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A Healthy Lifestyle For The Sagittarius Male

Sagittarius men aren’t the most vain people on the zodiac wheel but they often come attractive because of the x-factor they posses. They are very intellectual and oozing with self confidence and we all know girls just love an alpha male. These men work hard but party harder. They can drink all night and all weekend without a care in the world. Alcohol and cigarettes are part of their daily diet. It might be safe to say they have the most unhealthy lifestyle among other zodiacs so some might wonder how most of them stay oh so irresistible. Some can be lucky to posses slim bodies and don’t gain weight easy but that doesn’t mean they’re healthy. An unhealthy diet will take its toll sooner or later so if you want to stay a head turner you might want to sort out your priorities a little bit and start living a little healthier.

Since Sags are very physical and usually always on the go, a nice start to a healthy routine is good exercise. You don’t have to plan a 5-hour daily work out program and get bored inside the gym (unless there’s a hot number you like to watch in there while working out). The problem with a Sag is that they lack commitment, not just in relationships. If it’s a regular work out program then 8 out of 10 times, a Sag will miss their  session. Sagittarius male likes going with the flow. They fail to follow routines either because they forget it or just too stubborn to be part of a system. They like to feel free, that they can do whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want so keeping them tied up to a plan won’t work. Like everything else, a Sagittarius guy likes to have fun while working out so the solution here is to make his work out fun. Sags like exploring and going out so jogging in the morning or late afternoon can be a good alternative. It beats a treadmill anytime. Taking a walk or hiking on weekends can also be fun but if you’re after something that you want to enjoy to the fullest then pick a sport you’re really into. It could be golf or tennis but if you believe in what they say that more is merrier then go look for basketball or baseball buddies. I’m sure it won’t be hard because Sags have a ton of acquaintances if not friends. They are very approachable and fun loving that people just love being with them. Extreme sports are on the list too. Mountain or rock climbing is something a Sag will try if only for the adrenaline.

Same goes with their diet. Don’t make them try to loose weight or stay fit by making them count calories or measure the portion of food they take. It just won’t work out that way. Try giving them new food to try instead. Consult a nutritionist and ask for interesting dishes to include in the diet. Something good for the liver since Sags have a tendency to drink a lot.

A good thing about Sags is that they are very determined people and if they set their minds on to something they actually achieve it. They are positive thinkers so it only takes a bit of encouragement and challenging (since they love to take risks) and they’d be back on track to a healthy lifestyle.

Sagittarius and Health

You’d think because a Sagittarius is active and is always on the go that they don’t have much health problems or is highly unlikely to have difficulty with their health. Wrong. The Sag being happy –go –lucky and always want to have fun can, at times, be careless. He is the type of person who will try anything once … or thrice. This is the type of behavior that can actually lead him to trouble. Here are some points the Sagittarius might want to take note of in line of taking care of their bodies.

DIET: A good diet is essential for an active Sagittarius. If you eat too much fatty foods and those with harmful additives it will affect your body function for sure. You want to keep healthy for your daily activities, adventures, outdoor trips and partying. A hike won’t be as fun if you’re gasping for air not half way to your destination. Another thing to keep a close watch on is your liver. The planet Jupiter, Sag’s ruling planet, controls the liver. The Sag loves to party and stay out late and where there’s party, there’s alcohol. People born under this sign are known to be drinkers; some heavier than the other. Again, the Sag’s biggest concern is the liver. The liver sorts through everything that comes in our bodies; food, drinks, drugs, name it. Over consumption of alcohol is a common thing for a Sagittarius so you might want to make a mental note on your limit. A recommended diet for this sign is something with high protein. Protein gives us the energy, helps the immune system and basically replenishes the whole body. So if you’re always on the go you will need this. A healthy serving of meat, fish, milk, soy and other protein rich food plus vegetables for fiber and added vitamins and minerals would do it. Don’t throw away carbs and sugar completely. It will help you with quick energy whenever you need it.

FITNESS ACTIVITIES: Instead of getting cooped up in a gym or your house working out the machines and watching aerobic DVD’s, a Sagittarius would feel thrilled, motivated or even inspired to exercise more if the form of exercise doesn’t keep him boxed and indoors. A good trail at the woods or up a hill will
make for a good hike. This may be one of the best things you can think of and you’re lucky if there’s one near your place. You can work out your legs and whole body, break a sweat and breathe fresh air.

Jogging on a park trail or just around the block is also good. Swimming, of course is always a good form of exercise as it will help your lungs. An indoor activity that sounds appealing is dancing. Take a dance class; it doesn’t matter if it’s jazz, tango or street dance. You can do it with a group or partner up when you enroll in a class. You get to work out, socialize and make new friends. That’s a win-win scenario.

BEAUTY AND SKIN CARE: Partying isn’t always glamorous. Too much partying drinking and smoking can cause damage not only on your internals but also to your skin. We already know nicotine can make teeth and nails yellow or even worse. Too much partying and staying out late can make you look you’re
older than you really are. As for outdoor activities, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Whatever exercise or diet you get yourself into, always remember to take as much water as you can to replenish your body. It’s okay to have fun and live your life but to be able to actually live it you have to be sure you’re in fit shape.