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> Monthly Archives: October 2011

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Being the ruling planet of the zodiac, Jupiter has great effect on Sagittarius people. Every decision and move they make may not be based on their Sag characteristic but the effects may vary depending on the planet’s position. Jupiter is huge and it represents growth and changes. This is a huge reason why Sags are big risk takers. They embrace change and presume things to expand according to their expectations.

When Jupiter enters its home sign, the results are even bigger. It is when the planet is completely powerful. During this time Sags will have so many ideas that they want to put into action. Their energies will be raw and high so it would be hard to stop them. They feel a great urge to take a leap towards “greener pastures.” They will be restless if they don’t put their concepts into action. Sags can be great people cause they have what it takes to achieve things. What they need to figure out is what way to go. Jupiter usually represents philosophy, travel, truth and also luck.

The Archer likes to learn continuously and they try to absorb what they can from people around them. Moreover, they like to try to understand different cultures so they like going on holidays to travel to far off places. The more exotic, the better. These are one of the most non-judgmental people around. They are genuinely interested to meet people so they will want to go on parties and social gatherings more (yes, more than the usual) when the Jupiter hovers over their sign. They make friends fast even when in foreign place. They also try to find reason for everything. They constantly try to figure out if the meaning of their (or people in general’s) existence. They strive to improve themselves thinking they have a greater purpose in life. They like to exchange ideas and give their point but they don’t mind getting proven wrong either. This means they learned something new so they take it in a good way. A Sag can expect a lot of big things during this time but it doesn’t necessarily come in the way they want it to happen. Sags has a lot of soul searching and growing up to do before they finally realize what they want in life. Sometimes they get sucked in by shiny things only to realize it’s only a facade. This can be true in relationships and career but they will learn to realize what they really need eventually. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, the Archer feels lucky. Luck makes them feel that they can attract good fortune in whatever they enter. As far as finances go, you might feel like working on a new investment. It could be a new business or stocks to buy or even gambling. You may try to get that new job you’ve always wanted or go on an adventure.

When Sags do something they go big because they want all of the good things in life. Jupiter signifies growth and expansion but when you are ready for these two make sure you keep things balanced and try not to take whatever you already have for granted because most great things come from something small.

A Sagittarius Mother-In-Law

Face it. Oftentimes marrying someone means marrying the family too. Especially the parents. The only thing to do is wish you end with people you can actually be in the same room with. A Sagittarius woman might be one of the easiest person to get along with as far as in-laws are concerned but it’s still a make it or break it thing. She is often regarded as the “mad woman” which could be a good or a bad thing depending on what you make of it. So what’s a Sagittarius mother-in-law like?

She will be very accepting as Sags are not the judgmental type. She likes people and likes being with people in general and she will make the best out of your company so you should too. She finds people interesting so don’t think that her questions are part of an interview session if you’re good enough for their son / daughter. She is fun to be with and not as traditional as most in-laws are. She likes being spontaneous so relax and try not to act like every single move you make is numbered. If she sees you act naturally she will feel more at ease and believe she’s passing on her child in good hands. It’s also hard to turn these people off so you have to do something really bad to make them dislike you or something about you.

She tends to like to crack jokes and is always ready for a laugh. She doesn’t get offended easily but you might so be careful not to be too personal because she can throw something back at you without thinking about it and you may not like it. Sags sometimes speak without thinking so you might also want to learn to make your skin a bit thicker. She can be callous but she’s just the type who speaks her mind and that is better than talking behind your back.

They aren’t the traditional type of grandparents, either. They may duck out of baby sitting once in a while or skip a birthday celebration but she means no harm or disrespect. She may have a valid reason so don’t jump into conclusions. She’s not the type to sabotage anything so stop reading between the lines. There will be times she just have other social obligations since she is one social butterfly.

The good thing about Sag mother-in-laws is that they are independent so they will respect you and her child’s decisions and independent life. Most in-laws meddle with everything especially at the earlier parts of the married life. When she says something, she usually means well so don’t think she does it because she thinks she’s better than you are. She is a parent, first and foremost, so she wants their child to be taken care of the way they do or even better than they can. She’s not much into drama and may just see things in black and white.

Remember, she was once in your shoes too as a daughter-in-law so you might be feeling the same way she did a while back. Relax and try to enjoy her company.

Sagittarius-Pisces Compatibility: Ideal, Bad or Good Enough?

The fact that in the real sense water can put out flame makes this couple an interesting or even an unusual one. On the front, it might seem their differences are worlds apart because of their elements but the stars have proven to give a stronger pull that can make it work out. It’s true that they’re not like other couples that will have an instant attraction like fire to air but the thing that can make them a good couple is if they can see through the differences and work their way towards a good ending by using what similarities they have. For people who wants a fairy tale affair this is something they might call settling for the good enough, but is it really just that?

Pisces ruling planet is Neptune but Jupiter also plays a big part on their sign. This makes them share a lot of similarities with the Sag. They have the same goals in life although the approach may be different. Jupiter is perceived to be larger than life. Its influence makes the Sag want to get more of anything they put their hands on. They’re not the type to work on a project half heartedly. For them it’s all or nothing. Pisces goals are the same as the Archer’s but not necessarily in the same scale. They are a bit more practical and grounded than the fiery sign. Sag is much more optimistic and determined whereas the fish has some things that draw them back. The good thing about this is that as a couple, they could get what they need from each other. A Sag can tell the Pisces things that they need to hear to boost their confidence; the Fish can be a good and honest critique for whatever the Archer is working on. Unlike the fire element who just takes things head-on, water governed signs are a bit too sensitive so they must keep things in check especially if Sag is just trying to help by being honest. Jupiter is also associated with philosophy. Both Sag and Pisces are intellectual so they will have a lot of things to talk about. They may or may not agree with each other’s opinion but the exchange of ideas or even the debate itself will be very much enjoyed.

Sagittarius loves figuring out puzzles and they will enjoy getting to know the somewhat mysterious Pisces. The fish may not take the trophy for being the most mysterious sign but their water level have a certain depth of their own that is quite intriguing and that is something to begin with for the Sag. They are both romantic and loving but the Sagittarius might find Pisces a bit boring (don’t tell them that bluntly) when the initial attraction wears off. The Pisces, on the other hand, may find them too harsh or sort of unattached to be with in a long term relationship. Sagittarius wants never ending excitement in their lives. They look for adventure every day and most Pisces are content with just staying home and spending time with family or friends. They are quiet and keep to themselves. Sexually they can be very compatible as a Pisces usually has some tricks up their sleeves. However, there are more pressing matters to secure.

There is going to be a lot of adjustments if this couple want to make things work out. This is the make it or break it type. There are just things they need to let go if they want to stay together. This is not a bad relationship but it’s not for those who wants to stick to what is “ideal.” Rather, this is something for people who doesn’t mind working to get their happily ever after.

The Sensual Sagittarius: Understanding Yourself

The Sagittarius might be the ultimate alpha male, being represented by the Centaur or Archer, but that doesn’t mean he wants to have everything his way. He’s always willing to try something new, especially in bed, meaning he can be the student anytime if promised a good time. You’re ultimate satisfaction shouldn’t rely only on your partner, though. A Sag must understand not just his partner but also himself to be able to satiate both their needs. It is a two-way process, anyway. As a Sag, you should know you are one of the more sensual sign on the zodiac wheel so live up to it! More importantly, use it to your own advantage.

You’re a head turner. It could be because your charisma is naturally strong and you exude confidence and positive aura wherever you go. You may not be very secretive or mysterious but you have that hypnotizing glance that you, at times, aren’t even aware of. You need to read body language and know if the opposite sex is already giving the come-on. This shouldn’t be a problem since, naturally, you like to read between the lines.

You are very passionate, enthusiastic and energetic. You give everything you have in any project you get associated with … until you get bored. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Everyone around you wants a piece of it so don’t be surprised if you get swarmed with admirers at a party or an event. Just make sure whoever you go home with

You like to go big. All pun unabashedly intended but let’s not stick to those details. You may be seen as callous at times or even indifferent but when you want to seduce someone you go all out. Candles, home cooked dinner (yes, even the male sags will do that, romantic huh?), massages and stolen kisses. You are also generous which is a big plus. Just don’t overdo it and before you know it, the lucky one you made dinner for would be eating (dessert?) out of your hands.

You don’t like to just “get by”. Meaning you don’t settle for just enough. You want it all! Even if you’re very generous you secretly want to dominate your partner and see how it feels to have total control. You’re not shy but you’re sometimes scared you might turn them off. Don’t be. You won’t know until you asked … well until they tell you first what they want. But be open and ask them what they want and don’t want. Don’t just do whatever it is that you already know. You love the attention so you’d want to end up playing with someone who doesn’t mind being submissive once in a while, anyway. Don’t waste your time trying to please people if you want to be the one to be pleased.

You enjoy being teased but like to tease too! You’re one of the most teasing individual of all signs that’s why you like those stolen kisses which leaves your partner wanting for more. If you’re in the mood to be dominated keep on doing that and your partner will not be able to hold on for long. He or she will be all over you in no time.