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Sagittarius And Taurus Compatibility

General Compatibility:

Here's another combination that's just poles apart. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign so they can be very stubborn and this is one thing that brings an argument up. The fun and adventurous Archer will think the bull is a bit too much of a homebody. Sagittarians like going out and meeting new people. Having fun and just partying all the time. Taurus people like the organized and more cautious way of dealing with things. A Sagittarian being wacky and taking risks will make the Taurus feel uneasy. Being born under the planet Venus, the Bull has a natural love for beauty and the arts. It's not surprising that these two would meet in art exhibits, musicals or other crafty workshops. Sagittarians like to say what's on their minds to the point of being tactless and this will bring the Bull's short temper to a boil. People born under the sign of Taurus are known to have a short temper. There are a lot of things that need to be done to make this partnership work out.

Romantic Compatibility:

At first the Bull, being reserved and cautious, will want to take its time before saying the words I love You. They will only be comfortable in saying this once they are 100% sure that this is what they feel. On the other hand, the Archer will just shoot its arrow and be more loud in saying this not just in words but he will shower his partner with lavish gifts which might be a bit overwhelming for a grounded Taurus. Bear in mind that a Sagittarius will also say this even if he's not sure so there are times they will actually take it back the day after. Adjustment is the key in this relationship. A couple that consist of an Earth sign and a Fire sign has to respect that they have different emotions. They need to be cautious on how to react or deal with things; always taking each other's feelings or opinion in consideration. Between the two of them, Sagittarius will have a harder time to do this because of his natural reckless demeanor so a Taurus would have to meet him halfway. Try to understand how the Archer can say things that seem offensive but are really innocent remarks. In the beginning the Bull might demand for more time or more devotion from the Archer. In time, the Bull will learn to be patient and this will help out in building a harmonious relationship. The Sagittarius might need to constantly remind the Taurus about that everything is okay and assure them of their loyalty. A Taurus has a lot to offer a Sagittarian. So the latter needs to stop and make sure he doesn't miss these things. Just keep your eyes open.

Sexual Compatibility:

There will be instant sexual attraction between these two and it's going to be passionate and intense form the very beginning. The masculine Jupiter governed Archer and the feminine Venus ruled Bull will have very steamy encounters. Taurus is considered one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac. The Bull won't have any trouble expressing this side much to the Archer's delight.