The Sagittarius man is notorious for not being able to commit. He’s just too independent and loves being on his own too much he doesn’t want to be tied up to a relationship because he feels it might be the end to a happy-go-lucky life he enjoys so much. This is a reason why it’s hard to feel secure with him. But all of doesn’t really mean he is incapable of committing.

A Sagittarius guy is one of the most honest people you can ever meet. This characteristic is probably the biggest factor why a Sagittarius is often perceived as callous and insensitive. It’s not like he goes just around playing with people’s feelings. He doesn’t say or do things just to be blunt he just wants to make sure things are clear from the very beginning. A Sag likes laying the cards on the table. If a Sag tells you he is in to you, you can take his word for it. He won’t say he loves you unless he really means it.

The Sag can make some amazing, lasting friendships and if he can do that he can commit. For him, everything is about the chase. The sense of adventure he gets in chasing someone; the taste of victory
when he finally gets that yes. While it is true that he gets bored easy, when he finds true love he makes sure to work on it and at the same time enjoy it. He tries to make it as adventurous as he can and works with his partner so he won’t lose the adrenaline. And although he is not known to be the best at keeping commitments, a Sagittarius is believed to be one of the most loyal lovers there is. He is kind
and caring and will go a long way or even out of the way to fulfill the partner’s needs. A Sagittarius is not your garden variety, white picket fence type of guy. What he’s really looking for is not his better-
half. Not someone who will make him feel whole. Instead he’s looking for someone who will become his partner in a journey full of adventure; someone who won’t lose composure with a few bumps along the

When in love, he is very generous, showering his partner with lavish presents and he is very attentive. He is also a very passionate lover and a romantic. He can make his partner feel like she’s the most interesting woman there is. He would be very attentive, and very sweet. He’d drop everything to talk to her, put some music on, turn off the phone, do long cuddles in the sofa, stare at her and interrupt
everything she says for a long, sweet kiss.

Bottom line, is that no matter how notorious the Sagittarius is for being a flirt, when it comes down to it, he will do everything he can for the love of his life. So it’s only fair to meet him half way and give him what he needs because it’s not like he’s asking for the impossible. All he needs is a little understanding and a lot adventure.