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Fun and Adventure with the sagittarius

If you have an adventurous nature you will get along well with the Sagittarius. While they are by nature restless, they can be tamed as long as you do not attempt to remove their adventurous nature. They have the need to feel free and participate in activities that can often be construed as dangerous. Do not try to confine a Sagittarius to the home front or you will find him to be a very unhappy soul and more apt to look for adventure on his own. Although we use the male gender loosely here, this is just as common with the Sagittarius female.

It’s essential for both male and female Sagittarians to have the freedom to be adventurous, and the perfect mate for a Sagittarius is another Sagittarius though they can learn to live with another sign as long as there are compromises. Do not expect your Sagittarius mate to be willing to make the compromises; it will be your job as the other party in the relationship to do whatever things are necessary to make your relationship work. You will need to be able to engage in things in which your mate enjoys if you expect to spend any time together; the Sagittarius will not be happy sitting at home in front of the television.

If you enjoy sports either to watch or play you have a perfect partner in a Sagittarius. They can be quite athletic and would be happy with a partner who is willing to share in those interests. Their adventurous nature would provide perfect company for the partner who is into things such as camping, hiking, swimming and anything that allows nature to play a part. A day at the beach is probably not a good cup of tea for the Sagittarius but a day of surfing or swimming will certainly do the trick.

If you are looking for a loyal partner, however, the Sagittarius is certainly very loyal and faithful. You cannot tie him or her down, however; they must be able to explore their adventurous side and engage in activities they enjoy. They may appear to be married to their careers because they take their jobs seriously and are very detail-oriented. They are great conversationalists and love to begin topics of discussion on areas that interest them. Sagittarians make great scientists and astronomers because of their nature—they enjoy nothing more than getting “down and dirty” and “into the heart” of things.

On the down side Sagittarians are very outspoken and have a tendency to say just what they think. While this can be good in some instances because it shows their honesty and integrity, it can also create problems in some places. Since they also have a tendency to become angry at the smallest thing, the combination of the two of these can create chaos if they are exercised at the same moment. Keeping a Sagittarius away from situations that may cause an angry outburst is an important part of learning to live happily with a Sagittarius.

5 ways to attract a sagittarius guy

So you’ve figured out from your horoscope that the perfect match for you is a Sagittarius male. The next step of course is to meet them. Pretty easy, just hang out in places where they might like to hang out. Where? Being happy and free spirited, this guy likes to party and have a lot of fun. Try a packed bar or a club. There will be a lot of guys with raging testosterones in there.  Some of them will be Sagittarians.

A Sagittarius male in some ways is just like any other male. Say it with me … testosterone filled. So first, just think about the usual ways you’d do to attract a regular hot blooded man. (No sweetie, don’t walk in the bar naked). Then incorporate it with the Archer’s characteristics. Here are five ways that will help you attract a Sagittarian male:

1) Be Mysterious and Aloof. Sure you’ve gone out on 3 or 4 dates already. But that doesn’t mean you have to tell him you can recite the multiplication table backwards. When you were five. While you were sleeping. The Zodiac Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. They are philosophical people and like puzzles. Don’t get us wrong here. You’re not supposed to act all weird and zoned out but being aloof should do the trick. Tip: Mysterious is NOT the same as weird. If he, for example asks a question that you don’t like to answer like … “How many boyfriends have you had in the last 2 weeks” just smile and say “Why would you want to know?” That way you’ve avoided answering his question in a polite BUT playful manner and at the same time leaving him with a little puzzle to figure out.

2) Be Fun and Playful. We all know Sagittarians are happy people. No Sagittarians would want to hang out with a gloomy chick. So if you’re all “Emo” and determined to cry the next time a chalk breaks you might want to change your priorities a little bit because Sagittarius and suicidal (yes they both start with the same letter, but still) does not go together. You have to be little miss sunshine. Smile. Laugh at his jokes. Try to engage him in a light conversation. And no matter what happens, refrain from talking about how, every now and then; you almost always want to follow your dead cat to the other side.

3) Flirt. If you’re in a bar and you want to come over and talk to him and get his number? Go ahead. Make the first move. There’s no law that would stop you from doing so. They like meeting new people so it won’t hurt. They will love the attention. It might overwhelm him a little bit but in this case, an overwhelmed Sagittarian is a good thing. Again, laugh at his jokes. Tap his arm or thigh lightly if you must. Bear in mind, Sagittarians like to flirt.

4) Be Unpredictable. So assuming you are already in a relationship with a Sagittarian male, this does not mean you’re going to stop from getting his attention. You still have to work on it because the Archers get bored easily. And once they do, expect him to head out of the door and look for some fun and excitement. So be unpredictable. Should be easy enough as women are known to be like that anyway. It’s not the same as being fickle minded, though. For example, plan on a weekend trip to the beach. Sagittarians love to travel so going out to a new place would excite him. If you’re used to planned vacations, try back packing for once. Just get on a bus, don’t book for hotel rooms or a car service. Head out the door with a few cash and even less clothes and no plan at all. This will make the adventurous part of him very happy.

5) Be confident and always look your best. Confidence takes people a long way. Sounds pretty generic. But physical appearance is very important to any guy. Especially to a Sagittarian. Of course it’s never a good idea to just rely on looks but it definitely helps. Be clean and hygienic. Dress sexy. Smell fresh. You don’t have to be crowned Miss Universe but if you don’t look after yourself, Sagittarius men (or any men for that matter) may just not make that second glance.

There are a lot more ways to attract the Sagittarius male.  Various “techniques” will come along the way. For now, bearing these simple tips in mind is a start and will come in handy.