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What to do if a Sagittarius doesnt return your calls or texts

Do’s and Don’t When Sagittarius Doesn’t Call or Text Back

Sagittarius is a love ’em and leave ’em sign, but this isn’t malicious. Sagittarius is romantic, in a sense, an idealistic one in which they may fall in love in the moment and feel that it’s real, and then fall out of love shortly after, and feel that that’s real, too. Sagittarius can create and be swept up in a romantic and erotic fervor that begins as quickly as it ends. It doesn’t want to commit. Yes, it eventually wants to meet that special someone, somehow, somewhere, but it takes a while.

Sagittarius is oblivious. It doesn’t know when someone likes them first or likes them back unless they’re explicitly told. Archers aren’t very good with maintaining lines of communication. They will write, call, or text back, but they may not reach out to you first.

If you want to reopen the lines of communication with Sagittarius, here are things you should and shouldn’t do:


Text or call to see how they’re doing. You may have been abandoned, but it’s also possible that something else came up and Sagittarius isn’t contacting you because they’re pressed for time and assume that if you haven’t reached out, the relationship may not be that important to you.

Of course, Sagittarius is gregarious, but Archers of both genders prefer to handle their problems alone and not reach out. They may have had trouble with being taken seriously by others when they reached out in the past. Thus, they may not be contacting you because they’re dealing with some hard stuff right now and could use a friend, but isn’t reaching for one.

Move on with your life. Sagittarius doesn’t need constant contact with someone to maintain feelings of love or friendship. They can meet an old childhood friend they haven’t spoken to in 20 years and pick right up as if nothing happened. A few days or weeks without contact doesn’t mean anything to Sagittarius. They may very well still feel the same and expect you to feel the same, too.

With that being said, if Sagittarius isn’t all over you trying to get your attention, then it’s safe to assume that you’re free to do as you please. You can date other people. You can go out with your friends. You can choose to be unavailable when and if they eventually call. However, keep in mind that Sagittarius doesn’t quite do or get passive-aggressive behavior that includes the silent treatment, so don’t expect them to get the hint right away.

Be positive when you see them again and don’t take it personally. There’s a good chance that the reason Sagittarius has been away has nothing to do with you. However, Sagittarius doesn’t need to be reminded of you to know that they like you. If they’re friendly as if nothing has happened, then understand that they actually don’t think anything happened, and now is as good a time as any to catch up and tell each other about the adventures you both had after you last spoke.


Have a meltdown and/or accuse them of abandoning you. One of the easiest ways to lose a Sagittarius is to become possessive. Whether it’s romance or friendship, Sagittarius must be free to come and free to go if you want them to stay. Trying to make them feel obligated for your wellbeing makes it less likely that they’ll contact you in the future. They may even shrug and block your number so you can’t contact them anymore.

The Archer isn’t really a fighter. They may discuss it, but they won’t argue with you about where they’ve been for the last two weeks, especially in a new relationship. Hell – did they demand to know where you’ve been all this time, have they?

Stalk them or send other people to intervene on your behalf. Again, the Archer doesn’t appreciate your efforts to pin them down, and you putting them in a position to explain themselves to you immediately, or to a third party will pretty much guarantee that you’ll be one of the few people who actually ends up on a Sagittarius’s shit list.

While Sagittarius isn’t an intensely private person, being compelled to treat someone they don’t even know as an authority is an affront to their sense of freedom. If they’re not legally obligated to send a smiley back when you text, then they shouldn’t have to explain that to someone else at a time inconvenient for them.

Create drama to induce them to call or text you. Sure, if they find out that your mom just went to the hospital, they will contact you to see if you’re okay. If they find out that your mom is at home and she just has a cold, you’ve basically lost Sagittarius. They want to trust you. They’re naturally trusting people. However, if you break that trust, then you’ll never get it again.

Also, on that note: don’t try to make them jealous. Sagittarius doesn’t really get jealous. If you get upset and send a picture of yourself with a different man or woman to get a rise out of them, Sagittarius is not going to call your bluff. They’ll just think that you’ve moved on, and there is no need to keep your phone number in their phone anymore. Or, they’ll think you’re petty, and they’ll pat themselves on the back for managing to avoid someone as unhinged as you.

Cooking for a Sagittarius

Cooking for Sagittarius: Things to Keep in Mind

Sagittarius loves to eat. In fact, except for the fussiest of Archers (and picky Archers are a rare thing) most of them keep eating until there is no more food available. It could be because they simply love eating. It could be because they hate letting a good time end, and communal meals are fun for them. It could be because they actually don’t know when they’re full. It may be a combination of all of these reasons.

And they love it if you cook for them…under certain circumstances. While any Sag loves to be fed and is willing to try just about anything, if you invite Sagittarius over for dinner, there are a few things to keep in mind:

The closer to culture, the better. Sagittarius would rather eat an old family recipe that your great-great grandmother brought from the old country than the trendiest fusion food or ingredients. Don’t get me wrong: they like fusion food over tradition, but your tradition isn’t their tradition, and that’s what makes it fascinating and better.

Sagittarius always wants seconds, always wants to share, and always wants a big portion. Sagittarius is a charter member of the Clean Plate Club. They may not outright ask for seconds, but if you offer, they’ll take it, and it’s not just to be polite. They want it, and if they love it, they’ll eat it until their pants burst.

Sagittarius has no idea what to do with an elaborate place setting. Truthfully, they’d rather eat with their hands. They’re also clumsy, so putting three different glasses in front of them and expecting them not to spill any of those drinks is rather delusional on your part. There is no water glass, white wine glass, or red wine glass; there are just three wine glasses to be filled to the brim. On that note:

Sagittarius may drink until excess at dinner, too. What’s better than a good wine with a meal? Two wines. And a cocktail before and after, and a little whiskey in that coffee with dessert, too. In fact, you can ask them to bring a bottle of wine or booze to dinner, and they will do whatever they can to bring the best thing to share. They may bring two. They may choose their favorite, which may come with a story, so brace yourself.

Sagittarius wants to help in the kitchen, but be careful. Again, the Archer is clumsy, and if it’s not their kitchen, and if they’re not used to navigating the space, they may get hurt, break something, or hurt someone else. Now, if they’re in the zone – and if they insist that their way is the right way to do something – just let them do it, or you’ll have to hear them talk about it all through dinner.

Sagittarius doesn’t eat quietly…unless they just want to hurry up and eat so they can get back to whatever they were doing. No meal is a good meal unless there is good conversation. And Sagittarius will talk about anything, so you’d better have a strong stomach and a taste for the taboo. Sure, they can eat and watch the game on television, but if that’s not an option,

Colorful food with multiple ingredients always wins. Sagittarius loves exotic fare and anything that’s brightly colored and interesting. Paella, salads, kabobs, gumbo, and such are always better than anything simple. Fruits, especially berries, and vegetables in season are great, particularly anything exotic. Avoid bland things like celery, iceberg lettuce, and cucumbers and go for peppers, eggplant, and garlic.

But you can skip the health food. Unless Sagittarius has a bona fide allergy or illness, chances are they don’t want a lighter or “healthier” substitute. Yes, they will eat it, but no, they won’t be impressed. Don’t trim the fat from that steak.

Protein, please! Yeah. Sagittarius eats the gristle, too. And they may want to suck the marrow from the bones, so give those to them, too. While there are vegetarian and vegan Archers, the ones who aren’t may be particularly fond of meat, especially red meat, game meat, and exotic meat. Bone in too, because Sagittarius likes to know that their food was once living. It’s a respect thing. Chicken breast is okay. Baby back ribs better. Steak is better. Buffalo even better.

Barbeque and food you prepare yourself outside with the crowd is good, too. The Archer loves a good fondue, grill, or clambake is a great idea for the Archer. Sagittarius loves a good picnic and barbeque in the great outdoors. They’ll take that over being stuck in a crowded house any day. That’s not to say that Sagittarius doesn’t like Thanksgiving – it does, immensely – but that if given the choice, the Archer would fish and cook it’s catch on a fire on a balmy summer day instead.

You can serve the meal whenever. Sagittarius eats when they’re hungry, so if you’re serving dinner at 6, they’ll be there at 5:45, or 7:00. If you’re serving dinner at 10 p.m., they’ll be there at 8 p.m. or midnight. If you want them to be there on time…best of luck to you.