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The Kinky Sagittarius

Sags doesn’t have any problem saying what they want since they believe things should always be laid down on the table to be analyzed. They are often seen as callous and sometimes even insensitive because when it’s sex they want from you, they’ll say it plainly and clearly. This sign doesn’t have a problem trying to tell lust from love so one night stands and fuck buddies are common for them. As a matter of fact, they prefer it that way. A Sag will mainly look for people who think the way they do. Someone who doesn’t have issues separating sex from emotional attachments. This way things are less complicated.

Now, Scorpio may be the ruled by the house that makes them the most sexual sign among all zodiacs but Sagittarius usually ends up having more fun. Why? Because they know how to get the most of everything and that includes activities inside the bedroom (or wherever they feel like doing “it”). It may seem like Sags lives doesn’t have much direction because they like having fun more than anything but they always know what they want in bed. Each sign has some sort of kink; a fetish that is their own and makes them distinct. So what does a Sagittarius have that sorts them out from the others.

Actually, nothing in specific … because they want it all! They are impulsive and like to push their limits making them try almost anything. They don’t like labeling themselves either cause that limits them to a specific class and Sags hate being boxed in. If a Sagittarius guy says, “I’m an ass man” he could be saying that to flatter you. Not that he doesn’t mean it. He may really be biased to women with fine asses but they won’t focus on that alone. Surely, a nice bottom will always look better if paired with an equally nice bosom. Today they may be obsessed with cuffs and latex but tomorrow they might want to use delicate laces and petals on satin sheets. Sags like to explore the unexplored and enrich what they already have. There are times they will have a fixation about something specific but unlike other signs who are consistent with their “preferences,” it will fade away. They value spontaneity and adventure so they are also inclined to be in open relationships or have some sort of agreement that gives them the type of lifestyle (that is to say, sexual activity) that suits them. Many Sagittarius can also be classified as pansexual which means someone who does not go with the traditional sexual attractions. They can be attracted to both men and women and even gays and bisexuals.

If a spontaneous, adventurous and even impulsive lover is what you look for, you will be happy to meet a Sag counterpart but beware of letting things get cold after the long run. Even when the Archer is devoted to you, they may wander if they find their current situation boring so make sure you try to keep up with them.

Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

In love, career, finances and practicality, the perfect partner for a Sagittarius are the signs that are compatible with theirs. So that narrows it down to either an Aries or a Leo. But hey, the archers are a spontaneous bunch and won’t judge a book by its cover (if you know what I mean). Besides a Sag is not the type to be boxed in and they like bending rules anyway so they won’t really take that too seriously.

Speaking of rules, a Sag might not just bend some in bed but even break it. They will push to see what their (and their partner’s) limit is. They don’t like routine so they improvise and experiment. He is likely to participate in things considered as taboo like bondage or voyeurism, among other things. If he’s not into it he’d try it out just for the heck of it. They get bored easy so in a relationship, it is advisable for their partner to consider role playing, swinging or at least use sex toys. Those will definitely spice up the sex life. They want adventure and change and it’s no different in bed. If you’re not ready to do this then you are risking the chance of losing your Sag partner. Then again the archer doesn’t really need any sort of serious relationship just to jump in bed with you. All you have to do is to seduce him / her and you’ll find yourself sharing their pillow (for further details read the other tips on seducing a Sag, lol). Here’s a general overview of what each signs sexual relationship with a Sag can be.

SO, an Aries can be a perfect partner, mostly because Aries are the go-with-the-flow type. Although, generally, they can be shy in bed, they won’t mind trying out things that the Sag suggests.

A Taurus might be too serious for a Sag but they are also sensual. They are attracted to a Sag’s independence and intelligence. They might clash in a few things but a roll on the hay is definitely worth a try.

Gemini, another air sign, will know where to blow (pun not intended, maybe just a little). They will love Sag as they both like spontaneity and doesn’t like being caged in. The sexual attraction between these two social butterflies will be inevitable and it may even turn into something a bit more serious.

Cancer is a bit too moody for a Sag and this water sign tends to put out the fire. They might have a passionate one night stand or a short affair, at best. If a Cancer can’t understand the archer’s need for a fun, drama free companion form time to time there is little to no chance they can continue the affair.

Leo and Sagittarius? Three words … Get A Room! Both fire signs, these two will burn the house down (in a good way) when they meet. It’s only a matter of mutual understanding for this relationship to go beyond sexual. A Leo is very open to one night stands which is okay for a Sag but the latter might want more than just one night without he lion.

Virgos play around a lot but they are sexual and romantic the Sag might want to keep them. Virgos are a keeper. They, normally, already know what they want and they will tell you but it won’t stop them from experimenting either. Just for the heck of it.

Libras are as flirtatious and social as a Sag. They are as sexual too. A one night stand could easily turn into a an affair and even more.

A Scorpio is one of the most sexual signs so it will be an adventure for the Sag. They can be sex partners but the Scorpio usually wants more than that so if these two are friends they might want avoid going there. One night stands between them will be explosive though.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius? Need I say more?

Capricorns might look prude or too boxed in on the outside but they can be the best sex partners a Sag can have. Capricorns are willing to learn but most of the times they already know what there is. Although emotionally they are not compatible, a Capricorn knows how to rock Sags world.

Aquarius and Sagittarius are an exciting pair. They both love having fun in and out of the bedroom and they don’t like rushing into things. This love affair (or sexual affair if you must) can last a long time and eventually lead into something more serious.

Like Cancer, a Pisces might be too emotional for a Sag. Sexually Pisces can be erotic and very sensual. They will have fun with the Sag but not for long. The problem is that they won’t tolerate a Sag’s flirty nature.

Sex and The Sagittarius Part 1

Your Sex Guide with a Sagittarius

We all know the sagittarius is from the element fire. But that’s not confuse that with their approach to sex. The need to be warmed up, they like to seduce and take their time. They are not all about a quick heatup. The sagittarius lover is often known as being a very generous, giving and skilled lover. They want to make their partner completely satisified and will never be called “selfish in the bedroom” If you are lucky enough to find a sagittarius partner, you will soon understand how attentive they can be.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius
– This is an exciting yet crazy combination, often identical signs are. Both of their lifestyles are so unpredictable that the sex often becomes very unpredictable as well. Sometimes amazing, sometimes flat and boring. The sexual relationship is often very inconsistent and this often brings out the worst in each other. These sexual relationships (even flings) do not last very long generally.

Sagittarius and Libra
-The naturally calming ability of the libra is just what the sagittarius needs in their sex life. Although the sagittarius is a highly sexual sign, they are often seen as “all over the place” and rarely focused in life or in love making. This asset the libra possesses will often bring out the best the sagittarius has to offer in the bedroom. Warning, we are talking fireworks here people.

Sagittarius and Leo
-This match is often exciting in the bedroom, when a sagittarius with it’s wild streaks meets up with a leo and their free spirt, good things happen. The leo will often hold the key to the sagittarius passion safe. Since both signs share a love for adventure, they are always coming up with new and exciting things to do in the bedroom and they often last together very long sexually.

Sagittarius and Virgo
– It truly is a match made in hell. The sagittarius’s constantly happy attitude begins to drive the virgo crazy by day 4. The sex life is not bad as both signs are creative but once the sex is over, they have to deal with each other for the next 23.5 hours. The virgo often prefers a simple and laid back life, not the kind of hectic life the sagittarius often enjoys.

Sagittarius and Cancer
– Cancer is on the opposite side of sagittarius and for good reasons too. Cancer is very sensitive and always plays it safe. The sagittarius always wants adventure and more. In the bedroom these two do not get along perfectly as cancer is often too reserved to try thing “crazy things” sagittarius wants. Sagittarius will soon get bored with the sexual relationship and move on as cancer tries to keep them caged up at all times. This sexual relationship is generally a better friendship than anything.

Sagittarius and Aries
– These two signs definitely create a ton of fireworks, that is in between all the arguing they both will be doing the rest of the day. Even though these signs are very compatible and support each others wacky bedroom ideas they soon can lose interest if they feel the sex becomes routine. The Sagittarius person also likes to receive the same level of attention that they give to the aries, and the aries who is naturally stubborn does not always give back what they receive and that drives the sagittarius crazy.

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