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How hardworking Sagittarians can be

At the mention of ‘Sagittarius’ the image in the mind’s eye is immediate! A masculine being with a human body till the torso and that of a beast further down, arching an arrow against a bow, aiming…

A few qualities this image seems to abound are that of toil and hard-work. The half-human half-beast that it is, portrays the skill of an archer, used to perhaps very rough environments and tough lifestyles. And so, wondering if Sagittarians come off easily as hard-working does not sound a fair question at all! Yet there are many attributes to a Sagittarian that may convincingly lead us to a fair answer.

A Sagittarian is symbolized by the centaur (the half-human half-beast). At best he is a wanderer and an adventurer. Ever had a Sag friend that was ever so energetic or athletic? Well, now you know! Sagittarians are high-spirited and fun to be with. They are quite charming and upfront at the same time – the perfect mix for a socialiser. Born optimists, they are quick to take risks and make decisions and are never tethered to anything over-emotionally. Any act of selfishness targeting them, although might hurt a little at first, is always borne with a sunny disposition at the end of the day. They truly believe that fretting is a waste of time, and rightly so!

Moreover, centaurs were considered intellectuals of the Roman mythology. This explains the philosopher in them with their natural tendency to be curious about things. Always on a quest for knowledge and truth, Sags are ever-ready to learn and share their explorations with others. These folks are never short of ideas owing to their adventurous lifestyle and innumerable exiting experiences. Like fire, with which element Sags are represented, they constantly flit from one thing to another. While this spirit of freedom is most refreshing, it inevitably has its flaws.

The Sagittarian can be easily bored. Anything that does not border on ‘challenging’ will risk the loss of both interest and focus of a Sagittarian, easily turning him into an irritable person. More often than not the Sagittarian faces trouble finishing things that he starts if it takes too long and does not yield quick results. This impatience is often mistaken for laziness. Being the high spirited free wanderer that he is, the Sagittarian has a tendency to let go of work that he commits to if and when freedom is compromised. Both the dislike towards boredom and the estrangements of freedom leads the Sag to procrastinate in work.

Having explored both sides of the coin, it is safe to assume that a Sagittarian is no less hard-working. He is at his best when faced with a crisis. Ever ready to delve into a problem and, dirty his hands to solve it, a Sagittarian is dependable in challenging situations. Always in pursuit of truth and knowledge, the Sagittarian will by no means rest till his thirst for the same is quenched. Given these attributes, it is quite agreeable that hard work is an in-ground virtue in him. The only risk therefore, lies in underestimating the Sagittarian!

Career Path chosen by Sagittarians

The symbolic image we often associate a Sagittarian with is that of an archer – a centaur (half-human half-beast) arching an arrow against a bow. The symbolic image, if we have the leisure, more often than not takes us further – a surrounding rough and green terrain (a forest perhaps?), with several centaurs in a group (since centaurs travel in herds) and their bow and arrows aligning with the target, skilfully aiming and finally shooting. How adventurous a scene!

And yet this is perhaps the best place to start with when discussing career options for a Sagittarian. Just as the imagery would suggest, a Sagittarian is all about adventure and risk-taking. He enjoys his place in a challenging work environment where his skills and expertise are put to test. This is probably why Sagittarians have a higher propensity to succeed in business where a lot of cold-calculating and quick decisions have to be made.

Legend has it that Sagittarians were the intellects of Roman mythology, constantly in pursuit of truth and wisdom. The modern-day Sagittarian prides himself in being this historic counterpart! A career in pedagogy or writing therefore is an option to look at if you happen to be a Sagittarian.

Sagittarians are always on the go. They love to explore and travel, and prefer excitement and change to mundane routines. A career as a travel guide or travel agent is definitely in the cards for a Sagittarian. Extremely athletic, Sagittarians also make for a good sportsperson.

Sagittarians make excellent entertainers and conversationalists. Their optimism and energy combined with their gift of humour make them the life of social parties and gatherings.

Having explored this, it is for a fact that Sagittarians love freedom and can still tend to go for a career that suits fancy and liking. Given that he is easily sociable, extremely tactful and diplomatic; a Sagittarian is known to be naturally likeable at his work place. Moreover, a Sagittarian always displays the much needed level-headedness needed in moments of crises at work. You can always count on a Sagittarian to meander his way out of a sticky challenge at work for they are full of ideas and suggestions. Knowing that centaurs have always lived and travelled together in herds suggest that their modern day counterparts make excellent teammates.

The ‘lows’ of the game is that Sagittarians hate boredom. They expect quick turnover or results from their work; otherwise they are likely to flit from one work to another till they feel they are challenged enough. Routine and monotonous work situations will never see a Sagittarian for long, and although they commit to work seriously, they do not want their freedom being compromised. Because Sagittarians prefer excitement and change, you will find them procrastinating at work once the challenge level tunes down which people often misinterpret as laziness. A Sagittarian can be argumentative and passionate about getting his point across making him ideal for a career as a lawyer or journalist, but this is often mistaken for stubbornness.

Having said that, they are excellent teammates to have at your work-place and are easily up to the game as long as they are challenged for what they’re worth.

What kind of literature does Sagittarian likes

A Sagittarian is a wellspring of energy and adrenaline. All their life they seek to experience things that will satisfy their need to bring out their potential and use their energy to the limit of exhaustion and then reenergise themselves. They are passionate creatures who would devout themselves to leading a quality life and expect all the twists and turns in the course to make life more exciting.

If you are a Sagittarian and a bibliophile at the same time, then here are a few books that you definitely do not want to miss reading.

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway – “Every day is a new day” is what the protagonist in the book, Santiago, says when he takes his boat out for fishing and this statement truly embodies the spirit of a Sagittarian. The book is as optimistic as a Sagittarian and you will only find reasons to entrench yourself in your optimistic beliefs as you read this book. The challenges faced by Santiago will only inspire the Sagittarian to put his best foot forward and see the glass half full in all his endeavours.

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee – This book is a must read for Sagittarians who holds high the ideals of honesty and truthfulness. Mingled with the naivety and curiosity of childhood the book explores a passage of the life of Atticus Finch and his two children Scout and Gem. The time was rife with anti-black sentiments and Atticus who is sympathetic towards the black who leads a life a misery at the hands of the white folk tries to bend no humanistic ideals to save a black man from a case in which he is wrongly accused.  Atticus will be an ideal man for all Sagittarians who go by the adage ‘honesty is the best policy’.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley – This book is something for the intellectual in a Sagittarian who would like to explorative and questioning. The book opens up a whole new vista for the thinkers and would definitely be one that rouses a Sagittarian’s inquisitiveness as well as his urge to think out of the box.

Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne – A Sagittarian should read this book- to satiate his hunger for adventure- which would take you through a rich panorama of adventure and imagination. The protagonist’s willingness to take risks and to take the call of his heart would tweak a Sagittarian’s spirit to be the adventurous traveller. There is never a dull moment in the book and will definitely be a good read for a Sagittarian.

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez- This book epitomises the idea of timeless love. The adventurous lovers who are at the heart of the book will kindle the imagination of a Sagittarian. It is a book of love, sacrifice and fierce passion that will consume the ardent Sagittarian with a fire to be the zealous lover who would take his life to the edge of the chasm to win over his beloved’s heart.

Bad habits of a Sagittarian

It would be hard to describe a Sagittarian in a single word as they possess a mixture of amazing qualities which make them unique individuals. They are never drained of their energy and remain high spirited even in the most trying times. They are achievers and accomplish their tasks with an undying zeal. However certain attributes of a Sagittarian can be unacceptable and can be of concern to the people around them.

Sagittarians are straight forward sometimes up to the point of being blunt that their remarks or statements can evoke displeasure or hurt in others. The Sagittarian will not be aware of this as he thinks he is being true to himself by mincing no words.  A lesson or two on dealing things deftly will definitely help a Sagittarian. Drawing the line on what not to talk is a skill that a Sagittarian is weak in.

Sagittarians are game for taking risks and often take the leap without thinking of the consequences only to find themselves neck deep in trouble later. This careless attitude often places them at the centre of controversies and troubles but the Sagittarian will never reconsider his or her option in spite of landing in trouble in the past. Their careless attitude also makes them take things for granted and in the event be at the end of receiving flak from people around them.

The abundance of energy in them can go awry if it is not properly directed or focussed on a particular goal. As a result the Sagittarian will find himself making poor decisions and expending his or her energy in things unwanted and sometimes detrimental to their life. Sagittarians at times lack the skill to make calculated decision and being wise is not an option for them even in the most crucial situation. To aggravate things the Sagittarian can also get restless and impatient in situations which demand patience and intellection.

Outward appearances are of prime importance to Sagittarians. Not only would they spend time in grooming themselves immaculately but also will judge and make predictions about others on account of their external appearance. If all is well on the outside the Sagittarian will spend no time in getting to the heart of things or people.

One thing that is utmost negative in a Sagittarian is their incapacity to stay put with things. They are finicky and keep changing their interests and act according to their whims with no thought on the future effects. A Sagittarian is not a person to put on a job from which consistent performance is expected.

Taking risks is something natural to a Sagittarian who seeks adventure in all walks of life, be it work or love. But the risk taker can also be over- confident and spoil the broth which he or she is cooking. They think of themselves as error free and invulnerable to committing mistakes. Owing to their over-confidence and their self proclaimed immunity to mistakes they end up erring a lot. They do not learn from their past mistakes either.

How to cope with a divorce for a Sagittarian

People with Sagittarius sign are probably the easiest to get along with as they never pretend and they show their true face always. They are very honest and make effort to make others laugh and be happy all the time. At times, they go out of their way to accommodate others and they are surely easy going people. It is very difficult for a Sagittarian to get angry and create differences with others. They have very good sense of humour which is their biggest asset, because of which they do not let misunderstandings crop up with others neither are they sarcastic. They take a lot of time to understand the feelings of others and most of the time you may have to spell it out to make them understand. When someone says that a Sagittarian is an easy going person and has good sense of humour, it doesn’t mean that he or she is not serious. They know how to get serious in life; they just don’t like getting stressed all the time because of which they make an effort to keep themselves happy. They are not sensitive people who get hurt easily for simple things, which is why they go a long way in a relationship and never get hurt unless the matter is very serious. Even though they get hurt sometimes they do not dwell on negative things that happen to them. This is one of the biggest strengths of the Archer.

When it comes to relationships, Sagittarius men are most compatible with Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius and Sagittarius and least compatible with Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpion, Capricorn and Pisces. Sagittarian men most often marry Aries and Sagittarius women, and most often divorce Gemini and Leos. They are least likely to marry Capricorn and Pisces women and least likely to divorce Aries and Aquarius. Sagittarians tend to spread their attention among different people so they generally move apart from Leo women easily. Aries and Sagittarius both enjoy life, socialize and get excited about things that come with some degree of risk; hence they get along very well. Both tend to be frank, honest and optimistic in life.

Sagittarian women are mostly to marry Sagittarian men as they are most likely to stay married and least likely to divorce. They share certain aspects like travelling, enjoying life, happiness and socializing which help them keep their unity for long. Both will remain honest and faithful in life which helps them keep their relationship strong. If the relationship becomes stale they are prone to have odd casual affairs outside their marriage. When a Sagittarian looks for love, he/she wants the real love for life. They are very committed in relationships so they would never like to go out of one. If they wish for a divorce in a relationship it is often the decision of their partner rather than their own as it is very difficult for them to cope. Sagittarians demand truth in relationships and want freedom and affection from their partner; and when they fail to get it then they prefer moving out of the relationship. Sagittarian is the person to teach you that love is honest and are always patient. Divorce is not the word a Sagittarian likes in a relationship.


Best colours suited for Sagittarians

Basic traits: Sagittarians are fiery, adventurous, aggressive, honest, outspoken and like challenges in every aspect; be it their work or love and romance. The colours which are best suited for them are also related to their characteristics, some colours are recommended which help them in various aspects of their life, while some colours match their characteristics and their likes.

The lucky colours for this zodiac sign are: Rich purple, red, maroon, violet and pink, as Sagittarians are very moody. They do not need bright colours or accessories to draw attention as they are very outspoken. So these vivid colours work very much for them. Sagittarians would generally wear the colours which are calm are relaxing. Sagittarius women will be generally spotted in light colours like beige, peach and white in their routine wear.

Purple: The Sagittarians are generally the happiest in the world. They are very outspoken, and do not care about anything more than what would draw the attention of others towards them. One of the most popular colours worn by Sagittarians is purple. They would like to appear simple and clean.  While for a night out, Sagittarians would be spotted in solid colours like dark purple, dark blue or another dark colour. Purple and shades of blue are considered to be lucky colours for Sagittarians. It suits them as the colour makes them feel calm and relaxed and also bring them in a good mood as they are perceived as highly moody people.

Red: Sagittarians would like to keep red shirts and pants in their wardrobe. This colour also matches with their characteristic as they are always hyperactive, passionate and aggressive. Red is considered to be a fiery colour, the colour of passion, action and power. It also matches with their craving of independence and their love to be on their own.

Orange and Yellow: Their restlessness nature can produce instability in their relationships and can also bring lack of commitment. Stability is a kind of restriction for them and they make heavy demands in personal relationships. So these colours can help them in promotion of love and romance in their life. It is best suited for those Sagittarians who lack stability and are willing to make a long term relationship or commitments.

Indigo and black: Sagittarians are gifted with instincts of recognising perfect opportunities and making the best use of them but it also involves risk of losses. Their vision helps them guarantee success and they can easily tackle ups and downs. These colours increase their earning potential in whatever field they are.

Recommended colours for use: They can try using yellow for their success and growth. But because of their duality in nature, they need to calm their restlessness because of their tendency to be hyperactive every time. And for that, pink and light purple would work best for them. These colours would help them soothe and relax. Whatever they wear in the aspect of fashion, they always look good because of their carefree attitude.