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Cedric Grant Bouchard Psychic Review

For many people the word psychic conjures images of a figure in flowing robes staring intently into a crystal ball while dramatic music plays, but meeting Cédric Grant Bouchard shatters these inaccurate preconceptions of the field.

Sat in his smart office in a Miami suburb, Bouchard looks more like a friendly realtor than a man known for his skills in communicating with the dead and reading other’s thoughts. While psychics very rarely wander around dressed like the stereotypical medium from movies and TV shows, Bouchard’s image is part of a conscious effort to emphasize the professionalism of his work.
Now 55 years old, Bouchard comes from a long line of psychics. Both his mother and his father were world renowned psychics in France, who brought their son up to appreciate the unique powers that they saw in him. “My mother taught me that offering your services as a psychic should mean breaking down people’s preconceptions rather than playing up to them,” he said from behind a pair of bifocal glasses.

It seems as though the professional approach is paying dividends, with Bouchard reporting a steady increase in business. His theory for growing interest in psychic readings is the lack of spirituality in modern life, which leaves many people craving answers to phenomena that simply can’t be explained by science.

Bouchard’s reputation as a psychic is built on the testimonies of his past clients, who have praised his thorough practices and strong code of ethics. “My aim is to build a lasting relationship with my visitors,” he said. “Some other psychics try to keep people happy by telling them what they want to hear, but my visitors seem to appreciate my honest approach.”

However all is not rosy for Bouchard and his practice. He was recently criticized by the American Society for Psychical Research, which accused him of branching out into new fields in which he had no experience.

After focusing his work on clairvoyance for more than 40 years, Bouchard has recently started to offer Tarot and tea leaf readings. While he says that he has been studying these skills in order to expand into new areas, he has been accused of profiting from naïve clients.

That said, the man himself is secure in the knowledge that his training allows him to engage in sessions as a clairvoyant, astrologist, tea leaf reader, Tarot reader and medium. While Bouchard did not engage in any psychic activity with your writer in the interest of maintaining professional distance, he is taking bookings for readings in his office and at selected events around the United States this summer.

“The only way to find out the truth about a psychic is to have a session with them yourself,” said Bouchard. “I know what I am capable of and I have thousands of testimonies from satisfied clients all over the world.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Cédric Grant Bouchard, you can visit his website, or connect with him on Cedric Grant Bouchard’s Personal Website He’s also the author about a book helping people develop their psychic abilities. You can purchase it on amazon here.

Best areas to expand in 2014 for Sagittarians

The year 2014 is an opportunity and success filled year for the Sagittarians. This year will bring forth innovative aspects for the people of this sign. The year is a combination of name and fame. It has been predicted that the financial status of the Sagittarians will be shifting towards the higher side and the sign shows that the year 2014 will be bringing in tremendous growth and success for the Sagittarians.

Development is written in the hands of the Sagittarians for the year 2014. Few areas, where they will find more scope of growing and gaining success, are:
· Working as partners: Working in partnership with someone will reap good fruits for a Sagittarian. He will succeed by being partners and working with a friend or relative in whatever field he would be working into but obviously by putting in lots of effort.
· Gain from overseas work: Travelling overseas and working with foreign clients will be of major benefit for the Sagittarians. Dealing with them will help them go a step closer to growth and expansion.
· Creative work: Sagittarians are very creative and skillful at their work. This creativity of theirs will help them achieve bigger in life and so, they should work hard towards enhancing their creativity and imagination.
· Service and business: It is predicted by the astrologers that the people who are into business have a lot of scope for expansion. They will gain accomplishment in the work they take up.
· Working as a consultant, dealer or supervisor: Working as any of these in any good organization will lead a Sagittarian to earning a very good package and a good working experience.
In the year 2014, the probability of work transfers of the Sagittarians is comparatively low and even if it happens they will be transferred to a place of their choice. When you take a look at what the astrologers are predicting about the future of the Sagittarians, you will find that 2014 has many doors of success open for them. But in this year the initial 6 months, which is from January to June, are comparatively more beneficial as to the remaining 6 months.
The year is eventually going to be a good one for the Sagittarians, but they also have to be a little cautious while working. They are very hard working but they have to be careful that they focus their hard work on things where they can make good profit. They should also follow their intuitions at times. If they are unsure about something even if it is a very profitable venture they should avoid doing it. They should focus on what they want to do and what they need to do.
It is predicted that 2014 is going to be a year which will be full of gains and achievements for the Sagittarians as compared to the other signs. Good luck is surely there with them, they just need to add in their skills and knowledge and ascend towards attaining their goals.

Venus Retrograde, What It Means for Sagittarius Relationships

People always talk about Mercury retrograde but other planets go that way too and apparently, the planet Venus is going on Retrograde by the middle of this month until late June. Although Venus is not Sagittarius’ ruling planet, it can still affect the archer’s day-to-day scene. First, what is retrograde? Retrograde motion is the movement towards the opposite direction of how things should go. Simply put, in astrology, retrograde is when harmonious things go haywire. So how does Venus going on retrograde affect a Sagittarius?

Generally, Venus represents love and beauty so expect problems surrounding that area. This is the time when everything imaginable that can test your relationships seems to be hurled your way. Make sure communication is open at all times. This is one of the key factors to a successful relationship. If you sense something troubling your partner, ask them right away what the problem is or wait when you think it is safe to ask. Do not wait too long or ignore it. You’re the one who knows your partner best so trust your intuition. In the middle of heated arguments, try to breathe and count to ten. It does not help to shout at each other and say things in a whim. Have the sense to back down and keep in mind that keeping your cool will help you think better. This isn’t only true about romantic partnerships, relationships with friends, family members and even co-workers could also be in line. Again, communication is key. Hear them out especially if they are trying to get a message across and do not just block them because you think differently. Try to understand where the other party is coming from and you may see sense in things. They may have a point and you may only realize this if you try to clear your head and not let your emotions get in the way. Try to be logical. Be cautious during this time because even your closest relationships can be at stake.

It’s hard to please everyone and give them what they want so know how to compromise. Think of a way that will work for both of you. This will help set things back to the right rhythm. Don’t try to have everything at once. You may need to sacrifice something to be able to get in a state that you need to be in. This is not the time to make big decisions too. Things are rocky at this time and whatever final decisions you make will affect everything that comes in the future.

Other than communication, the biggest thing that will get you through this phase is patience. Venus retrograde will be over by the end of June so things should get back to normal if you don’t let hot heads lead and decide for you. There will be plenty of time to catch up and by the end of this troubling time you will just find yourselves laughing at that problem. Clear your head, keep cool and think ahead.

Things To Do When The Sun Is In Sagittarius

Literally, the sun brings light, heat and energy to the planets that revolve around it. It’s a very essential thing that provides life. In Astrology, it is that and so much more. The sun over Sagittarius means a lot of things that are mostly positive. This means one should take advantage of that.

Take note, this is not only for people with the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The sun affects all zodiacs but how it does so depends on which sign. Here are few things you should be aware of next time you hear the sun is hovering over the Archer this month.

1) Take A Risk. We all know the Sagittarius is a natural risk taker. He likes the thrill it brings especially if he thinks he might bag the prize. So if there’s a better time to “Go For It”, it’s when astrologers say the sun is in Sagittarius. If you’ve been contemplating about a new business venture or an idea that might improve work then do it. Trust serendipity to bring you something pleasant but unexpected. Audition for a community play and you might just get the lead spot! It can be anything, really. Just something that would add up a bit of spice to your usual grind.

2) Take On A New Adventure. Again, another thing to bring excitement to your daily routine. Take a hike, ride a bike, try bungee jumping or jumping off a plane. That may sound extreme but you get the drift. It’s all about trying things you’ve never done or haven’t even thought of. Travel and learn. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Experience different cultures and traditions, first hand. Get out of the house and have fun!

3) Explore Your Creative Side. This in itself can be a new adventure for anyone. The Sagittarius is known to value freedom and not only in relationships. Freedom is a way of thinking so expressing ideas is, in a way, freeing yourself. Either through business or personal matters, there is a way to exercise this. You pick something you’re really good at like, drawing or writing and practice with it. You can share your ideas with others and make them think too. This way you can have someone to explore with and think of other great things to meddle with.

4) Shape Up. The sun plays a vital role in your health when it’s in Sagittarius. Go and ride the not only physical and mental vigor of the Archer. This is the time to either sign up for health classes or just go out of the house and job around the neighborhood to avoid being stagnant. If you’re already in a program you may feel the need to take it up a notch. Athletes for example can go up on a more hardcore training to increase endurance. Mentally, you can attend work shops and go on retreats to achieve inner peace and relax. The sun is usually associated with the heart, circulatory system and the immune system so you would want to be careful with those. If you are a hardcore partier you might want to change your lifestyle a bit to save yourself from further health problems.

5) Socialize. The Archer is known to be friendly and light hearted. They can get along and be friends with almost anybody so go out and meet friends. Get a hold of your old friends and renew your bond, do the things you used to do together and try some new ones. Also, meet new friends either through the old ones or from whatever social gathering you attend. Say hi to the person sitting on the table beside yours at the coffee shop. Or the next person you stand beside with at the veggie section at the grocery. You might have the same things in common that can be a start of something special.

There are endless possibilities that open up to a person everyday. The key is to know when to do something about it. The sun in Sagittarius just might be the time.

How to Live Peacefully with a Sagittarius

If you want to live peacefully with a Sagittarius, it is important to understand how they work and what they expect from you as a mate or dating partner. One of the first things to understand about a Sagittarius is they their minds have a wide range and could burst without you even expecting it. They also possess the gift of gab and can talk for hours without even taking into account any of your input in the conversation. At the same time you want to avoid allowing them to just overtake the conversation because at same point their need to converse combined with their overwhelming brilliance could cause you to appear witless, a trait that the Sagittarius would find rather boring.

No matter where you are with a Sagittarius, keep in mind they do not like being idle and want to spend every moment of their life doing SOMETHING. Even if you become stuck on a deserted island, the Sagittarius must be busy doing something, even if it means searching out everything on the island to attempt to come up with a way to get back to civilization. They have a keen sense of curiosity and will use it to find answers to all the questions that enter their restless minds. When you buy a gift for a Sagittarius, consider something that will allow them to challenge their minds such as a giant crossword puzzle. You might even find them interested in some bungee jumping—it challenges their mind as well as their sense of adventure. They will find the invitation even more attractive if you are fearful of heights and still make the offer.

You never want to attempt to keep a Sagittarius on a leash. They are not clingy and do not have the need to depend on anyone other than themselves. Their independent nature does not allow them to have any tolerance for restrictions. If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius and attempt to dominate them, they will not hesitate to walk away from you and even tell other people the kind of person you were. What it really comes down to is that Sagittarians must be in control and will not be happy in any relationship where they feel they are losing control or when you attempt to control them.
You must accept a Sagittarius the way he or she is. Do not attempt to change them in any way or you will lose sight of the person and even the relationship. They are quick thinkers and very upbeat and happy sometimes with a tendency to brag subconsciously about how great they think they are. You can’t take this personally but must accept it as part of the personality of a Sagittarius. They will always want to dig deeper in order to find a logical reason for anything that comes into their minds. It’s important for you to understand their quest for knowledge and enthusiasm for life in general.

Top Vacation Spots for a Sagittarius

The Sagittarius is one that loves adventure and exotic places. They are not content to vacation at home and just hang around the house, and the farther they are from home the better they like it. Not only do they enjoy exotic places, but they also have a fondness for different cultures. This is due in part to the fact that Sagittarius is in the 9th house which is known as the House of Long Distance Journeys. This means in short they see traveling as not only an adventure but also as a way to learn things they will not encounter on their daily journey through life.

Some of the places Sagittarians enjoy going include beaches, camping, hiking in the hills and fishing. Their love is anything they are able to do outdoors, but they will not stop at these places and prefer to travel to exotic places and even third world countries. They see any kind of travel as an experience and adventure. The one thing to remember is while most people who plan for vacation reserve an island resort, a hotel in the mountains or a large city that is not very different from where they live, Sagittarius likes something out of the ordinary. Rather than seeing things completely planned out in advance, they like to do things on the spur of the moment—nothing would suit them better than going to an unusual place or even to one of the usual places and just have fun.

You are likely to find your Sagittarius mate would enjoy going to the Rockies, Yellow Stone Park or the Grand Canyon. Unlike the ordinary vacation spots that attract most people, Sagittarius enjoys these types of spots because they can camp out or stay with friends or family and just enjoy those things nature provides without any pressure to go sightseeing or do the things that people usually do when they go on vacation.

Sagittarians also enjoy third world countries to live or visit and would even enjoy traveling to Morocco, Cuba or the Philippines. While these countries do not appeal to everyone, Sagittarius sees them as adventures to be enjoyed. The have an extreme sense of curiosity and need to discover how all things work out in these places. Things such as how the people live, how far a hundred dollars will take them, and a look at the beaches and shopping arenas appeal to the Archer.

They also enjoy religious and historical places such as Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the like. There is no need to be on any kind of pilgrimage to visit these places nor do you need to be a religious person. They just have the need to see how it feels to visit the famous churches and other buildings and monuments that are part of the Bible. They might also enjoy swimming in the Dead Sea just to gain the feeling of floating without any effort. It is important for them to view old architecture and try to reconstruct in their minds how people used to live.

Compromising with a sagittarius

While compromise is a necessary part of any relationship, it is especially important for Sagittarius. This is true in part to the fact that the Sagittarius is quite capable of taking care of himself and doesn’t need someone in order to meet his daily needs. He is quite content to fend for himself and go about his daily business alone. In fact, it is very difficult for the Sagittarius to make a commitment to a long-term relationship or marriage, so if you are fortunate enough to get him to make the commitment, you will discover the necessity for compromising.

One of the first things you need to learn is you cannot control or dominate a Sagittarius. The Archer must always be in control of his own life and will not allow anyone else to attempt to have a hold over him. No matter how much he may love his partner, if she attempts to put him on a leash he will quickly walk away and not even think twice about looking back. It is very difficult for him to commit to a long-term relationship as it is, so anyone who attempts to control him will be left standing in the cold.

It is also important to allow the Sagittarius to explore his mind and those things that surround him. He is a very intelligent human being and has a deep need for not just adventure but for finding answers to everything that surrounds him. If you are not the adventurous type, you will have a very difficult time meeting the needs of your Sagittarius mate. On the other hand if you are willing to join him in the things he enjoys even if you don’t really enjoy it, you will find he greatly appreciates you and your company. Instead of refusing to join in those activities he enjoys, swallow your pride and join in—at least some of the time.

One thing the Sagittarius doesn’t like is people who are boring. Because their minds are so active they must always be doing things that provide challenges. You might make them very happy if you give them a gift of a large crossword puzzle or engage in a game that challenges them to think such as some type of trivia game. If you travel with them to a deserted island, they will still want to find out everything about their surroundings; they will not be content with just those things that are in their immediate view. They always need to know what, how and why for everything in life.
The Sagittarius is also a very upbeat personality and likes the people around him to be the same way. If you are sad being around a Sagittarius will quickly change your mood, and that is just the way he likes it. You also must accept him for what he is—never try to change the Archer into something other than what he is or you will displease him immensely.

Avoid Conflict when Dating a Sagittarius

One of the worst parts of any relationship is conflict, and when you are dating a Sagittarius it is important to learn how to avoid any type of confrontations. One of the first things you need to learn is that you cannot control a Sagittarius, and if you attempt to try, you will find yourself on the outside looking in; in other words, your relationship with a Sagittarius will be over! Even worse, you may find your Sagittarius will discuss the type of person you were during the relationship even after it is over.

Sagittarians are very inquisitive and curious people; they need to find out everything about life and how they fit into the scheme of things. Even if you put a Sagittarius on a deserted island, he or she will find a way to investigate the circumstances and maybe attempt to find a way back to civilization. They are very brilliant and intelligent people and must always be thinking or doing something in order to remain happy. They are not content to sit on the sidelines and allow someone else to think things out for them nor are they content unless they are busy doing something.

If you are the type of person who is content to sit around and do nothing, you will not be happy with a Sagittarius. The same holds true if you are content with the status quo because Sagittarians are always looking to learn new things and challenge their minds. They do not like being idle either physically or emotionally. While even a child might throw a big crossword puzzle book at you, a Sagittarius is likely to find this type of gift very challenging and may even see you as a best friend forever for your thoughtfulness.

You should never attempt to hold a Sagittarius on a leash—they are not clingy and can make out perfectly well on their own. They do not need a relationship or someone to depend upon in order to feel their lives are complete. This does not mean they are unable to care about other people but rather that they are extremely independent and can live with or without another person in their life. They must always feel they are in control of their lives and their own destinies and do not like those who would attempt to control them.

You must accept your Sagittarius mate for the person he or she is. There are specific traits that are common to Sagittarians, and you must understand the way these traits affect the personality of the Sagittarius you are dating. They may even project an unconscious message that shows they know they are extremely awesome, but you don’t want to take this personally—it’s just the way they are, and they may not even realize they are doing it. They always have the need to find a logical explanation for everything, and you must accept this in order to maintain a sense of peace within your relationship with a Sagittarius.

Sex and the Sagittarius Part 2

This is part 2 of our popular Sex and the Sagittarius Blog Post. If you do not see your sign listed here, it is most likey on part 1. Check out Part 1 here

Sagittarius and Capricorn
-The carless and reckless attitude of the sagittarius often gets on the nerves of the capricorns cautious/protective nature. One thing Capricorns cannot stand is impulsiveness and the sagittarius has a lot of that, in and out of the bedroom. The sexual relationship may begin slow but it will be pickup very quickly as the capricorn becomes more comfortable around the sagittarius. It is not recommended for the sagittarius to try and bring in another partner to the relationship as the jealousy of the capricorn will prove relationship ending.

Sagittarius and Aquarias
– One word can accurately describe these two in the bedroom and that is “innovative”. Whenever a sagittarius comes up with something crazy, the aquarias will often immediately accept that idea and even build upon it which makes for an explosive sex life. Since both signs are rarely jealous, adding in other partners to the love making is often an exciting idea. This is a great match up for sex and for life.

Sagittarius and Scorpio
– Everyone knows the scorpio is famous for passion in life and in the bedroom, how does that fair with the unpredictable sagittarius? It fairs very well sexually but not so great in regards to a long term relationship. Often the sagittarius stubbornness will get the best of the scorpio who is just seeking a very loyal partner. The Scorpio will try to keep all this anger internal for as long as they can, but it will often explode.

Sagittarius and Pisces.
– Although both of these signs share many traits, the sagittarius often feels trapped by the pisces shy nature. The shy nature of the pisces is often not exciting enough in the bedroom for the sagittarius and they will often move on. The Pisces who is often energetic in life and in the bedroom, will slowly be grinded down by all the sagittarius requests as the sagittarius loves the inner energy of the pisces but not the timidness.

Sagittarius and Taurus
– What happens when you put a very strong willed person with another strong willed person? The Taurus often wants to dominate in all sex adventures with the sagittarius and the sagittarius will have no part of that at all. Although Taurus is often considered one of the most practical signs, it often has issues with the impracticality of the sagittarius and their inconsistent nature in the bedroom. Taurus are often considered not very impulsive, one of the main traits of a sagittarius. Sagittarius people often like seduction, a taurus is not looking for anything like that, they are straight and to the point always.

Sagittarius and Gemini
– Both signs here often cannot remain focused long enough to even get to the sex part and if they are luckily enough to do that, they both lack serious focus. Gemini often will remain a mystery to keep the sagittarius excited and not bored. And Gemini is easily turned on by the sagittarius impulsive and crazy bedroom ideas. However the sagittarius gets bored of having to come up with all the ideas always as the Gemini is not very imaginative nor demonstrative in bed.

Sex and The Sagittarius Part 1

Your Sex Guide with a Sagittarius

We all know the sagittarius is from the element fire. But that’s not confuse that with their approach to sex. The need to be warmed up, they like to seduce and take their time. They are not all about a quick heatup. The sagittarius lover is often known as being a very generous, giving and skilled lover. They want to make their partner completely satisified and will never be called “selfish in the bedroom” If you are lucky enough to find a sagittarius partner, you will soon understand how attentive they can be.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius
– This is an exciting yet crazy combination, often identical signs are. Both of their lifestyles are so unpredictable that the sex often becomes very unpredictable as well. Sometimes amazing, sometimes flat and boring. The sexual relationship is often very inconsistent and this often brings out the worst in each other. These sexual relationships (even flings) do not last very long generally.

Sagittarius and Libra
-The naturally calming ability of the libra is just what the sagittarius needs in their sex life. Although the sagittarius is a highly sexual sign, they are often seen as “all over the place” and rarely focused in life or in love making. This asset the libra possesses will often bring out the best the sagittarius has to offer in the bedroom. Warning, we are talking fireworks here people.

Sagittarius and Leo
-This match is often exciting in the bedroom, when a sagittarius with it’s wild streaks meets up with a leo and their free spirt, good things happen. The leo will often hold the key to the sagittarius passion safe. Since both signs share a love for adventure, they are always coming up with new and exciting things to do in the bedroom and they often last together very long sexually.

Sagittarius and Virgo
– It truly is a match made in hell. The sagittarius’s constantly happy attitude begins to drive the virgo crazy by day 4. The sex life is not bad as both signs are creative but once the sex is over, they have to deal with each other for the next 23.5 hours. The virgo often prefers a simple and laid back life, not the kind of hectic life the sagittarius often enjoys.

Sagittarius and Cancer
– Cancer is on the opposite side of sagittarius and for good reasons too. Cancer is very sensitive and always plays it safe. The sagittarius always wants adventure and more. In the bedroom these two do not get along perfectly as cancer is often too reserved to try thing “crazy things” sagittarius wants. Sagittarius will soon get bored with the sexual relationship and move on as cancer tries to keep them caged up at all times. This sexual relationship is generally a better friendship than anything.

Sagittarius and Aries
– These two signs definitely create a ton of fireworks, that is in between all the arguing they both will be doing the rest of the day. Even though these signs are very compatible and support each others wacky bedroom ideas they soon can lose interest if they feel the sex becomes routine. The Sagittarius person also likes to receive the same level of attention that they give to the aries, and the aries who is naturally stubborn does not always give back what they receive and that drives the sagittarius crazy.

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