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What's the best Match for a Sagittarius Female?

The Sagittarian sign which is represented by the archer is a fiery sign ruled by the benefic planet, Jupiter. So, it is not surprising that Sagittarian females not only have a strong sense of justice and morality but, they are also full of enterprise, versatility and energy. They love to explore and travel often to open their minds for expansion and new ideas. Although the Sagittarius females may seem flirtatious in nature, but, their thinking is conventional in terms of sex and love. They are very much in control of their sexual desires. These females can be very blunt in their speech and manner causing unintentional hurt to their partners at times. Nevertheless, they could be forgiven due to their innocence. For best romantic matches with a Sagittarius female, refer to the list below.

Sagittarius female-Sagittarius male: Due to their same zodiac signs, both these individuals make great partners. Their shared sense of adventure, optimism and enthusiasm for life gives them good compatibility. With their progressive outlook on life, they are capable of achieving new and great heights together. Understanding and respecting each other' s freedom and space, both the Sagittarian female and male are bound to have a great nurturing relationship with each other.

Sagittarius female-Aries male: This match can be considered as a match made in heaven. The Aries man holds her attention with his intelligence while she captivates him with her creativity. Due to their intellectually stimulating conversations, both of them are very much compatible mentally. Their sense of adventure will take them to explore new places and ideas. Due to their very passionate natures, their sex life is truly fiery. Nothing could beat this combination in terms of sex, mental and physical compatibility or chemistry for a truly romantic match.

Sagittarius female-Leo male: Both of them feel a very powerful attraction towards each other. They also have a very good understanding of each other as well. Due to their adventurous spirit, they will share much excitement and fun in their lives. Although the Sagittarius female could be very blunt at times and this could hurt the Leo male' s pride, these incidents do not cause any real problems in their relationship. This sense of adventure extends to their sex life as well making it very much passionate. The Sagittarius female and Leo male couple could be one of the best romantic matches.

Sagittarius female-Aquarius male: Both the Sagittarius female and Aquarian male are likely to cherish and love each other. Both of them love their freedom and independence which they extend to each other. Their mutual love and enthusiasm for life make their lives full of fun and excitement. This watery and fiery sign match could be the best romantic match possible for a Sagittarius female.

Sagittarius female-Libra male: The Sagittarius female and Libra male feel a strong chemistry towards each other. They will motivate and encourage each other to fulfill each other' s dreams. Due to their mentally stimulating talks, they are also very much compatible mentally. With much shared humor, fun and excitement, their relationship can be the strongest romantic match possible for a Sagittarius female and another Sun Sign.