Marriages, be it arranged or love, have got majorly to do with the personality of the people. And when it comes to Sagittarians, arranged marriages have some caution- and probability-points. First of all, the term ‘Marriage’ is something that needs to be re-looked at, if you are getting into a bond with a Sagittarian. If you haven’t known any Sag till date, and wonder as to why it’s a big deal to know how Sags perform in an arranged marriage, let’s help you get a glimpse of how they are as a personality.

Sagittarian & Marriage

Marriage means commitment, and those who know a Sag would be confused with the very thought of seeing one living with commitment. This statement doesn’t mean that Sags aren’t great partners in marriage but it’s better to not show them a strict schedule for the rest of the life. Keep it flexible, keep it energetic and full of energy and it would be a great time marrying Sag.

When you plan a wedding with a Sagittarian partner, what they would seek from the ceremony and entire setup would be to have fun, brightness, lot of energy, friends, and family.

To remember: While marrying a Sagittarian

They are not very comfortable to marry people who aren’t very busy and social like them. If you don’t have a lot of things on your plate to keep you busy, you might consider sharing the interests, hobbies, or profession of the Sagittarius partner. It would not just help both of you to stay close due to sharing common interests, but would also save the Sagittarius to look for things to keep you busy with. Also, in the long run, they might be tired of doing this as well. This might be looking like a challenge to non-Sag, but it’s rather going to keep both the individuals busy, and prevent their relationship from entering into the phases of boredom.

On one side, the Sagittarian would need a complete attention and emotional support from the partner, on the other hand, they would also like to keep their friend-circle and lifestyle-before-marriage intact as it always was. It is very important to avoid the feeling of suspicion from entering into the marriage. A socially active partner doesn’t always mean a cheating-partner. This would only create stressful situation between both, slowly creating spaces and differences, which would just spoil the marriage and create more distances. It’s rather advisable to get involved into the friends’ things with the Sag partner, and it would not just help you stay away from any unnecessary suspicion, but would also make the Sagittarian have better love and faith on you.