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Fun and Adventure with the sagittarius

If you have an adventurous nature you will get along well with the Sagittarius. While they are by nature restless, they can be tamed as long as you do not attempt to remove their adventurous nature. They have the need to feel free and participate in activities that can often be construed as dangerous. Do not try to confine a Sagittarius to the home front or you will find him to be a very unhappy soul and more apt to look for adventure on his own. Although we use the male gender loosely here, this is just as common with the Sagittarius female.

It’s essential for both male and female Sagittarians to have the freedom to be adventurous, and the perfect mate for a Sagittarius is another Sagittarius though they can learn to live with another sign as long as there are compromises. Do not expect your Sagittarius mate to be willing to make the compromises; it will be your job as the other party in the relationship to do whatever things are necessary to make your relationship work. You will need to be able to engage in things in which your mate enjoys if you expect to spend any time together; the Sagittarius will not be happy sitting at home in front of the television.

If you enjoy sports either to watch or play you have a perfect partner in a Sagittarius. They can be quite athletic and would be happy with a partner who is willing to share in those interests. Their adventurous nature would provide perfect company for the partner who is into things such as camping, hiking, swimming and anything that allows nature to play a part. A day at the beach is probably not a good cup of tea for the Sagittarius but a day of surfing or swimming will certainly do the trick.

If you are looking for a loyal partner, however, the Sagittarius is certainly very loyal and faithful. You cannot tie him or her down, however; they must be able to explore their adventurous side and engage in activities they enjoy. They may appear to be married to their careers because they take their jobs seriously and are very detail-oriented. They are great conversationalists and love to begin topics of discussion on areas that interest them. Sagittarians make great scientists and astronomers because of their nature—they enjoy nothing more than getting “down and dirty” and “into the heart” of things.

On the down side Sagittarians are very outspoken and have a tendency to say just what they think. While this can be good in some instances because it shows their honesty and integrity, it can also create problems in some places. Since they also have a tendency to become angry at the smallest thing, the combination of the two of these can create chaos if they are exercised at the same moment. Keeping a Sagittarius away from situations that may cause an angry outburst is an important part of learning to live happily with a Sagittarius.

Living with a Sagittarius

Living with a Sagittarius: How to Ensure Peace and Tranquility

Living with a Sagittarius is probably one of the most difficult things you will have to face. With their strong personality and hard driven career goals, you can expect to assume the majority of the work involved in raising the family. A Sagittarius often puts his career above his family in his or her struggle to succeed, and if you attempt to interfere with these goals and efforts you will lose the sense of peace and tranquility that exists in your home. There are many sacrifices you will expect to make in order to assure the longevity of the relationship or marriage, and you must be willing to make those sacrifices.

The adventurous nature of a Sagittarian will prevent him or her from being content to sit home and relax. He always needs something to do and will likely become involved in a great many sports activities. Your vacation time will be spent in spots where there are many activities: swimming, hiking, skiing, golf, horseback riding and the like. You will not interest a Sagittarian in sitting along the beach and soaking up the sun though swimming, surfing or waterskiing may be quite appealing.

What if you are not an active person by nature? Your relationship will go downhill quickly unless you learn to participate in some activities with your active partner. You cannot always spend time doing only those things that appeal to you without putting a strain on the relationship. There is a great deal of compromise involved in holding any relationship together, and this is especially true when you have two personalities so different. It can become any more difficult if there are incompatible signs involved—that leaves more obstacles a couple must overcome in order to make the relationship work.

Since the Sagittarius has such a strong and well-defined personality, you must be willing to accept him or her at face value. When you are dating do not expect things will change if you marry—this is untrue in any situation even with signs that are fully compatible. Be willing to assume the responsibility in any areas in which the Sagittarius fails or neglects to do his or her part. Remember although there will be deep love and commitment to spouse and children there is also the Type A personality that will also “marry” the career and spend time away from spouse and children to do so.

Maintaining peace and tranquility living with a Sagittarius means being willing to overlook the things he or she neglects and being content with the time you do spend together. Do not attempt to change your Sagittarian and allow him or her to pursue those activities that make him happy while participating in as many as you possibly can as a compromise. If you compromise instead of trying to force your partner to do so you will find life will run much smoother and both of you will be happier and more at ease with each other.