When picking out a present for that special Sagittarius person in your life, always think of the bottom line with them: they like their freedom and independence. With that bit of knowledge, you’ll be able to narrow down possible items in a gift list before finally deciding on the perfect one to buy, wrap, and give to them.

To make things easier, we’ve come up with top five best gift ideas for your favorite Sagittarian, male or female.

1. Travelling gear.

Since Sagittarius people are one of the most-travelled lot in the Zodiac, why not get them something practical that they will appreciate? Your best bets would be a classy travelling kit containing all the essentials: grooming tools, small bottles of shampoo, an aftershave or cologne spritzer, a tube of toothpaste, and a tiny toothbrush. Make sure everything’s compact and lightweight because your Sagittarian’s travelling bag is sure to be filled to the brim with stuff!

On that note, why not get them travelling gear such as a backpack or drip-dry clothing? Anything that can mean convenience and lessen the hassle of travelling, they’ll be sure to appreciate. This could also include a ticket to a package tour in an exotic locale, guide books, a compass, flashlight, Swiss Army knife, and other things an explorer might find essential.

2. A cuddly pet.

Sagittarians are crazy over cute pets. They’re the types to spoil their darling domesticated creatures rotten with treats and much attention. So why not pick out a kitten, puppy, or bunny from a pet store to give to your special Sagittarius? Even better, go to an animal shelter and pick out a lonely abandoned pet. This will appeal to Sagittarius’ deep sense of animal welfare.

3. Books, books, and more books.

Reading takes a huge chunk of a Sagittarian’s life. They do it when they travel, when they’re at home, and just about everywhere they have a moment to sit and browse through pages. You can be quite sure they almost always have a book in their bags, or filling up a shelf in their dwelling.

Here’s a huge hint though, if you’re going to get a Sagittarius person a book, make sure it’s about philosophy or travel. Coffee table books of exotic locales complete with glossy, high-resolution photos should hit the spot just right with your favorite Sagittarian.

4. Sports equipment.

Being constantly on the go is a must for a Sagittarius. Take your cue from this when shopping for presents for them. Pick out sporty stuff: gym clothes or equipment, camping gear, athletic accessories—or a mountain bike, if you’re feeling generous. Anything that spells out “a-c-t-i-v-e” is a sure bet.

5. Something that will tickle their funny bone.

Those born under the sign of The Archer usually have a good sense of humor. Chances are, they’re always the ones telling jokes and inventing gags. So pick out something that will encourage their constant state of amusement. Get them a gag set (ones that usually include whoopee cushions, squirting lapel flowers, exploding gum packs, etc.), a joke book, or entrance tickets to a stand-up comedy show or movie. Make your Sagittarius laugh with the gift you give, and they will surely love you for it.

6. A birthday party.

What best way to celebrate the beginning of another year in a Sagittarian’s life than inviting his friends and family over to have fun, fun, fun. You don’t need an elaborate one, just some food and cocktails where you can talk and even dance. The best part is, you can do this at the comforts of your own home.