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Types of questions to ask a Psychic by Email

Types of Questions to Ask a Good Psychic in E-Mail

It can be a stimulating experience to contact a psychic through an email connection, but it‘s important to develop the right type of questions to ask a psychic via email. Most people are tempted to ask more personal or specific questions, but it’s really a better choice to stay with general questions. Even the best psychic may find it difficult to provide specific answers through an email reading. In other words you might want to ask questions such as whether you are going to get married soon rather than whom you are going to marry.

Choosing questions that are general rather than specific may allow you to obtain a more accurate reading. Unless the psychic is right in the room with you it will be difficult for him or her to feel the energy that will allow them to read things of a more specific nature. There may be a possibility over time for the psychic to know you better and be able to provide more specific answers but when you are first obtaining email psychic readings that will not be possible.

Another type of questions you may choose to ask a psychic via email is something related to your future endeavors. You might ask if you are going to be financially secure—not necessarily rich but have enough money to live comfortably. You might ask what kind of career you will have but not necessarily the company for which you will work or the specific job you will hold. Another good question is whether you will be successful in your field of choice.

You do not want to become too specific by asking things such as when you will retire, when you will die, whom you will marry, when you will marry as well as other specific questions. Though a psychic you meet in person may have the ability to answer these questions—and sometimes even accurately—an email psychic does not have the same ability since there is no personal contact and thus no way to delve deeper into your mind.

The type of questions to ask a psychic in email should never be those that require a great deal of details. This also pertains to those you might ask a psychic you meet in person as well because the more details you seek the more likely the chance the psychic will be unable to make an accurate assessment of your life. Quite often the accuracy of the reading is contingent upon the way a person presents the questions.

While some people rely greatly on the readings of psychics, it’s important to keep in mind there is no way for anyone to really predict what is going to happen in your life specifically. It is for this reason you want to limit your questions to general ones that rely on information that you can provide based on current circumstances. The more general you make your questions the easier it will be for the psychic to evaluate your situation and make a general assessment.

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Where can I meet a Sagittarius woman?

If you are looking to date a Sagittarius, the first thing you want to remember is the Sagittarius woman is very active and adventurous. If you want to turn your attraction for a Sagittarius into something more you will have to be on her level. You will have to learn what to say and be willing to do the things she likes to do. You will attract her with surprise get aways or other things that are out of the conventional scheme of things.

If you want to meet a Sagittarius woman you will need to attend activities that are likely to attract her. Keeping in mind that she is a very active person, you will not likely meet her by taking a walk in the park On the other hand you might find her at a as a participant in various sporting events or even working out at the health club or at the pool. Of course the activities will vary according to the woman, but you can be sure the more active you are, the better your chances are of being able to date a Sagittarius.

In order to make and keep the attention of a Sagittarius woman you cannot be a couch potato. You must be active and willing to go the extra miles to do things that will keep her attention. She will not be wiling to sit in front of the television very often, so don’t expect her to be a homebody. If you’re looking for someone who is content with dinner and a movie, the Sagittarius woman is not for you. On the other hand if you enjoy dinner and dancing you might have good luck being able to date a Sagittarius.

The place you meet a Sagittarius is the best way to gain her attention. If you go to those places she enjoys you will automatically gain her attention. You might meet her in a club if the club has dancing but she is not likely to be comfortable just sitting around and having a conversation with her friends. You are more likely to find her participating in sports activities rather than watching them.

Don’t be surprised if you meet a Sagittarius woman who enjoys playing football or baseball because these activities help keep her conditioned and help her remain active. The faster the pace the more she will enjoy it—tennis, volleyball, skating, bicycling and swimming are all activities she will enjoy. Are you a hiker or mountain climber? You just may be headed in the right direction for knowing what to say to this type of woman.

If your attraction to a Sagittarius woman is making you wonder what you should do and say, show up where she is and participate in some activity in which you see her participating. She needs a partner who can keep up with her, and you can only find out if you are up to the task by diving right in to it.

A Sagittarius Sagittarius relationship

What happens when 1 sagittarius gets together with another sagittarius? Read and find out.

General Compatibility:

Lots and lots of fun and excitement await a Sagittarius couple. They have a lot in common which will fuel up the fire. Both love to travel, party, meet new people and go on new adventures. Having the same interests they will also share the same optimistic view in life. If they partner up in business, they will reach things they never even thought of. Sagittarians being philosophical people likes challenges and puzzles. The harder it is to figure out something the more drawn they get to it. They won’t stop until they figure their way out of it. One thing that might hold them back is their care-free nature. They need to get serious about what they are trying to achieve. A lot of times, Sagittarius people focus on “living their life to the fullest” they forget to work on the other necessary things. Adventure and fun can overwhelm the Archer so they need to keep their feet planted firm on the ground. Another similarity is their temperament. Sagittarius people are not emotional or the moody type. They are known to be blunt to the point of tactlessness. Often times they say innocent and honest things and end up hurting the feelings of who they are talking to. They, however, have a very long patience and, to be blunt, a bit “thick skinned” so they don’t normally take offense on a random comment or criticism.

Romantic Compatibility:

The best thing about these two being together is that they love to meet new people and interact with members of both sexes. Therefore, there will be little or no jealousy in a relationship between two Sagittarians. They will have fun together or on their own with their own set of friends. They can count on giving each other enough space to have fun. As with business though, these two need to get serious at one point if they want this relationship to work. Having fun, meeting and hanging out with new people can be overwhelming so they need to remember that they should put restrictions on the freedom that they give each other or that the other gives them. The word “restriction” might not sound very appealing to an Archer but it’s merely drawing the line somewhere. Sagittarians are naturally flirt for example, so one might say, “Fine you can flirt, you can look, but you can’t touch. And I’m going to do the same.” In the end, they will have to sit down and talk about more serious matters if they want to end up hearing wedding bells together.


Sex between two Sagittarians is one of the best. These two are ready to try different things at least once. Therefore there will almost be no boundaries. They will not always be interested in the whole foreplay thing. They are very much full of life when it comes to sex and may not have the patience for “romantic” gestures. Pulling each other in an empty cubicle in the bathroom of a packed club for a quickie might sound lewd for other people but it might just be the best scenario for them.

Breaking up with a Sagittarius

Any kind of breakup can be traumatic, but when it involves a breakup with a Sagittarius it can be more difficult. One of the reasons for this is because the Sagittarius is a very dramatic sign, and a breakup will hurt his ego. He will not let it go and will tell everyone he knows how badly you treated him and will talk about every single mistake you ever made during the time you were with him. He will try to undo his own hurt over the breakup by telling all of his family and friends how you abused, used, loved and left him. Do not expect him to focus on any of the positive points in your relationship.

In an effort to use the hurt of breaking up with a Sagittarius, all Sagittarius women can follow some important steps. It may not work with every man but it may help most of them get over the break up and be able to move on with their lives. One important thing to remember is after you finalize the break up you need to remain single for a while. If you become involved in another relationship too soon and your ex finds out he will put more blame on you and think you broke up with him to begin seeing someone else.

There are several things you can do before you break up with him to prepare him for the breakup. By following these steps you will reach the point where he will be more accepting of the breakup and even welcome it.

• Tell your partner you are unable to keep up with their sexual or physical needs any longer. Since he will want someone who is able to remain on his level he will understand your method of reasoning.

• If you act bored by slowing down and becoming a homebody, the breakup will be much easier. The Sagittarius man likes to be very active and will not want to stay with someone who is boring.

• The Sagittarius is a very confident person, so if you begin to act paranoid or insecure you will drive him out of your life without even trying.

• Start acting very possessive and jealous by questioning his every move. Sagittarians hate being with this type of person and will quickly walk away from the relationship.

• If you tell him you have lost all interest in sex and want to stay celibate for a specific period of time he will not want to stay in the relationship.

By following these steps you will be able to break up with your Sagittarius man without trying to do so. This will eliminate hurt and a tarnished ego. The key is to let the relationship wane rather than actually just breaking it off and causing hurt feelings and maybe facing the potential for him to put all of the blame on you for the end of the relationship.

Meeting and Attracting a Sagittarius man

Like the Sagittarius woman the Sagittarius man is very active and needs a partner who can keep up with him. You can meet him at any place where there is activity but do not expect to find him lazing around the pool soaking up the sun. You may find him swimming a few laps in the pool but are more likely to find him playing tennis, football, baseball or any other activity that allows him to stay active.

To gain the attraction of a Sagittarius man you will need to show him you can keep up with his active pace. If you’re content to just stay at home or go shopping you will quickly become boring to the Sagittarius man. He enjoys being on the go and would enjoy whisking you off to some exotic place to enjoy some fun filled activity. Jet setting is something he enjoys and if his finances allow he may do that frequently.

He may not enjoy camping but he will enjoy a camping trip that includes hiking, nature walks and other types of activities. Amusement parks may grab his attention and he may be a demon for fast rides like the roller coaster. Can you keep up with his fast pace? You will need to be able to do that if you want to date a Sagittarius man and keep the relationship alive. If your idea of the perfect date is a candle light dinner at home you will find your attraction to a Sagittarius man will be very short lived because you will quickly become boring to him causing him to lose interest.

How do you know what to say to attract the attention of a Sagittarius? If you are active as well as intelligent you will have no problem coming up with stimulating conversation. You can begin by talking about some of the activities you both enjoy. Certainly a Sagittarius woman is the perfect date for the Sagittarius man but as long as you are as active as he is you will have no problem having a stimulating relationship. He may enjoy one or two activities that stimulate his body or he may participate in a variety of different ones. You will need to find some common ground if you expect to develop a lasting relationship with this sign.

The key factors in meeting a Sagittarius man and getting his attention lie in being able to keep up with his active lifestyle. He is not able to sit still and will not be content to sit at home and relax by the fireplace unless he is very tired. That doesn’t mean he cannot be romantic or that he will never enjoy just staying home and relaxing. However do not expect him to be content to lead a relaxed lifestyle on a regular basis. He may even be a little bit of a risk take at times because that is what stimulates his body and mind.

Free Horoscope Websites

Thousands of people look at free horoscopes every day and though many of them just look for fun, there is still a need for the website to update daily and have a horoscope archive. The reason for the archive is because many people like to compare what it says today with the same time last week, last month or even last year. There are others who read free horoscopes and compare those readings to what actually happens. It can be very eerie indeed when something you read on a free horoscope comes true.

There are things a free horoscope website should have with the most important of these being the past archive. It’s important even with a free service to have to strive to accommodate your website readers. It’s important to keep in mind that some free websites rely on advertising to pay for their hosting, so if you can bring in more readers you will earn more income. If a reader can find all he wants on your website there is no reason for him to go anywhere else. You are also likely to obtain more visitors because your current visitors will pass the word to their friends/ This will then drive more traffic to your website—an important accomplishment if you are relying on traffic to generate income for your website.

It’s also essential to make sure you update your website daily. Although not everyone will visit daily, you want to accommodate those visitors who do visit daily. You will find more people visit daily if only to obtain updates from what you posted the preceding day, so it’s essential to make sure you provide what the readers expect. Even if your website is totally free and not earning income in any way your visitors will go to another website if you do not provide what they want. Thus if your free hosting service includes advertising the sponsors will lose sales if you have less visitors to your free horoscope website.

Your free horoscope website should also include easy navigation. Don’t hide the menu items or make it difficult for visitors to find what they want. Don’t force your visitors to look through the entire archives to find what they want—break it down in time frames or have a search box so they can find what they need quickly and easily. When you have a website that is easy to navigate you will draw more visitors which will help you and your sponsors.

Finally make certain the types of information you post on your page are focused on the type of audience that visitors. If you have young people visiting you want to make sure the free horoscopes are not sexually explicit in any way. You can choose to have both types of horoscopes by locking the adult versions with a password. The key is to focus on the ages of your audiences and act responsibly with what you publish on your free horoscope website.