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Author: Bryce Harris

Did a Sagittarius ghost you?

Are They Gone for Now, or Gone Forever? How to Tell if a Sagittarius has Ghosted You

What happened? you ask. Everything was fine, and then one day, Sagittarius just stopped answering. You tried waiting, playing it cool, and then moving on, but Sagittarius never seemed to wander their way back to you. You’ve asked around, and there’s no drama or situation in the Archer’s life that would keep them from contacting you.

You’re not sure if they’re just being a typical Sagittarius or if they’ve ghosted you.

If Any of These Have Happened, Sagittarius has probably ghosted you:

Your email, phone number, or social media profiles are blocked. So, it’s not that your messages go unanswered, but that you can’t leave any messages at all. Sagittarius may change its mind easily, but once it decides that you’re not good for them, it puts you out of mind and out of sight. Sagittarius hits the road and doesn’t look back.

Keep in mind that if you are blocked, there’s a handful of reasons why. Are you bossy? Did you tell them what to do at any point? Are you needy? Do you take up a lot of time. Are you smug about your intellectual prowess? There’s only room for one vagabond genius in the room, and that’s Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is out of the state or country by the time you learn what’s happened to them. One of the (few) things that’s crappy about Sagittarius is that it has no idea how to do a proper goodbye. When the Archer knows it’s about to leave, it becomes anxious to go. It doesn’t want to linger. It doesn’t get homesick. It also doesn’t really do goodbyes.

Sagittarius isn’t sentimental, and when it knows it’s leaving, it starts letting go, which it does easily. It believes that life is about change, and as long as we’re all still alive, we’re all still connected. Thus, it really can’t handle other people getting too mushy and crying, hugging and getting sentimental about change. So, if you don’t hear from Sagittarius, and the next thing you find out is that they’re far away, then there’s a good chance they’re not coming back.

Sagittarius has a different religion, political outlook, or philosophy that is opposed to your own, and this has caused conflict in the past. If Sagittarius has adopted a new outlook or philosophy and now identifies with it, they may no longer identify with you if you strongly identify with their old outlook. This is more likely if they know you don’t like their new opinion or would have trouble accepting it. They may just as well avoid the conflict by avoiding you. Sagittarius needs to be free to think and explore ideas. If you’re less open-minded, then they may just decide that they’ve outgrown the relationship, and it’s best to have a clean break.

The last few times you saw Sagittarius, the conversation was serious. They didn’t tell jokes, or if they tried, they apologized. If you’re very sensitive, touchy, or easily triggered or offended, there’s a good chance that you just can’t hang out with Sagittarius. It’s not that they don’t understand, intellectually, that some people are more delicate than others. They just don’t think it’s their job to make the world a softer place for anyone else. Sagittarius generally thinks it’s a disservice and against the purpose of their existence to honor taboos. In fact, if you’ve ever been snappy with them about it, you’ve probably offended them and given them the impression that they just can’t be real around you. If they can’t be real, then you can’t be friends.

However, if the Following Has Happened, Then Sagittarius is Probably Coming Back:

Sagittarius has gone back to school or is traveling. Archers are more likely to be absorbed in the moment and not take time for correspondence. Thus, if they’ve become immersed in a course of study or in taking in the experience while traveling or living abroad, then they’re not going to stop to sit and catch up with phone calls or emails.

They will fill you in when they get back, or when things settle down. If you wish them well, you’re likely to be one of the first they respond to when the time comes.

They’re dealing with a crisis or major problem right now. Sagittarius doesn’t reach out to many for moral support, and it’s typical for them to give up on socializing and just focus on the problem or issue. They may reach out to one or two people closest to the problem, but Sagittarius doesn’t like to come off as unhappy or worse: without having all the answers. If you ask around and find out that something is up with them, just let them be. When the storm is over, they’ll come around and catch up with you.

They’re involved in a major intellectual undertaking. Once engaged, the Archer remains in motion, putting everything they have into something for as long as they can manage it. Sure, they need a distraction, and they need to get away from work, but if they’re involved in something they love, they may not wander too far from it. This is especially true if your Sagittarius is a writer, entrepreneur, lawyer, or some other person who has a lot of solitary work or specialized work that requires a lot of focus and dedication. They’ll come around once the work is over, or at the least the bulk of it.

What to do if a Sagittarius doesnt return your calls or texts

Do’s and Don’t When Sagittarius Doesn’t Call or Text Back

Sagittarius is a love ’em and leave ’em sign, but this isn’t malicious. Sagittarius is romantic, in a sense, an idealistic one in which they may fall in love in the moment and feel that it’s real, and then fall out of love shortly after, and feel that that’s real, too. Sagittarius can create and be swept up in a romantic and erotic fervor that begins as quickly as it ends. It doesn’t want to commit. Yes, it eventually wants to meet that special someone, somehow, somewhere, but it takes a while.

Sagittarius is oblivious. It doesn’t know when someone likes them first or likes them back unless they’re explicitly told. Archers aren’t very good with maintaining lines of communication. They will write, call, or text back, but they may not reach out to you first.

If you want to reopen the lines of communication with Sagittarius, here are things you should and shouldn’t do:


Text or call to see how they’re doing. You may have been abandoned, but it’s also possible that something else came up and Sagittarius isn’t contacting you because they’re pressed for time and assume that if you haven’t reached out, the relationship may not be that important to you.

Of course, Sagittarius is gregarious, but Archers of both genders prefer to handle their problems alone and not reach out. They may have had trouble with being taken seriously by others when they reached out in the past. Thus, they may not be contacting you because they’re dealing with some hard stuff right now and could use a friend, but isn’t reaching for one.

Move on with your life. Sagittarius doesn’t need constant contact with someone to maintain feelings of love or friendship. They can meet an old childhood friend they haven’t spoken to in 20 years and pick right up as if nothing happened. A few days or weeks without contact doesn’t mean anything to Sagittarius. They may very well still feel the same and expect you to feel the same, too.

With that being said, if Sagittarius isn’t all over you trying to get your attention, then it’s safe to assume that you’re free to do as you please. You can date other people. You can go out with your friends. You can choose to be unavailable when and if they eventually call. However, keep in mind that Sagittarius doesn’t quite do or get passive-aggressive behavior that includes the silent treatment, so don’t expect them to get the hint right away.

Be positive when you see them again and don’t take it personally. There’s a good chance that the reason Sagittarius has been away has nothing to do with you. However, Sagittarius doesn’t need to be reminded of you to know that they like you. If they’re friendly as if nothing has happened, then understand that they actually don’t think anything happened, and now is as good a time as any to catch up and tell each other about the adventures you both had after you last spoke.


Have a meltdown and/or accuse them of abandoning you. One of the easiest ways to lose a Sagittarius is to become possessive. Whether it’s romance or friendship, Sagittarius must be free to come and free to go if you want them to stay. Trying to make them feel obligated for your wellbeing makes it less likely that they’ll contact you in the future. They may even shrug and block your number so you can’t contact them anymore.

The Archer isn’t really a fighter. They may discuss it, but they won’t argue with you about where they’ve been for the last two weeks, especially in a new relationship. Hell – did they demand to know where you’ve been all this time, have they?

Stalk them or send other people to intervene on your behalf. Again, the Archer doesn’t appreciate your efforts to pin them down, and you putting them in a position to explain themselves to you immediately, or to a third party will pretty much guarantee that you’ll be one of the few people who actually ends up on a Sagittarius’s shit list.

While Sagittarius isn’t an intensely private person, being compelled to treat someone they don’t even know as an authority is an affront to their sense of freedom. If they’re not legally obligated to send a smiley back when you text, then they shouldn’t have to explain that to someone else at a time inconvenient for them.

Create drama to induce them to call or text you. Sure, if they find out that your mom just went to the hospital, they will contact you to see if you’re okay. If they find out that your mom is at home and she just has a cold, you’ve basically lost Sagittarius. They want to trust you. They’re naturally trusting people. However, if you break that trust, then you’ll never get it again.

Also, on that note: don’t try to make them jealous. Sagittarius doesn’t really get jealous. If you get upset and send a picture of yourself with a different man or woman to get a rise out of them, Sagittarius is not going to call your bluff. They’ll just think that you’ve moved on, and there is no need to keep your phone number in their phone anymore. Or, they’ll think you’re petty, and they’ll pat themselves on the back for managing to avoid someone as unhinged as you.

Cooking for a Sagittarius

Cooking for Sagittarius: Things to Keep in Mind

Sagittarius loves to eat. In fact, except for the fussiest of Archers (and picky Archers are a rare thing) most of them keep eating until there is no more food available. It could be because they simply love eating. It could be because they hate letting a good time end, and communal meals are fun for them. It could be because they actually don’t know when they’re full. It may be a combination of all of these reasons.

And they love it if you cook for them…under certain circumstances. While any Sag loves to be fed and is willing to try just about anything, if you invite Sagittarius over for dinner, there are a few things to keep in mind:

The closer to culture, the better. Sagittarius would rather eat an old family recipe that your great-great grandmother brought from the old country than the trendiest fusion food or ingredients. Don’t get me wrong: they like fusion food over tradition, but your tradition isn’t their tradition, and that’s what makes it fascinating and better.

Sagittarius always wants seconds, always wants to share, and always wants a big portion. Sagittarius is a charter member of the Clean Plate Club. They may not outright ask for seconds, but if you offer, they’ll take it, and it’s not just to be polite. They want it, and if they love it, they’ll eat it until their pants burst.

Sagittarius has no idea what to do with an elaborate place setting. Truthfully, they’d rather eat with their hands. They’re also clumsy, so putting three different glasses in front of them and expecting them not to spill any of those drinks is rather delusional on your part. There is no water glass, white wine glass, or red wine glass; there are just three wine glasses to be filled to the brim. On that note:

Sagittarius may drink until excess at dinner, too. What’s better than a good wine with a meal? Two wines. And a cocktail before and after, and a little whiskey in that coffee with dessert, too. In fact, you can ask them to bring a bottle of wine or booze to dinner, and they will do whatever they can to bring the best thing to share. They may bring two. They may choose their favorite, which may come with a story, so brace yourself.

Sagittarius wants to help in the kitchen, but be careful. Again, the Archer is clumsy, and if it’s not their kitchen, and if they’re not used to navigating the space, they may get hurt, break something, or hurt someone else. Now, if they’re in the zone – and if they insist that their way is the right way to do something – just let them do it, or you’ll have to hear them talk about it all through dinner.

Sagittarius doesn’t eat quietly…unless they just want to hurry up and eat so they can get back to whatever they were doing. No meal is a good meal unless there is good conversation. And Sagittarius will talk about anything, so you’d better have a strong stomach and a taste for the taboo. Sure, they can eat and watch the game on television, but if that’s not an option,

Colorful food with multiple ingredients always wins. Sagittarius loves exotic fare and anything that’s brightly colored and interesting. Paella, salads, kabobs, gumbo, and such are always better than anything simple. Fruits, especially berries, and vegetables in season are great, particularly anything exotic. Avoid bland things like celery, iceberg lettuce, and cucumbers and go for peppers, eggplant, and garlic.

But you can skip the health food. Unless Sagittarius has a bona fide allergy or illness, chances are they don’t want a lighter or “healthier” substitute. Yes, they will eat it, but no, they won’t be impressed. Don’t trim the fat from that steak.

Protein, please! Yeah. Sagittarius eats the gristle, too. And they may want to suck the marrow from the bones, so give those to them, too. While there are vegetarian and vegan Archers, the ones who aren’t may be particularly fond of meat, especially red meat, game meat, and exotic meat. Bone in too, because Sagittarius likes to know that their food was once living. It’s a respect thing. Chicken breast is okay. Baby back ribs better. Steak is better. Buffalo even better.

Barbeque and food you prepare yourself outside with the crowd is good, too. The Archer loves a good fondue, grill, or clambake is a great idea for the Archer. Sagittarius loves a good picnic and barbeque in the great outdoors. They’ll take that over being stuck in a crowded house any day. That’s not to say that Sagittarius doesn’t like Thanksgiving – it does, immensely – but that if given the choice, the Archer would fish and cook it’s catch on a fire on a balmy summer day instead.

You can serve the meal whenever. Sagittarius eats when they’re hungry, so if you’re serving dinner at 6, they’ll be there at 5:45, or 7:00. If you’re serving dinner at 10 p.m., they’ll be there at 8 p.m. or midnight. If you want them to be there on time…best of luck to you.

How to Win Sagittarius Back: 8 Counter-Intuitive Measures

How to Win Sagittarius Back: 8 Counter-Intuitive Measures

You’re not the first one to let Sagittarius slip through your fingers. The archer is a free bird that needs to fly. But you miss the adventure, the meandering conversations, the hot, all-night sex…and you want it all back.

Sagittarius is very forgiving, but once it decides to go, it’s gone for good. Sure, you may meet for a drink every now and then, but Sagittarius doesn’t go back to exes. The good news is that the uncommitted archer may not have considered you a significant other in the first place. It’s not impossible to win Sagittarius back, but it’s very difficult.

Honestly, if you want Sagittarius back, you’ll have to think outside the box. If you can do that, and if you’re willing to wait a little, you just might get this one to come back.

Always do these things if you want Sagittarius back:

Do: Make yourself scarce to Sagittarius after the break-up. This curious sign loves all things exotic and foreign. Make yourself unknowable and unfamiliar to them. Don’t unfriend them, but don’t keep them in the loop. They should do a double-take when they see you again. You should have new things to talk about.

Do: Suggest doing something in the outdoors or near where they live or work so they can run away from you if needed. Yes, it seems odd, but Sagittarius is claustrophobic. It doesn’t want to confront a potentially sad or angry person from across a table, especially if there is any hint that you invited them there to air your grievances or beg them to come back. They don’t want to be stuck somewhere where they have to pretend to leave early and then wait around for the bus.

Do: Talk to them first, and keep all talk light-hearted and future-minded. Sagittarius isn’t nostalgic and hates talking about the past unless it’s funny. You can remind them of the good times, but you can’t make them want to relive them.

Do: Promise a more interesting/better future together. The past is gone, and that is where Sagittarius wants it to stay. If you do get back together, you should look forward to a brand new relationship and a brand new life, even if it’s just living in a different town.

And never do these things:

Don’t grovel, cry, or get dramatic. Drama is one of the things that make Sagittarius run in the first place. They can’t handle it. If they see something is wrong, they will avoid it. If you’re sad and crying – especially if they know you’re sad and letting the whole world know about it – they will stay away. They’ll think they were clearly justified in breaking up with a hot mess like you.

Instead: Next time you see them, act like everything is okay. Don’t act like you hate them. Just act like the entire relationship never happened.

Don’t even try guilt. Ever. Elaborating on the above, attempting to guilt a Sagittarius will get you nowhere quickly. Yeah, they will give in for a moment. After all, they do have a conscience. But they know what game you’re playing. They like competition, but this is fighting dirty to them. They don’t buy the idea that they have to fix the heartbreak you think they caused: Sagittarius believes that we cause our own heartbreaks.

Instead: Move on. Get a life. Stop worrying about them. Go do cool, awesome things with your life. Be the kind of amazing person they want to hang around with, and they will be drawn to you like a moth to a fire.

Trying to get other people involved. Don’t send your friend, your brother, your mother, or anyone else to try to intervene on your behalf. Sagittarius doesn’t appreciate you sending an ambassador to plead your case. This is a sign that being with you means that their ability to live as they please will be hampered by your family and friends, so they were justified in breaking up with you.

Instead: Don’t badmouth them or pump their people for info. Avoid talking about Sagittarius with your mutual friends.

Don’t Rebound. Sagittarius isn’t a jealous sign, but it’s oblivious to attempts to make it jealous. If you plaster your Instagram with pictures of you and your new bae (oh, and if you also call that person “bae,” FORGET IT), the archer thinks that you’ve happily moved on, and there is no getting back together. After all, everything in the universe happens for a reason, and you finding a new and better lover must be the silver lining to the break up.

Instead: Be confident and cool as a single person. Sagittarius can’t stand needy people, and being at ease with being single is very attractive to them. After all, they prize their own independence, so why shouldn’t you?

12 Things People Love AND Hate about Sagittarius:

1. Sagittarius is adventurous and open-minded. It loves the exotic and different, including cultures, people, and ways of thinking. They prefer the values and ways of any culture but their own. They long to travel abroad and may live abroad at some point.

2. Sagittarius is low maintenance. All they need is space…lots of space, to be free to come and free to go. All they need is their freedom. The laundry, the bills, and the responsibilities can wait.

3. They’re born comedians. Sagittarius sees the world in a different way from everyone else, and they always see humor in everything, even in things others would prefer they didn’t.

4. It’s hard to insult a Sagittarius. Sticks and stones may break their bones, but words don’t actually hurt them. Words just don’t mean much to them. They may even laugh if you insult them well, but beware: they have no problem insulting you back, and it will cut right to the bone.

5. Sagittarius loves the outdoors and walking around. They’re most at peace when outside in wide, open spaces and miserable when cooped up in cramped, crowded spaces, like a classroom or office.

6. Sagittarius seeks knowledge and will go to the ends of the earth to find it. They’re lifelong students, who value knowledge about all else, and will spend their lifetimes seeking the truth about everything.

7. The are honest, outspoken loudmouths who exaggerate but they do it so well that they easily persuade others to agree with them. They will say what others are afraid to say. Knowing that others want to hide the truth makes them more determined to reveal it.

8. Sagittarius is independent and hates being told what to do. Try to impose your will on them and they will simply step aside. If you keep trying, they will torture you with psychological warfare until they can escape from you forever.

9. If you want to date a Sagittarius, don’t act like you want to date them. They fear commitment and labels, but they can do friendship. Let them come to the conclusion that you’re an item and that you’re special.

10. Sagittarius doesn’t do cliques, mean girls, or in crowds. Excluding them doesn’t work because they don’t want to be included. They have a way of making their own in-crowd and eclectic group of wonderful weirdoes from everyone who was left out.
11. Sagittarius is happy to spend the day wandering anywhere. Don’t expect them to honor schedules, routines, or deadlines. They can if they have to, but they most prefer unstructured time. Tell them to take their time and they absolutely will.

12. Sagittarius is your friend for life. Years pass and they can pick up where they left off with you. They don’t really miss anyone, because everyone they love is always with them in their hearts.

Six Awesome Ways to Snag a Sagittarius Man (And Maybe Even Keep Him)

Six Awesome Ways to Snag a Sagittarius Man (And Maybe Even Keep Him)

Sagittarius is the luckiest sign of the zodiac. Lucky to be alive, that is.

He’s the guy at work that makes fun of the boss to his face and somehow gets away with it. He trips over his own feet, falls on the ground, and finds a $100 bill under a garbage can. He gives you the best sex of your life, tiptoes out while you sleep, doesn’t call you back, and then greets you with a high-five weeks later as if nothing happened.

This man likes to live on the edge.

Now, you’re sure you want this lifelong bachelor? But alas: you do. You can get him for an hour or two, or maybe a whole night, but how do you actually keep him? Many have tried; few have succeeded. But there are ways, and they aren’t for the faint of heart.

First and foremost, act like you don’t care what he does. You know how cats seem to like people who don’t like cats? That’s pretty much how Sag rolls. Don’t expect anything from them and they’ll stick around. Make demands and they hide under the sofa and vomit. Sag needs to think it’s free to come and go. He calls you, but he won’t answer your calls. He won’t tell you where he’s going or who he’s with. Let him come to you, and he’ll keep coming, over and over again. Just don’t play hard to get: pushing and pulling is too much work for him, and since you’re putting in the effort to play mind games, he knows he’s already won. Just be independent like the modern woman you are.

Start a conversation about something most people would find uncomfortable to discuss. Sag doesn’t understand taboos or small talk. He doesn’t give a crap about your job what happened there unless you walked in on your boss masturbating. Then definitely tell him all about it. Sags just don’t take words seriously, the way that a fish doesn’t take a drop of water seriously while swimming in the ocean. So, whatever offends, infuriates, scandalizes, and confuses everyone else delights him. Just don’t tell him point-blank that you want to fuck him. That sounds too much like a commitment, and Sag doesn’t do commitment unless it is his idea

Go out with him for an exotic meal and pig out. Sags eat until there’s nothing left. Chances are that he’s permanently banned from at least one buffet, so try a regular restaurant. He wants you to choose, because given the possibility of choosing just one thing to the exclusion of all others throws him into a panic. And he fully expects you to partake in the joy of eating something new and interesting. He thinks pretending that you live on salad and iced tea is a horrible LIE, and he’d rather not be the only one who gets food in his hair.

He gets food in his hair, you know.

Stay outside. Sags are claustrophobic. They’re fine in their own basement, but put them in a room where there’s no actual activity – like a party – and they either create something to entertain them, like a fight, or beeline for the door. They don’t like crowded spaces, and they handle that by drinking … a lot, so think twice before taking him to a Thanksgiving dinner with all 80 of your closest relatives. If you want to see Sag at his best, stay outdoors.

Choose adventure and leave the heels at home. Sags likes to be outside and likes to be moving. They wander around, even when they don’t have to go anywhere. They’re at peace when they can move around on their own accord and take in the sights and sounds. They can duck into alleys and hide when the girl they were with last week comes walking by. Sag is perfectly content to spend the day hiking up a mountain, wandering the shops in Chinatown, or down the aisles at Wal-Mart at 3 a.m. on a weekday to see the locals in their natural habitat. Suggest a date that involves exploring a new neighborhood or hiking in the great outdoors and he’s game, especially if neither of you’ve been there before.

Meet him online first. Online dating is perfect for Sag because keyboards have delete keys but mouths don’t. He has a better chance of not putting his foot in his mouth if he has to think about what he’s about to say. He’s a poet and a scholar behind the screen. You can’t see the barbeque sauce on his shirt, or the fact that he hasn’t showered in three days. Of course, he’ll clean up if you (ever) meet, but by then, you’re already in love with his adventurous, fiery soul.


Wooing and Winning a Sagittarius: Tips for Each Zodiac Sign

Wooing and Winning a Sagittarius: Tips for Each Zodiac Sign

So, you have your eye on a Sagittarius, but you don’t know how to get them to like you. Now, these folks value honesty about all else. Whatever you try to hide will be revealed, so you either have to change for life or strongly consider whether this relationship is worth personal reinvention.
But you’re going to try impress the Archer anyway. So, here is what each zodiac sign can do to catch the Sagittarian eye:

Aries: Just be yourself. This usually doesn’t work most of the time, does it? It works here. But Sagittarius appreciates you endless enthusiasm and love of danger. Sag is happy to let you be the human litmus test for everything. They’ll wait and see what happens to you after you jump off the cliff to decide whether to do it themselves. Then, they’ll patch you up with their know-how and go with you on the next adventure.

Taurus: Get out of your comfort zone. Your favorite part of a relationship is when you can eat pizza and sit on the sofa in your pajamas. This feels like the end to Sagittarius. Sag is game for chilling once or twice, but routine is boring, and they get cabin fever. Yes, that means doing something that makes you uncomfortable, like eating weird food or talking to strangers, but they thrive on this stuff. It scares you, but it makes them feel alive.

Gemini: Be imaginative. Sagittarius is more concerned with what could be than what actually is. If they say what if, the answer shouldn’t be but it isn’t. You are both know-it-alls, but you acquire knowledge differently. Sag values its ability to speculate. You value your ability to know. You’re both curious, so why not explore something neither of you know? When neither of you are the expert, neither of you can tell the other they’re wrong.

Give them space. Yes, they appreciate everything you do, but no, they don’t understand your need to hear this all the time. Sagittarius isn’t fond of nostalgia or the past, either. Going through old photos doesn’t make them nearly as happy as making new memories. There are only so many times they can have dinner with your family, too. It’s okay if Sagittarius doesn’t check in daily or goes out alone. Trust they still care and they will.

Leo: Introduce them to all the cool people you know. Sagittarius loves talking to people who can show or tell them different things. You naturally make friends and gather admirers from a wide variety of people. While you won’t follow them to the ends of the Earth or the stretches of their imagination, you can find someone who will, and you needn’t be jealous. They know you’re the source of all the goodies they get.

Virgo: Make room for a little chaos. Sagittarius doesn’t care about organization, routine, or tidiness. Don’t let them mess up your bathroom, but expect them to pee in the shower and leave pubes on the soap. They wake up in the afternoon without feeling they lost the day. They don’t want to be told they’re doing things wrong all the time. Relax about a few stains on the carpet and water rings on the table.

Libra: Be honest and direct. They don’t take hints well, if at all. If you say everything’s fine, that no, you love that they painted the living room walls orange, they’ll believe you. If you don’t want orange walls, don’t suggest coral or apricot. Just tell them point-blank you would rather they paint the walls blue. They need to know exactly what pleases you, how to do it, and you won’t change your mind a minute later.

Scorpio: Stay out of their heads. Sagittarius will let you pick their brain to a certain extent, but they resent you telling them what they’re thinking, even if you’re right. Being with someone who predicts their every move makes them feel trapped. Sags stick around when they feel free to come and go, and that includes being free to come and go in their minds. Don’t demand to know what they’re thinking; even they may have no idea.

Sagittarius: Learn to make a commitment. Two Sagittarians have trouble making their thing into a relationship. One of you has to make it official, since you’re both always up for whatever. You can be best friends, but if you want it to be something more, one of you has to make a move. At the very least, ask if you can call them your boyfriend or girlfriend when writing about them on your blog.

Capricorn: Let go of convention a bit. Sagittarius isn’t so aware of its reputation or the need to save for retirement. Sag doesn’t realize they got mustard on their shirt, again. It also doesn’t care who they should or shouldn’t be friends with. They are ambitious in their own way: their goal is to be free to do whatever they want. It won’t hurt your chances at a promotion if your S.O. wears sneakers to work.

Don’t insist on being right all the time. You’re both pretty smart, but you both think you know everything. This can quickly turn into a competition to see who’s smarter. Sagittarius needs to feel intelligent, and dismissing any of their ideas, no matter how improbable they are, feels like a rejection of who they are. If you disagree, talk it out with them. This is why they talk about their ideas in the first place.

Get a backbone. Sagittarius speaks freely and sometimes thoughtlessly. They don’t take things personally, and they think no else should either. If Sag thinks your shoes are weird, this isn’t a reflection on you, even though you picked them out and absolutely love them. While Sag can be a knight in shining armor, after a while, you should figure out that putting the cereal on the high shelf means you won’t be able to reach it.

How to win and lose a sagittarius woman.

The Vital 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for Winning the Heart of a Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius is the one that never settles down. Is she your girlfriend? Not so fast. She lives for the moment, and she decides when the moment begins or ends.
Everyone has a crush on her, but she never seems to have a boyfriend. The problem with this woman isn’t that she’s oblivious – though she certainly seems that way – but that she just doesn’t care about being paired up. If you want a woman who isn’t going to post a thousand pictures of the two of you on Instagram, you have a winner. If you want a woman who’s going to return your calls, then you have a bit of a challenge on your hands.


1) DO learn to appreciate honesty. Sagittarians are honest to a fault. They don’t have a filter between their mind and their mouth. If you have something between your teeth, she will tell you. If you have a bad haircut, she’ll let you know. She means no harm. After all, there’s no point in pretending that something doesn’t exist when everyone knows it does, and who doesn’t appreciate the truth? The truth, after all, will set you free. She’s perfectly willing to talk about things other women may keep private, so what’s the big deal? Everyone farts, so what’s the problem with owning up to it, at church, with your parents?

2 DO let her eat. Sags love to eat and drink. Abundance and novelty thrills them. Go for Korean, where you get 20 side dishes, or tapas, or something else that has a ton of spices and ingredients. She won’t order a salad, unless it contains octopus and chili peppers. Theoretically, she knows that overeating isn’t good for her, but it feels good right now. Yes, it will catch up with her later, but she thinks she’ll always be young. Take her out and order something delicious so she feels comfortable ordering what she wants. Oh, and let her to pick at your plate and have the olive in your martini.

3) DO give her space. Sagittarius needs to be free to come and free to go. She’s not good at keeping track of dates and times. She avoids routine. She’s also not keen on spending every waking moment with you. She doesn’t need to be physically with someone to reinforce the bond. She feels as she feels, and time and space doesn’t change it. Pouting about being without her tells her that maybe she’s better off without you, because you’re just too needy. If she wants to spend Saturday afternoon walking through the woods, that doesn’t mean she wants you to go with her. She needs space, unstructured time, and opportunity to worry about no one else. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the less she sees you, the more new you are.


1) DON’T try to romance her the traditional way. This philosophical soul appreciates romance for the experience, but you’re not in just because you sent her roses. You could send flowers to a thousand women. You could take a thousand women out to dinner. While she’s perfectly content to talk the night away as the two of you bare your souls, she actually does that all the time. Talking is her thing, and just because you shared your dreams doesn’t mean you had a moment she wants to recreate. Take her out to a sports game or to a museum. She would rather spend a day at the Smithsonian or park than at the mall.

2) DON’T talk about commitments. A Sag woman wanders into commitment. She doesn’t seek it out. If your five-year plan is marriage, a mortgage, and regular promotions, don’t be surprised if her five-year plan is simply being five years older, and maybe a walkabout in the Outback. She doesn’t want to be an accessory to your grand plan. While she thinks it would be nice to have a big, cozy home, the idea of having to slave away at a job to pay the mortgage on that big house sends her into a panic. She needs the freedom to change her mind and the freedom to make up her mind.

3) DON’T try to feminize her. If you want a girl who takes 3 hours to get ready, you don’t want Sagittarius. She doesn’t want to be a Barbie doll. French tips and lifting weights don’t mix. Don’t get her lingerie for her birthday; she knows it’s really for you. Sag women aren’t interested in clothes shopping. Having stuff means having to take care of stuff. She has never been to a dry cleaner. She’s feminine on her own terms, in her own way, without all of the stifling trappings of conventional femininity. If it’s uncomfortable or limits her movement, she’s not wearing it, and you can’t convince her otherwise.

Cedric Grant Bouchard Psychic Review

For many people the word psychic conjures images of a figure in flowing robes staring intently into a crystal ball while dramatic music plays, but meeting Cédric Grant Bouchard shatters these inaccurate preconceptions of the field.

Sat in his smart office in a Miami suburb, Bouchard looks more like a friendly realtor than a man known for his skills in communicating with the dead and reading other’s thoughts. While psychics very rarely wander around dressed like the stereotypical medium from movies and TV shows, Bouchard’s image is part of a conscious effort to emphasize the professionalism of his work.
Now 55 years old, Bouchard comes from a long line of psychics. Both his mother and his father were world renowned psychics in France, who brought their son up to appreciate the unique powers that they saw in him. “My mother taught me that offering your services as a psychic should mean breaking down people’s preconceptions rather than playing up to them,” he said from behind a pair of bifocal glasses.

It seems as though the professional approach is paying dividends, with Bouchard reporting a steady increase in business. His theory for growing interest in psychic readings is the lack of spirituality in modern life, which leaves many people craving answers to phenomena that simply can’t be explained by science.

Bouchard’s reputation as a psychic is built on the testimonies of his past clients, who have praised his thorough practices and strong code of ethics. “My aim is to build a lasting relationship with my visitors,” he said. “Some other psychics try to keep people happy by telling them what they want to hear, but my visitors seem to appreciate my honest approach.”

However all is not rosy for Bouchard and his practice. He was recently criticized by the American Society for Psychical Research, which accused him of branching out into new fields in which he had no experience.

After focusing his work on clairvoyance for more than 40 years, Bouchard has recently started to offer Tarot and tea leaf readings. While he says that he has been studying these skills in order to expand into new areas, he has been accused of profiting from naïve clients.

That said, the man himself is secure in the knowledge that his training allows him to engage in sessions as a clairvoyant, astrologist, tea leaf reader, Tarot reader and medium. While Bouchard did not engage in any psychic activity with your writer in the interest of maintaining professional distance, he is taking bookings for readings in his office and at selected events around the United States this summer.

“The only way to find out the truth about a psychic is to have a session with them yourself,” said Bouchard. “I know what I am capable of and I have thousands of testimonies from satisfied clients all over the world.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Cédric Grant Bouchard, you can visit his website, or connect with him on Cedric Grant Bouchard’s Personal Website He’s also the author about a book helping people develop their psychic abilities. You can purchase it on amazon here.

Interested in dating a sagittarius woman?

A Sagittarius woman is full of life and possibilities. This fiery archer has a mind of her own and is an avid explorer. Every day with her can turn into an adventurous ride with her never ending thirst for venturing into something new. If you are dating a Sagittarian woman you should know that you are with an extremely sensitive person who has a unique way of looking into things. She is a palette of vibrant colours with which you can paint your own canvas. She would value an intellectual conversation more than anything else. So to woo her you need to be well aware of many topics and have an analytical mind that can pull off any conversation. She can surprise you any moment with her spark and vivacity. Her soul is calm and the exuberance that she portrays is to keep fuelling her soul with varied experiences. It’s definitely a very special feeling to date a Sagittarian woman as she can help you strive to see the best of life and stay motivated. Her radiance will attract you to her and she would want a partner who is equally fun to hand around with, who has a zeal for the knowing the unknown, who can stimulate her in an interesting way and most importantly who can keep the spark on. She is definitely not the one who can be tamed in a cage. She needs to fly high and keep exploring and she would want a partner who can like the wind help her flight. The chemistry with a Sagittarian woman can be both romantic and yet fiery at the same time. She can be as calm and as wild as the sea. Her idea of life is very vast and you can soak completely in her never ending romantic tales of life.

This archer is a very interesting company in any social gatherings and people can feel an instant connection with her. She can be the centre of attraction and the apple of the eye very easily. Each one of your date with a Sagittarian woman can be the best of roller coaster ride that you have ever come across. More the time you spend with her the more you will understand her philosophy and start loving her for reasons beyond her looks. She would want a deep passionate relationship with a person who has a mind of his own and is extremely loyal and faithful, because she values loyalty above all. As she cannot be tamed so giving her own space becomes very imperative, however you need not worry as she is very loyal and would never cheat. A Sagittarian’s favorite colour is mostly Turquoise and she can be a little materialistic, so be very careful in deciding a gift for her. A romantic holiday on an unexplored terrain might be an interesting gift to woo her than handing her some random flowers and chocolates.

She can gel well with person’s of any zodiac sign because of her spontaneous nature, however a fellow Sagittarian male or a Leo male are known to be the ideal match for this fiery archer.