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Sagittarius And Gemini Compatibility

General Compatibility:

This is another Fire meet s Air combination. Both changeable (mutable) and fun-loving individuals; these two will have a lot of wild parties to go to. Their signs on the zodiac wheel are opposite each other and this usually means that they are compatible. First, both of them are mutable signs. They can adjust for each other. Expect a lot of changes to come your way. Gemini's are very intellectual as well and likes to evaluate things more thoroughly, whereas Sagittarians like a broader perspective of things. This is especially good in making decisions because both opinions will be very crucial. They are both free spirited too and will give each other the necessary space they need. They are also quite thick-skinned and don't take offense with words easily. For them, feeling bad and holding a grudge is a complete waste of time. Their difference is that, while the Archer or the Arrow aims straight, the Twins' direction may look scattered for a Sagittarian. The symbol Twins may represent dual personality, or may be confusing at best. Sometimes the Sagittarian will be drawn to their intellect but at times the Archer may seem inferior to them as well. Gemini's may also project different signals. At times the Sagittarian would feel he should try and move to a more serious level with the Gemini, but sometimes he would feel they should just be friends. There will be lots of communication in this partnership. They will be very comfortable with each other that there will be no boundaries when it comes to discussing things. Both of them enjoy socializing so unlike with other zodiacs, Sagittarius will shine brighter with a Gemini.

Romantic Compatibility:

Zodiacs opposite each other on the zodiac wheel are said to be a good combination and these relationships usually lead to marriage or at least a long term commitment. They share the same enthusiasm, passion, views and they have a deep understanding that the bond between them makes them great lovers and great friends at the same time. Being that, they can overcome non-romantic, rough times. What these two needs is the freedom and space to do individual interests. Yes, they do like the same things and love doing things together but they are also very independent and at one point they will feel suffocated if they are always together. This will be an exciting and challenging match as everyday there will be something different that will keep them on their toes. This will help keep their relationship fresh and very much alive.

Sexual Compatibility:

In sex these two would hit it off right away. There will be a very strong sexual attraction and between them. Sagittarius will love how the Gemini's brain works and the Gemini will fall for the Sagittarius' sex appeal that they will think the Archer is the best lover they have ever had. A Gemini's ideas and sexual fantasies will excite Sagittarians. Being a Mutable sign, he will jump right on the band wagon and follow the Gemini's orders.