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Sagittarius And Libra Compatibility

General Compatibility:

A Libra with a Sagittarius is like adding fuel to the fire. Or in this case it's air to the fire. Libra's Air sign will make Sagittarius' Fire burn brightly. Both being playful and flirty, these two will enjoy a lot of frolicking together and will always be the life of the party. The star sign Libra is governed by Venus (Love) which makes her feminine, stylish and classy. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (Luck and Philosophy). He is always on the prowl for things big and grand, Libra will be able to inspire him and steer his way to places he never expected but at the same time give him enough space to do things on his own way because a Libra is not known to be someone who stands in the way of adventure. A Libran may also have a lot of goals which may result to changing directions or ideas almost instantly. Good news is, flexible Sagittarians can easily adapt to these ideas because his risk-taking and audacious attitude would want, or even expect, for these changes to happen. Being free-spirited and adventurous, Sagittarius will be very responsive so a creative Libra's new concept will always be very appealing to him. Even if he gets carried away by his brilliant plans, Libra will always be there to give him a clear perspective and a better understanding of his goals. There's no other natural thing that would stimulate Fire the way Air does.

Romantic Compatibility:

These two will make good partners and are even better lovers. Both loves meeting new people which is beneficial as this would prevent jealousy to build up. Librans are more romantic than Sagittarians but both these signs believe in the art of lovemaking and will go out of the way to seek gratification which they will definitely find. Both of them have a fear to commit so it could take time before anything serious builds up. A Libran, however, will want to settle down before a Sagittarian does. At first the Mutable sign Sagittarius might not want to but the Cardinal sign Libra has a way of cunningly taking the reins that he won't notice. Most of the time, he may actually feel like he is in control. The key is to set up the right environment for romance. Once they get that a Sagittarius-Libra match can go places neither of them has dreamed of. Librans tend to be more "cultured" which at first may seem contrasting to a daring, and sometimes, reckless Sagittarius. He needs to resist the urge to be blunt at times. He must try to gauge when to be honest or when to polish words. Choosing the right words to avoid hurting the more refined Libran is essential. The patient and permissive trait of the air sign, however, will eventually help in this concern as the diplomatic Libra will find ways to straighten up any crease that comes along the way. Overall, these two could have a harmonious and meaningful relationship after a while of getting to know each other. A serious relationship leading to marriage is highly possible.

Sexual Compatibility:

There's a very good potential for sex for these two. Venus being feminine is very seductive and classy. This makes the masculine Jupiter desire Libra. To be able to seduce a Libra, Sagittarius should set up a very romantic atmosphere. No ball games or family barbeques for this sign. Candle light dinner, musicals and watching sunsets on a weekend beach trip are more like it. Now, the Archer likes a bit more fun and adventure as mentioned before so think of something that's romantic yet adventurous for this match. Sex on the beach? Anyone?

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