time when you have to run after them just to say those two words.

Best Sagittarius Vacation Spots

When it comes to vacation spots, it’s important to consider what will make a Sagittarius the happiest. Keep in mind this sign is rather adventuresome, so just sitting along the beach or visiting relatives with no other activities in place are certainly not going to provide contentment for the Archer. Certainly this doesn’t mean you cannot take trips to the beach or other spots that are full of relaxation, but you have to include some
adventure into the trip as well. Remember, Sagittarius likes to keep moving and is not content to be confined to one spot.

If you’re going on vacation with a Sagittarius, you must remember they love adventure and exotic places. Don’t even think for a minute that you will satisfy this sign with just a relaxing time at home; the farther they are away from home, the happier they are. Not only are they lovers of exotic places, but they also enjoy going to places where they can learn about different cultures as well. This trait may be due partly because of their placement in the 9th House that is also known as the House of Long Distance Journeys. What this means is Sagittarians enjoy traveling not only because of the adventure it brings but also because of the learning experience.

Some of the places Sagittarians will enjoy include beaches, camping, hiking in the hills and fishing. While we previously mentioned the beach as something not likely to appeal to Sagittarius, it’s important to understand that the beach can be a place where you just lie out in the sound and do nothing—this will not appeal to Sagittarius—but if you use your trip to the beach as an adventurous activity such as engaging in water skiing, surfing, diving, swimming and other similar activities, it will give Sagittarius a chance to engage
in some adventure and even learn something new.

Sagittarians love any activities that take place outdoors, but they also enjoy traveling to exotic places including third world countries. To a Sagittarius all travel is an experience from which they can add to their knowledge base. However, you have to keep in mind that when you travel with a Sagittarius, it is important to choose places that are different from where he or she lives. Stay away from a hotel in the mountains or an island resort and plan something more exotic. In fact, this sign would prefer to just start traveling
and see where they end up instead of planning a vacation with reservations and daily itineraries of pre-planned activities.

They enjoy doing things on the spur of the moment, and would not only enjoy going to an unusual place but also to one of the usual places to just have fun without giving it any forethought. Your Sagittarius would enjoy going to the Rockies, Yellow Stone national Park or the Grand Canyon. These places are unlike the ordinary vacation spots that tend to attract most people because it gives you an opportunity to camp out or spend time with family and friends just having fun without planning an entire trip.

The Gay Sagittarius

So he’s fun, passionate, sensitive, and loves everything that you like. It seems like he is genuinely interested in you; but be careful. The Archer is a master of playing the field. If you find it odd that he wears the same perfume that you love, or that he cooks your scrambled eggs just right, every single time, don’t think that this is because you are “meant to be”.

The truth is, the Sagittarian will do everything in his power to seem attractive to you. It is not impossible that he has done some research about every facet of your life. The good news is your Sag lover may be doing this out of genuine interest. The bad news is he will stay interested just as long as you keep him guessing. Yes, mystery is a gay-Sag’s version of Viagra. The problem is, it is easy to let the gregarious Sag know everything about you because, let’s face it, once you fall in love, verbal diarrhea is in session and you feel the urge to divulge all your little secrets. Bad move.

Mystery is what keeps the archer going, and inspires him to actually get to know you more. Once he feels like he knows you like the back of his hand, get ready to be dumped like a gay hot potato. Once he knows everything about you, you seem uninteresting, unexciting, and soo not worth all the wooing. So does this mean that a Sag lover is a bad lover? Well, it’s not like he falls out of love intentionally. But then again, there are some unintentional mistakes that are still unforgivable. And yes, we are referring to Bret Michaels’ unintentionally sexual remarks at the latest Miss Universe pageant.

The truth is, he can’t help but fall out of love (or interest) for you once the excitement of the chase is gone. So if you really want a lasting relationship with a Sag, get ready to keep him guessing. Mood swings, a diva attitude, and an uncontrollable temper all seem attractive to the drama-thirsty Sagittarian.

However, you are in luck if you do not actually wish to have a long relationship with the Archer. Why? Because they make the best lovers in the world. They are strongly passionate, willing to experiment, and since they get bored quite easily, get ready for a thousand and one positions in the sack. Yes, the truth is, the Sagittarian’s worst trait (his love of variety) in the emotional arena is also his greatest trait in the sack.

So how do you attract an Archer? Be witty, be sarcastic, seem uninterested but remain interesting. Spend some time alone with each other, but do not actually call it a date. Once he feels comfortable with you, he would want to get to know you more. Be kind to him, as flattery seems to be the best way to his heart. Then, play him, as he would most likely do you. That will keep him guessing, and in your pocket (and your bed) for a longer time than most of his relationships last. And if you’re in luck your relationship might last a whole week.

The Sagittarius Parent

The parenting skills of those born under the sign of the Archer may be influenced by a slight reluctance to acknowledge fatherhood or motherhood at first. Their love of freedom, independence,and adventure might make them balk at the thought of being tied down by children and all their accompanying responsibilities.

But once the reality of parenting sets in, Sagittarius mommies and daddies can make quite good parents. Even better, their vast store of energy and sense of adventure can spell out enthusiastic rearing techniques, which means plenty of outdoor sessions with their beloved offspring. Camping, biking, sports meets, picnics at the park, dog-walking, etc., are just some of the expected childhood activities of those with Sagittarian parents.

A child’s stages of development can also prove to be a big adventure in itself for a Sagittarius mama or papa. Watching them grow up, start talking, walking, and developing psycho-motor skills at their own pace can cause great pride and anxiety. Their own sense of independence could be their yardstick for their kids’ achievements and aspirations. It’s understandable for a Sagittarius to want to get their kids involved in as many activities as is humanly possible, which is great. However, a Sagittarius mom or dad should take care not to push their children into doing physical activities they might not be ready for, or are enthusiastic about. Doing so could cause frustration and ill-will for both parent and child.

The key is not to make too many demands on the child, and always communicate on how they feel about doing certain things. As a rule, Sagittarius parents are generally permissive folks and do not feel the need to hem their children in with strict rules and regulations. In fact, they prize individuality in their kids in pretty much the same way they prize theirs. Knowing the value of learning from personal experience means having kids who end up making their own decisions and not being too sheltered or spoiled.

Travel is another thing that’s sure to be part and parcel of a Sagittarius parent’s method of child-rearing. Beyond acknowledging one’s wanderlust, travel means soaking up other cultures and learning beyond classroom walls. Whether it’s a new language, tradition, cuisine, or just about anything involving the customs of another group of people, a Sagittarian is sure to introduce their child to it by way of tours, trips, and journeys. Very young kids of Sagittarius mommies and daddies could already be exposed to books that speak of other cultures and exotic places, and eventually, maps, atlases and travel and guide books that could inspire in them a sense of adventure and exploration, as well.

Sagittarius people are highly capable of becoming great parents because it is a job they will not take half-heartedly. Just like the next great adventure, parenting is something they would want to thoroughly explore and learn from.

Great Gifts for a Sagittarius

When picking out a present for that special Sagittarius person in your life, always think of the bottom line with them: they like their freedom and independence. With that bit of knowledge, you’ll be able to narrow down possible items in a gift list before finally deciding on the perfect one to buy, wrap, and give to them.

To make things easier, we’ve come up with top five best gift ideas for your favorite Sagittarian, male or female.

1. Travelling gear.

Since Sagittarius people are one of the most-travelled lot in the Zodiac, why not get them something practical that they will appreciate? Your best bets would be a classy travelling kit containing all the essentials: grooming tools, small bottles of shampoo, an aftershave or cologne spritzer, a tube of toothpaste, and a tiny toothbrush. Make sure everything’s compact and lightweight because your Sagittarian’s travelling bag is sure to be filled to the brim with stuff!

On that note, why not get them travelling gear such as a backpack or drip-dry clothing? Anything that can mean convenience and lessen the hassle of travelling, they’ll be sure to appreciate. This could also include a ticket to a package tour in an exotic locale, guide books, a compass, flashlight, Swiss Army knife, and other things an explorer might find essential.

2. A cuddly pet.

Sagittarians are crazy over cute pets. They’re the types to spoil their darling domesticated creatures rotten with treats and much attention. So why not pick out a kitten, puppy, or bunny from a pet store to give to your special Sagittarius? Even better, go to an animal shelter and pick out a lonely abandoned pet. This will appeal to Sagittarius’ deep sense of animal welfare.

3. Books, books, and more books.

Reading takes a huge chunk of a Sagittarian’s life. They do it when they travel, when they’re at home, and just about everywhere they have a moment to sit and browse through pages. You can be quite sure they almost always have a book in their bags, or filling up a shelf in their dwelling.

Here’s a huge hint though, if you’re going to get a Sagittarius person a book, make sure it’s about philosophy or travel. Coffee table books of exotic locales complete with glossy, high-resolution photos should hit the spot just right with your favorite Sagittarian.

4. Sports equipment.

Being constantly on the go is a must for a Sagittarius. Take your cue from this when shopping for presents for them. Pick out sporty stuff: gym clothes or equipment, camping gear, athletic accessories—or a mountain bike, if you’re feeling generous. Anything that spells out “a-c-t-i-v-e” is a sure bet.

5. Something that will tickle their funny bone.

Those born under the sign of The Archer usually have a good sense of humor. Chances are, they’re always the ones telling jokes and inventing gags. So pick out something that will encourage their constant state of amusement. Get them a gag set (ones that usually include whoopee cushions, squirting lapel flowers, exploding gum packs, etc.), a joke book, or entrance tickets to a stand-up comedy show or movie. Make your Sagittarius laugh with the gift you give, and they will surely love you for it.

6. A birthday party.

What best way to celebrate the beginning of another year in a Sagittarian’s life than inviting his friends and family over to have fun, fun, fun. You don’t need an elaborate one, just some food and cocktails where you can talk and even dance. The best part is, you can do this at the comforts of your own home.

The Sagittarius Man in Love

The Sagittarius man is notorious for not being able to commit. He’s just too independent and loves being on his own too much he doesn’t want to be tied up to a relationship because he feels it might be the end to a happy-go-lucky life he enjoys so much. This is a reason why it’s hard to feel secure with him. But all of doesn’t really mean he is incapable of committing.

A Sagittarius guy is one of the most honest people you can ever meet. This characteristic is probably the biggest factor why a Sagittarius is often perceived as callous and insensitive. It’s not like he goes just around playing with people’s feelings. He doesn’t say or do things just to be blunt he just wants to make sure things are clear from the very beginning. A Sag likes laying the cards on the table. If a Sag tells you he is in to you, you can take his word for it. He won’t say he loves you unless he really means it.

The Sag can make some amazing, lasting friendships and if he can do that he can commit. For him, everything is about the chase. The sense of adventure he gets in chasing someone; the taste of victory
when he finally gets that yes. While it is true that he gets bored easy, when he finds true love he makes sure to work on it and at the same time enjoy it. He tries to make it as adventurous as he can and works with his partner so he won’t lose the adrenaline. And although he is not known to be the best at keeping commitments, a Sagittarius is believed to be one of the most loyal lovers there is. He is kind
and caring and will go a long way or even out of the way to fulfill the partner’s needs. A Sagittarius is not your garden variety, white picket fence type of guy. What he’s really looking for is not his better-
half. Not someone who will make him feel whole. Instead he’s looking for someone who will become his partner in a journey full of adventure; someone who won’t lose composure with a few bumps along the

When in love, he is very generous, showering his partner with lavish presents and he is very attentive. He is also a very passionate lover and a romantic. He can make his partner feel like she’s the most interesting woman there is. He would be very attentive, and very sweet. He’d drop everything to talk to her, put some music on, turn off the phone, do long cuddles in the sofa, stare at her and interrupt
everything she says for a long, sweet kiss.

Bottom line, is that no matter how notorious the Sagittarius is for being a flirt, when it comes down to it, he will do everything he can for the love of his life. So it’s only fair to meet him half way and give him what he needs because it’s not like he’s asking for the impossible. All he needs is a little understanding and a lot adventure.

Five Reasons Why Incompatible Signs Work

When you’ve got your sights set on someone and you believe in personalities being shaped by the Zodiac signs, chances are you’ve already checked out your sign’s compatibility with the other person’s. What you may glean could either discourage or encourage you to pursue a relationship with them.

However, it’s best to bear in mind that a Zodiac sign compatibility chart merely illustrates how well two individuals get along, as well as their level of comfort with each other in accordance with their signs. Think of it merely as a guide to help you weigh the odds should you want to be with someone whose Zodiac sign doesn’t match yours.

We’ve put together a list of five reasons how and why incompatible signs work.

1. You may not be soul mates, but you can help each other become better people.

Your Zodiac sign is represented by a major element (fire, air, earth, or water), and a compatibility chart specifies other signs sharing the same element as well-suited to a certain degree. Also, the Zodiac indicates that the element of a particular sign is compatible to another element depending on how they match in natural form. For example, signs falling under the fire element are best matched with water signs, and are relatively compatible with air and earth signs.

So while the person you’re interested in may not share the same element with your sign, this doesn’t mean you are totally incompatible. Like natural elements, your sign can be enhanced by another dissimilar one, and could in fact help you see things in a new perspective simply because you are different.

2. Other factors shape your personalities apart from your Astrological signs.

Even if you’re totally steeped in Astrology, it’s good to know that there’s more to a person than just their Zodiac sign. It could be the way they’re brought up, their ethnicity or cultural background, their education, or other factors they were exposed to as they grew into adulthood.

Determine what attracts you to the person and see how those traits can enhance and match your own. Also, check how well-suited their values and ideals are with yours.That’s where true compatibility and the possibility of a harmonious relationship lies.

3. There may be other aspects in your birth chart that make you two tick.

If you’re really determined to use Astrology to see how well-matched you are with someone, you could try inputting your complete birth data along with the other person’s in online birth chart compatibility reports. These can help interpret the positions, aspects, and points of the planets and the houses in your charts. You can also determine other important signs like Moon and Mercury, and your Ascendant if you happen to
know your time of birth.

Specialized compatibility reports can also interpret how your planets interact with each other, as well as other details of your respective personalities.

4. You see your differences as challenges rather than obstacles.

If your charts and signs indicate a not-so-suitable match yet you still feel challenged to pursue the relationship, there’s no real reason to put on the brakes yet, is there? This is especially true of people who believe that destiny is a matter of choice, not chance. If you have a play-it-by-ear attitude towards dating and see potential Astrological warning signs as tests rather than pitfalls, then go for it. Who knows? You might learn something insightful about yourself along the way.

5. You simply refuse to “follow the signs” and plunge right into a relationship.

You may be the type to seek solace in Astrology once in a while for comfort or reassurance, yet you refuse to base an entire relationship’s future around it. If this has worked for you before, this is not the time to look at Zodiac sign compatibility as a self-fulfilling prophecy, especially if you’re really into someone. Being realistic means looking at a situation in a practical light. Sure, Zodiac signs may have some answers for your relationship, but they don’t have all of them, every time.