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Sagittarius And Leo Compatibility

General Compatibility:

Sagittarius and Leo are both fire signs, the first is mutable and the latter fixed. They have a lot of things in common. Both have a burning passion with their own crafts and interests. They are energetic and show enthusiasm in whatever they are doing. Taking risks is a Sagittarius' specialty and Leos would not be caught standing in the way. Sagittarians love their freedom and independence and the Lion is the same. Leo's ruling planet is the Sun and Sagittarians are governed by Jupiter. Both are philosophical and intellectual individuals. These two will have very intellectual conversations. They think almost the same and an Archer will appreciate that a Leo agrees with his ideas a lot. Sagittarians also love a Leo's bright attitude and love for life. The both love to party and have fun. Creative and idealistic Leo's will lead mutable Sagittarians to do as they want and Sagittarians, flexible as they are, can easily make the Archer take the path they way them to. Leos are born to rule. They can be bossy and demanding but although they seem domineering at first but like a lion in the wild, he tries to protect and preserve his kingdom. Their main concern is to bring out the best in others. This is how a Leo will be to his partner. In this case, the Archer will have someone to guide and direct him in the right way. These two will bring the best in each other.

Romantic Compatibility:

Their positive and playful attitude and charm are the first things that attract these two to each other. On dates, they will have very memorable experiences; specially if it's Leo preparing everything. No matter how simple the plans are, these two will have a blast together. With just a little work and some stuff to consider, this partnership has a big chance to blossom and grow into a long term thing. Sagittarius should be careful about what they say about Leo's or their friends/family because it won't be taken lightly. They have prides bigger than themselves and these egos can make or break people not to mention relationships. But that's just a small thing compared to the fact that these two inspire each other to do greater things together than they can alone. If they can see past the small differences, these two are bound for a happy and successful relationship. Think of these as small road blocks that can be easily moved.

Sexual Compatibility:

The Archer loves a playful Leo. Being a risk-taker, Sagittarius loves to try out different things and tricks in bed are no exceptions. These two will instantly attract each other and in some cases just go and get a room. Both fun and extroverted, these two won't have any problem. Leos love things to be spontaneous in bed and tends to just go with the flow. A Sagittarius will stimulate Leo in ways he can never imagine. Their sexual preference is compatible and they flatter each other so expect a steaming episode when these two get together.