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Sagittarian as a Politician

Sagittarians are believed to have a positive outlook on life and happen to be full of energy, versatility, adventure and enthusiasm. They are people who are reliable and crave for travel and exploration. Sagittarians are adorable, honest, freedom-loving, intellectual and straight forward people. Their negative traits are blind optimism, restlessness and anger. So let us examine a few politicians we know and check their traits!

Imran Khan:

The famous Sagittarian is a Pakistani politician, celebrity and former cricketer. He was man behind the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center in 1996 proving his trait of positive outlook. As a real Sagittarian he explored diverse fields – Cricket, Stardom and Politics.

Caroline Kennedy:

Another Sagittarian, she is an American author, attorney and ambassador to Japan. She is the daughter of Jack Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline.

John Kerry:

He is the famous American Sagittarian who is a politician and lawyer. John holds the history of dating First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s half-sister, Janet Jennings Auchincloss for a short period. He is a Vietnam veteran. He is the current and 68th United States Secretary of State.

Susan Margaret Collins:

Collins is an American politician who at present holds the position of the Senior United States Senator from Maine and also is a member of Republican Party. She has served the Senate since1997. Collins was appointed first in the Senate in 1996 and she has been re-elected to two more terms in the senate, in 2002 and 2008 proving the Sagittarian’s qualities of intellect, reliability and honesty.

Vijay Mallya:

Vijay Mallya is an Indian politician who is a second time member of the Rajya Sabha besides being the owner of Kingfisher. He forayed into various areas of interests- breweries, pharmaceuticals, airlines and of course the Indian Formula 1 team. He is popular and controversy around his airline business being in losses and of courses his lavish lifestyle makes himjoyful, lavish, famous and in controversy –a true Sagittarian!

Mikheil Saakashvili:

Mikheil Saakashvili is a Georgian politician and was the 3rd President of Georgia. He served the post of President for two years. United National Movement Party was founded and led by him. He led the Rose Revolution which earned him the post of President. He has been into politics since 1995.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

This great Sagittarian soul is a Malaysian. He was the fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia and one of the most prolific among the politicians of his time. He was the President of the largest political party UMNO of Malaysia proving that energy, intelligence and enthusiasm are trademarks of Sagittarians.

Kim Dae Jung

Kim Dae Jung was a Noble Prize winner and he served the post of President of Republic of Korea. This gentleman of the Sagittarius sign was called “Nelson Mandela opf Asia”.

The list does not terminate here. There are many more and many yet to make a mark in the political sphere!

Sagittarian as a doctor

Generous: Sagittarians are very good teachers. They are very good in explaining moral principles and laws and so they can be very good scientists too. They are also very kind and they love to get involved in social causes. So the profession of a doctor totally suits them. They try to satisfy other people’s requirements. They would keep working for a cause as their priority rather than working for money and success. They do not yearn for big rewards for their job and they like to serve people and usually they work so hard that eventually the recognition comes to them. They also think about the planet’s well-being as a whole and also try to contribute in its improvement.

Intelligence: They have a very deep insight. So they can be very good doctors and can be successful as medical professionals. The role of doctor requires great amount of benevolence and Sagittarians are best suited for it. They are very serious thinkers. They are also very honest and straightforward which is why they are trustworthy. Trust is a significant factor for a profession like that of a doctor’s. So whatever it might be, they will show a clear picture to their patients. They are also very enthusiastic and like to try and experiment with new things. They are also very good in their judgement.

Positive: They are very efficient in making other people happy and can also take good care of people – patients and others alike. Generally patients need more comfort and they are also required to feel better and Sagittarians can perform this job very well. They can also be successful pharmacists or genetic counsellors. You will find them making small talk and light conversations with people before starting to talk about anything serious. They also love to feel proud of their achievements when they feel that they have contributed in improving their environment and making it a better place to live in for everyone.

Hence they are fun to work with. Their co-workers and colleagues enjoy with them, as Sagittarians treat them as their own family. They love to share their experiences and stories with others. This cheerful personality is best suited for healthcare industry. They are very energetic. They also do not feel easily insulted or get offended which is common during an emergency when everyone is screaming at one another and can easily handle the situation calmly. They can work very well under stress, compared to other sun signs. So it is sure that a patient will feel better when a Sagittarian nurse or doctor will be around. They will also be relieved that they are doing something right. They would not mind serving for their career even at the cost of his family and personal life.

Here are some famous Sagittarian personalities who were successful in their career as a doctor and in the medical profession.

Andrew P. Ordon: He was a plastic surgeon. He became famous from a medical talk show, ‘The doctors performing as a host’.

Boris Borisovich Yegorov: He was the first Soviet physician who was sent in outer space.

George Richards Minot: He was the Nobel-prize winning physician who discovered a treatment for a deadly disease called anaemia.

Carlo Croce: He was the best known doctor for his research of genetic mechanisms of cancer.

Decision of marriage with a sagittarian women

The Sagittarius woman’s is a fire sign. Sagittarians are normally restless, outgoing, and sociable and go getters. They are blunt, judgmental, overbearing, love to debate; abhor dishonesty, and extremely possessive. However, since they’re a fire sign, the first noticeable thing would be that they love to be in love, and marriage comes as a second option to them provided they have found the man they’re looking for. Sagittarius women love to travel and this travelling can be interpreted as being on the move, looking, searching for something meaningful and productive to do; be it in the case of college, volunteering, household, work etc.  So, their style of marriage can be concluded to be something simple, elegant, quaint and yet, meaningful. They tend to find more meaning in the little things instead of the lavish affairs. If a Sagittarius woman is planning her wedding, she will take her creative abilities towards creating a calm environment, and achieve it with minute perfection.

However, they are more of the free-bird kind and love their freedom; so, marriage might be an uncomfortable topic to breach around them. The constraint and the feeling of being enslaved might creep into their consciousness and scare them. They may even be bitter as the wedding date approaches, but it remains for the groom and the bride’s girlfriends to calm her down and instill the confidence in her again. Walking down the aisle towards her awaiting groom, she will know her choice was not wrong and will not falter. Her freedom will not have been compromised upon.

Her fire will burn within her, true to her sign and will be prim and proper, intellectual and her best self. She is a perfect mix of inspiration and emotion. She can be calm and torrid in changing moments. Her temperamental nature may at first keep people away from her, but that is who she is; her genuine self. Her candid attitude and her almost blunt and radically honest comments make her easier to deal with since they are emotions spilling over directly from the heart. She will love her wedding and her day, and prove to the people around that she did.

The firebrand that a Sagittarian woman is, she lives her life taking every day as it comes and figuring her way around it. She learns and learns in the process, only to go on and learn some more, something valuable and cherish it. As a married woman, she will learn about marriage as she lives it, with her partner alongside her, and share the experiences. In a way, it helps bind the woman closer to her man. She is considered to make choices influenced by her morals and will live her life the way she decides to. Leos and Libras are considered a great match for a Sagittarian woman, while Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are a big no-no. They do not settle well with Pisceans either.

Aggression of a sagittarian

The adventurous, social and friendly Sagittarius loves to live life to the fullest and with a complete zest for it. He or she will usually speak his/her mind and can sometimes come across as quite aggressive and blunt to people who would prefer a more subtle approach. This behavior is deeply rooted in their love for freedom. They would rather speak their mind than bite their tongue and keep quiet.

Though the Sagittarian is full of positive traits, the dark side to his/her personality is the anger or aggression which can rise over trivial matters.

Fire signs tend to be quite warm. The most basic trait of a fire sign is that it lives the moment without much forethought . This is the reason as to why they can overtly rely on survival instincts.

The highly energetic Sagittarian can be quite aggressive at times with streaks of being headstrong and short tempered. The Sagittarius sun sign is ruled by Jupiter which makes him/her a freedom lover . Therefore anything that restricts their freedom or unexpected delays or commitments they are not ready for will make them flare up and get very aggressive. If at all you want to give them any command it is best to be gentle and say it nicely. If they get to know they have been lied to they will absolutely hit the roof top. So, it’s best to be honest and straightforward with them when in a relationship.

If you are living with a Sagittarian the key is to learn how to deal with their sudden outburst of anger and aggression. This applies to relationships too. If a Sagittarian feels tied down in a relationship he /she will tend to revolt. So, the best option is to give them their bit of space. The key to a successful relationship with  a Sagittarian is to accept them for who they are and not confine them.

The typical Sagittarian person values his/her independence and immensely dislikes being in the position of being too obligated or trapped. An ideal match would be somebody who is strong willed and can manage himself independently .If you are too possessive its time to re-examine your nature and accommodate your Sagittarian partner by giving him more space.

Sagittarians can be quite a bagful of mixed emotions. Though they are friendly companions they are quite notorious for their bluntness as they can be brutally honest. To deal with a Sagittarian’s aggression the first and foremost skill that you require is tact combined with the ability to give them their freedom and not pin them down. Otherwise this can escalate into aggression that can be very difficult to handle.

So, in order to be able to deal with a Sagittarian’s aggression all you need is some well thought of discretion and diplomacy and not to stifle them with your demands. Just give them their space and respect their freedom .This will ensure a smooth relationship without any bumpy rides!

Food habits of Sagittarian

The Sagittarians have the quality of liking the things which are natural, adventurous and they love to do outdoor activities. They would prefer anything creepy, which any other sign may not even think of trying. A healthy, wholesome meal defines food for Sagittarian.

Natural: Talking about dessert after dinner, Sagittarians will love to have ice creams especially cherry flavoured. As mentioned above, they would relish anything natural and so you give them anything fruity and they will be happy. They also like raspberries and melons. They would avoid food items which are flavoured or made with synthetic methods. As Sagittarians love sweets, they can also be served with beet which is best for proper functioning of liver. And beet also has a naturally sweet taste. Cinnamon is also preferable for Sagittarians as they have a soft side for sweets and the spice can help them in avoiding the chances of diabetes. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar. Sagittarians may not necessarily develop diabetes, but the spice will help them reducing sugar levels after the Sagittarian may have gathered pounds of fats.

Healthy: They prefer nutritious food which will enhance their active routine. Offer fruit slices and nuts and they will love it. They think food as an energy source and so they would prefer anything which is healthy. The Sagittarians will prefer apples as they will help them in digestion. They can also be served with sage as it enhances brain function which a Sagittarian requires to avoid memory lapse issues.

Extravagance: They should be served anything in large quantity or else they would not be satisfied. Serve them a large bowl of sour flavoured ice cream. Sagittarians generally will not take up another serving if it is needed. In order to cool down the temperature of Sagittarians, cucumbers are best as they contain good amount of silica avoiding dehydration.

Unusual: Never hesitate to try something unusual with a Sagittarian, as they would love it. Food items which are foreign and unknown to them and also exotic are recommended. They also enjoy eating food during picnics, outings or BBQs. As Sagittarians love to eat anything unusual, currants are recommended for them as they help in digestion of food properly and also avoid the chances of food poisoning. For adventurous people, currants are best.

Energetic: For the adventurous Sagittarians, they can also be served with chicken during their growing years. The Sagittarians who are non-vegetarians can include chicken in their diet. This gives them a boost of energy. They can also gain extra energy from olives.

Hence, give them anything cheap, cheesy, and tasteless: they would eat it with their full heart as long as it is healthy and energetic. Even appetizers are recommended for them as they like to have a meal in good amount. For a Sagittarian, health is the priority when it comes to diet as it should not hamper their lifestyle which may include anything out of the box. Also never hesitate to ask them their preference as though they are perceived to be the most chilled and well-mannered sign, they will not mind in giving you the right answer.

Can sagittarian be your true friend

Generally, Sagittarians are known to make friends easily. They can be best friends forever. They are overwhelming, honest and straight forward. They are resourceful and preferred as a good company in times of difficulties in life. They are most compatible with Aries and Leo. It is said that a person is lucky if he/she has Sagittarians as their friend.

Positive: They can be best friends due to their positive attitude which is ever cheering and inspiring. They can do anything to cheer their friends. They are also blessed with a very good sense of humour, and can also speak truth easily in a light manner. They have the potential to forgive their friends easily. They will always support you in fulfilling your wishes, dreams and ideas.

Selfless: When they make friendship, it is totally unconditional, without any selfish motive. They would not expect anything from their friends. With friends, there is no room for conspiracies, revenge and mind games. They mean what they say, which is the best part of Sagittarians. They will be friends with you just for the person you are and will always be concerned for you. But they would at least expect trust from their friends.

Live and let live: Because of their positive nature, they will also never intervene into their friends’ issues, giving them space. They will not get suspicious or jealous if something is not told to them. They will let their friends live in their way and give the same treatment as they expect.

Trustworthy: This is the most important part which a person will always look for in their friends and this quality is possessed by Sagittarians. They are known to speak the truth, whether it may be against you. They would not lie to you just to make you feel better. And one thing is sure that whatever they might say will be real. They are very frank and do not like to hide anything. You can count on them for anything.

Unorganized: The people who prefer a well-organized, fixed routine life, Sagittarians are a bad choice for them. Sagittarians will always be found reaching late everywhere and this may happen because they think too much about the future and forget about the present. So you need to be patient with them. They will not do it intentionally but if you understand this, then they will bring brightness in your life. They would like anything but with very little responsibility.

Adventurous: This is the most significant trait of Sagittarians. Because of this characteristic, they will enjoy a lot with people who like to party.

For a Sagittarian, it is advisable that they should take care that their generosity may not be misused by others and even they should also take care while making friends that some of their wildest dream may not be fulfilled. Sagittarians may think positive about everyone, but it may not be the same for them. Hence, they can be very good friends as they possess almost all the positive qualities which a friend should have for another. Hence, they have the ability to fix a friendship.

Love at first sight with a Sagittarian

Interesting and exciting: In order to date a Sagittarian, you need to be extremely adventurous and exciting. That’s what Sagittarians like in their partner. You should be charming and be ready to take the romantic passion that Sagittarians give. They are always in search of something new and like to unfold the challenges. A person who confuses them will capture their attention. They will avoid boring people. Try new things with them freely, they will like it. Love is an adventurous ride for them. Always expect the unexpected from them.

Independence: The harder you hang onto Sagittarians, the more they would resist you. You should be comfortable and secure. If you want to have them, let them roam free, that will bring them closer to you. They do not like to follow rules and if you hesitate, they will get frustrated. For their independence, they are mostly seen single for a longer time and take up marriage or commitments at a later age. They like partners who give them freedom like singles have.

Extreme relations: For them, either it is this way or that. They will quickly move from one thing to another at their own speed unlike most people who would start with friendship and then gradually commit. They will not just take to anyone who comes along their way. They will wait until they meet their right one. If they won’t love you, they will simply go away.

Physical attraction: They are not much into casual sex. For them their mental compatibility comes first and after that physical closeness. They like to share love of communication first. They like to talk about things which make sense and after that a sexual attraction can take place. Their relationships will not be based on sexual attraction, and so an attempt to attract them sexually will have no appeal on them.

Positive: They are very optimistic and do not take failure along. You will not find them mourning for their broken past relationships. Always keep a positive attitude with them and they will be the most generous and fun loving person you can find. They like to live their life and so you need to be charming. Never mind if you are totally different from them as they like to try something new every time and so they wouldn’t mind their partners even from a totally different country.

To conclude, if Sagittarians love you, they will go through everything with you. But if there is no love, they will not make any efforts at all. It is however exceptional that they can fall in love at first sight. It is also possible that they may be unfaithful in relationships, but if they truly love that person, they wouldn’t mind coming back and apologise. They are a fire sign and so are full of romance, passion, intensity and adventures. Feel free with them and love them for the way they are, and they will give you the best relationship of your lifetime.

Sagittarian as an entrepreneur

If you are a Sagittarian, feel lucky because you share your sun sign with some of the most successful entrepreneurs ever like, Walt Disney, Dale Carnegie and Douglas Fraser and being a born entrepreneur, you will script success stories just like these stalwarts; changing their destinies and the course of the world.

What makes a Sagittarian a natural leader or entrepreneur is their thirst for knowledge and perfection and the never dying spirit that only increases if he or she sets his eye on the goal. They possess an uncanny desire to transform the world into a better place through their hard work and once a Sagittarian has realised this urge within him, he collects all his powers and skills to fulfil the same.

Ever willing to take risks and explore the unchartered course a Sagittarian will, with his intellect, make all his endeavours fruitful. This quality makes him a successful entrepreneur. Since they remain unperturbed at the thought of the dangers that may befall them in their course, they remain level headed and cool throughout any initiative and try to achieve consistency and discipline in the activity that they have undertaken.

One quality of a Sagittarian which makes him a good entrepreneur is his enthusiasm. A Sagittarian never complains of a dull moment in work or business and hence can work with cheer and goodwill. A Sagittarian’s cheerfulness is also infectious and he or she tries to motivate the people around them to work collectively towards their set goal and partake in the toil and the success. Their cheerfulness can also get them through the ups and downs of the business world without even leaving a dent on their morale.

Sagittarians are an adventurous lot and would accept business challenge without qualms. Not only do they solve the problems that arise, but also remains stress free and optimistic even during the most trying times. Sagittarians are also excellent trouble shooters and will work through any problem with patience. They have their eyes set on their goal and would never budge from their track whatever be the obstacles that lie on it.

Sagittarians are always hunting for new opportunities and would try hard to land on new ones. Once they have found a stronghold in business then there can be nothing that can let them down. They make themselves lucky by taking up the new opportunities that come to them and never feel bogged down by the risks.

Ethics and morality are the forte of Sagittarians. Being an ethical business man would come before to them than being a wealthy business man. Their faith in their morality renders them the optimism to undertake new tasks and seek new opportunities without fear. Also being a visionary, Sagittarians never let their goal slide away from their mind and dream big and plan ahead!

Sagittarius is the sign of the entrepreneur. Their tremendous will power, self belief, intellect, insight and enthusiasm are their strengths which help them to persevere to achieve their objectives and toil unrelentingly! All these and more make Sagittarians a classy entrepreneur.