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What's the best Match for a Sagittarius Male?

The Sagittarius sign is represented by the centaur, half-man and half-horse. Males born under this zodiac sign are generally idealistic, optimistic, God-fearing, generous, honest and truthful. Since Sagittarian males are gifted with strong intuition, they also make good judges of character. When it comes to love, Sagittarian males are passionate and straightforward. They are slow to commit, love the chase and are capable of walking from a relationship if the problems cannot be resolved. But, once they are committed, then, they can be very loyal to their spouses or lovers.

The best romantic matches for a Sagittarius male would be as listed below.

Sagittarius male-Sagittarius female: Due to their common love for travelling and exploring, they make great partners. They share a youthful and optimistic view of life. Their lives with each other would be filled with fun, laughter and various experiences. Although both of them are prone to be blunt to the point of hurting each other with occasional short temper bursts, they will work it out due to your genial natures. In terms of temperaments, interests and goals in life, both of them are very well-matched.

Sagittarius male-Aries female: Being fiery signs, both the Sagittarius male and Aries female are high spirited with a true sense of adventure. By understanding the need for personal space and freedom, the Sagittarian male and Aries female tend to grow individually and mutually with no feeling of restriction. They inspire each other to reach greater heights. In terms of sex, the Sagittarius male cannot seem to have enough of sex while the Aries female has a wild sex side making their sex lives truly explosive in nature. This is a very good romantic match.

Sagittarius male-Leo female: Both the Sagittarius male and Leo female feel powerful magnetism towards each other. Sagittarius male's fun loving side and Leo female's seriousness matches very well too. Although Sagittarius male's blunt comments may hurt Leo's pride at times, nevertheless, they still get along very well and lead a very progressive life together. Due to their love for exploring different types of lovemaking, their sex life will be very passionate. This is one of the best romantic matches.

Sagittarius male-Aquarius female: Although one is a fiery sign and the other is a watery sign, both the Sagittarius male and Aquarius female match can be considered as the best romantic match possible. There is strong chemistry and much understanding between these two individuals. The Sagittarius male helps the Aquarius female develop her creativity while she stimulates him intellectually. Since both of them would more than satisfy each other's desires, they tend to cherish and love each other as long as they live.

Sagittarius male-Libra female: This match could be the strongest romantic match compared to others. Both of them share intellectual conversations and stimulate each other mentally. Their love for socializing and perfectly tuned sense of humor adds on their compatibility. With lots of excitement in their lives and each inspiring the other, the Sagittarius male and Aquarius females make a truly romantic and positive match.