Born as the ninth sign in the zodiac circle, the Sagittarian is represented by the Archer – a man holding a bow and arrow, having a body of half a man and half a horse. Cheerful and enthusiastic, Sagittarians are restless and always on the lookout for something new. The horse can be considered a symbol of the animal instincts, agility and swiftness of the Sagittarian while the human half can be said to be speaking of the inner desire of all Sagittarians to go beyond the surface, to look for depths. Here are some of the features of Sagittarians that make them an entertaining personality:

  • Sagittarians are freedom lovers. They will not fear walking out of a relationship if they see that the other person is trying to curb their freedom and this is often the reason behind many break ups with Sagittarians. They explore the freedom they get from each person they meet. However, do not confuse this with the lack of commitment or alienation.
  • They are enthusiastic and optimistic about life in general. They are always on the lookout for novelty and things running at same paces for prolonged periods are likely to bore them.
  • They enjoy being involved in many activities at the same time. They excel at multitasking. Don’t be surprised if you meet a Sagittarian who is a great cook, a talented dancer and teaches kids at an orphanage apart from being a freelance writer.
  • They are as curious as kittens. Spell adventure and you will see a raised hand from a Sagittarian in the room. They love travelling and visiting exotic and unexplored places. This has roots in their never dying love for newness and adrenalin.
  • Sagittarians are usually great philosophers. They enjoy thinking about the greater questions of life, often involving spirituality, religion, life, relationships and more. The ‘bigger picture’ is important for them as they also take their regular decisions based on it.
  • Their inquisitive nature makes Sagittarians all the more attractive. They can go to the most commonly visited places and find something new or read the most popular novel and find a new twist. This is what they love to do. Unlike a lot of other zodiac signs, Sagittarians will not stop till they reach the end.
  • Sagittarians are usually very friendly and outgoing. They like talking to people and entertaining them. Their exploring and inquisitive nature gives a lot of food for thought to them and they enjoy sharing these with like-minded people. They love to express themselves and enjoy speaking their mind. They treat their closest associates as friends and share their deepest thoughts with them.

Positivity and energy are two of the most important driving features of a Sagittarian and this is what comes out through and through during any meets with them. This is what makes them attractive and entertaining. No wonder so many people from the entertainment industry are Sagittarians including Walt Disney, Frank Sinatra, Woody Allen and Beethoven!