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Strange Personality Traits in a Sagittarian

People born in the zodiac sign Sagittarius, the ninth sign of Zodiac Calendar, are very cheerful and lively. In the myriad literature Sagittarians are referred to as Archer; appear like a man holding a bow and arrow with a half human and half horse body. They are broad minded, carefree, restless and cheerful.

One of the strange traits noticed in a Sagittarian is being optimistic and enthusiastic. It becomes very difficult to keep their energy low and it is very important to keep them enthusiastic in regular intervals. They also keep themselves busy and are independent. They are always surrounded by people who listen to them; sometimes they argue with everyone and do not listen to anyone. If they feel you are trying to change their personality, they do not mind walking out of the relationship. They live on the principles of exploring and they explore every corner of the road on which they are walking. They are freedom lovers and they make a choice of people using the freedom the person gives to them.

Sagittarians are scared of commitments. Sometimes they make a choice of entering into a commitment and if they do not find their freedom in that they turn down that commitment and live life alone happily and independently. They lose many opportunities like these but they do not repent for that and are happy. They are very talented and entertaining, so they keep themselves engaged with many activities. Thus, their life sounds very interesting and adventurous. When it comes to the choice of business, they always prefer where they find interesting things to do like meeting people, entertaining, singing, dancing or any profession which includes some of their talent. They generally avoid a profession which is based on a daily routine and which seems to be boring. Sagittarians are good at getting their work done, so it does not matter how difficult the work is. The only thing that matters to them is how to get that work done. They prove themselves successful even under pressure.

When we talk about the relationships of a Sagittarian, their positive approach and entertaining nature makes their friends very happy and treat their life partner as a friend. This is one of the best qualities of a Sagittarian which gives a positive energy not only to them but also to the people around them. They are very good communicators, so they talk about their religion, beliefs and relationships frankly and never try to hide any truth unnecessarily.  Sagittarians live on the principle of the right to speak and express. Sometimes they express everything to others without thinking that it might hurt them but at end of the day others understand what a Sagittarian thinks about a particular matter. The very trait of being positive towards their life is one such strange thing which many fail to adapt in their life and get depressed but Sagittarians never look or think negative about anything. They are always ready to accept everything which is coming their way. They get bored only with the emotions like jealous and possessiveness. Thus, they are frank, inspiring, confident, enjoying, curious, true believers and are charming; they live their life to the fullest.

Can Sagittarius be dominating in nature

Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in Zodiac, ruled by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarius is considered a positive and masculine sign which is of the four notable signs among them. To deal with Sagittarians it is very important to understand what kind of personality they have and their weaknesses and strengths. So let us start analysing Sagittarius behaviour.

The first thing to understand about Sagittarius is that they have wide range of thoughts going through their minds which can burst any time unexpectedly. They are very talkative in nature so they can talk for hours together without even taking others’ input in the conversation. They are overwhelmed with their brilliance and do not take note of others’ points even after considering them. The point to be noted is that the Sagittarius will never sit idle. They will keep themselves occupied with something or the other. Even though a Sagittarian may be lost in a jungle, he keeps doing something to try to find a way out of jungle. They have a sense of curiosity in their nature because of which they will use all the resources to find answers at any cost. They become restless if they don’t find something they are looking for. They remain active all through their life no matter how old they are. They are independent in nature and do not have any tolerance for restrictions.

By all the above facts it is very clear that they are dominating in nature and they do whatever they like to do even though they know the way they have chosen might be risky. They do not like to depend on anyone for anything. So if you are in a relationship with a Sagittarian and you want to change them or try to dominate them, no matter how long you have been in relationship together they would not mind walking away from your relationship and they won’t even mind talking about their break up or relationship in front of other people. If you want a successful relationship with a Sagittarian you must accept the person the way he or she is. They dig deep in order to find the reason to do anything or accept any fact. They are very social in nature so they mingle with others very easily and they stick to a relationship longer. It becomes very important to understand their nature to handle them easily. Even though they are dominating in nature they will listen to others sometimes but it might not mean they follow what you say. They might sometimes agree to everything you say, simply to make you feel good but when the time comes they will stick to what they think about that matter.

A Sagittarian irrespective of gender is enthusiastic, versatile, jovial yet impatient by nature. It is very difficult to win the heart of a Sagittarian as they are lovers of themselves. Contradictorily, it is quite simple and easy to win the heart of Sagittarian as they get impressed with simple and tiny gifts. They are very interesting even though they are dominating in nature.

Best areas to expand in 2014 for Sagittarians

The year 2014 is an opportunity and success filled year for the Sagittarians. This year will bring forth innovative aspects for the people of this sign. The year is a combination of name and fame. It has been predicted that the financial status of the Sagittarians will be shifting towards the higher side and the sign shows that the year 2014 will be bringing in tremendous growth and success for the Sagittarians.

Development is written in the hands of the Sagittarians for the year 2014. Few areas, where they will find more scope of growing and gaining success, are:
· Working as partners: Working in partnership with someone will reap good fruits for a Sagittarian. He will succeed by being partners and working with a friend or relative in whatever field he would be working into but obviously by putting in lots of effort.
· Gain from overseas work: Travelling overseas and working with foreign clients will be of major benefit for the Sagittarians. Dealing with them will help them go a step closer to growth and expansion.
· Creative work: Sagittarians are very creative and skillful at their work. This creativity of theirs will help them achieve bigger in life and so, they should work hard towards enhancing their creativity and imagination.
· Service and business: It is predicted by the astrologers that the people who are into business have a lot of scope for expansion. They will gain accomplishment in the work they take up.
· Working as a consultant, dealer or supervisor: Working as any of these in any good organization will lead a Sagittarian to earning a very good package and a good working experience.
In the year 2014, the probability of work transfers of the Sagittarians is comparatively low and even if it happens they will be transferred to a place of their choice. When you take a look at what the astrologers are predicting about the future of the Sagittarians, you will find that 2014 has many doors of success open for them. But in this year the initial 6 months, which is from January to June, are comparatively more beneficial as to the remaining 6 months.
The year is eventually going to be a good one for the Sagittarians, but they also have to be a little cautious while working. They are very hard working but they have to be careful that they focus their hard work on things where they can make good profit. They should also follow their intuitions at times. If they are unsure about something even if it is a very profitable venture they should avoid doing it. They should focus on what they want to do and what they need to do.
It is predicted that 2014 is going to be a year which will be full of gains and achievements for the Sagittarians as compared to the other signs. Good luck is surely there with them, they just need to add in their skills and knowledge and ascend towards attaining their goals.

Ailments affecting Sagittarians and ways to overcome them

Sagittarians are known as the adventurer and they have to deal with a lot with travelling, sports and foreign cultures. They are joyful people and display a great like for the above activities. They are also fiery. Hence they are an inspiration to all.

Health summary:

They are prone to diseases, disorders and injuries of the hips, thighs, liver, gall bladder and the iliac arteries.  As the sign is called a fiery sign, complaints of fever are also observed. They are likely to be affected by more of

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Jaundice
  3. Hip disease
  4. Liver disease
  5. Spinal cord disease
  6. Hepatitis

They also can experience injuries related to falling from horse, sport related illnesses, burns and sprains, as they act rashly. Even ailments related to obesity, lower back problems related to spinal cord, and gallstones are common among them to suffer. Liver is their sensitive area as they can be affected to hepatitis and jaundice.

Hip pains and problems: Generally, female Sagittarians are more prone to hips and thigh related diseases and inappropriate body structures. As the Sagittarians are adventurous and sporty, they are more inclined to have athletics related injuries. Due to their heavy consumption of rich food and drinks, they suffer arthritic pain in the hips. Sometimes muscle-spasms can be a huge problem for Sagittarians as it can occur frequently or even daily and it can be much painful.

Backache: Back related problems are associated heavily with this sign. Sciatic nerve problems are mostly seen in this sign.

How to overcome the diseases:

They should avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarette to ensure a healthy and fit body. Daily walks are recommended for them and even stretching exercises can help them a lot. Stretching exercise is mostly recommended after performing any kind of physical activity.

Free soul: They require adequate of amount of fresh air and leg exercises. They yearn for independence and freedom and also they like to be active all the time. They will get suffocated indoors, inside closed rooms. So they can suffer illness if they are not given enough room, space and air to breathe openly. They need to travel and wander around and are incomplete without that. So if you restrict Sagittarians from travel and movement, they will not be happy and sadness will cause harm to their health. Mental stimulation is an essential part for Sagittarians.

Active: Their health will receive a great benefit if they remain active. If they feel restless, they may act rashly and do things which can cause them injuries and which will mostly affect their hips or lower body. They need to get enough rest at night.

Recommended diet: Foods which are preferable for Sagittarians are bananas, berries, oats, wheat and barley.

Sagittarians are normally seen as healthy human beings as long as their blood pressure is controlled and proper body posture is maintained. Otherwise, they usually enjoy a healthy life because of their positive attitude and lively nature.

Sagittarians as a teacher

Generally, Sagittarians are of very generous nature, accept faults, have good intentions and will not wish to harm anyone. This sign is the friendliest sign in the zodiac. They are always full of energy and larger than life. Talking about Sagittarians as teachers, here are some of their traits:

Fun and inspiring: A Sagittarian as a teacher is one of the best combinations. Though they are a little chaotic and are also not too good to get into minute details, they are still good in making learning fun as they see it as an adventure and they love to teach. They also have a good sense of humour. They like work which demands high amount of physical strength and activeness.

Self-centred people: They like to serve humanity. They usually isolate themselves from frustrations of double standards. They are also intellectually very high. They are generally considered as a warehouse of knowledge and wisdom; very much apt for a profession like that of a teacher or professor. Sagittarian teachers will teach their students to initiate and move forward in life on their own. They have an optimistic approach to life.

Honest: They are very positive, enthusiastic and like to take up a job which needs foresight. They would be very honest; be it anything good or bad. They are very good in making friends because of their easy going nature, and the important part for teaching profession is that a teacher needs to understand their students and should be friendly with them to make learning fruitful.

Freedom: The Sagittarians who love adventure would love to travel a lot. They need freedom to do things in their way and do not like to be tied down. Too many rules and repetitions are not a Sagittarian’s cup of tea. Their fiery nature makes them suitable as travel guides, teachers or even salespersons.

Social bees: They love public and social interactions. They enjoy meeting people and so they would flourish in the job like a teacher’s where public interaction is required. They also enjoy sharing the knowledge they have and also like to learn new things every time. This makes teaching jobs perfect for them.

Meaningful tasks: They like to get involved into activities which give some meaning to life. Money will not motivate them. They would be suitable for a job that serves their community or for public welfare. They would put their heart into a profession like a teacher’s which gives an idea of serving society as a whole.

Hence, they have a natural ability to understand people and so they can be very good teachers. Education always plays a significant role in their lives. They are high in intellect and so they learn new things easily. Sagittarians rule in the professions which benefit society. Their only purpose is to learn from various experiences of life and even like to share them. Hence they are the ones who wish to bring the world together, and make it a better place to live. It is said that they are natural born teachers.

Perfect sexual chemistry with a Sagittarian

The Sagittarians are explicitly fun to be with and are a bundle of life and energy. Life will get more interesting and you will surely feel some thrill and adventure with them. For a Sagittarian, loving someone or being with someone is not necessarily a person who is quite like him. He can be with a person who is a complete opposite. Sagittarians have a quest for learning and understanding new things. Also with their partner they would wish to learn and explore something new and interesting. They have a hunger for knowledge.

Talking about a sexual chemistry with a Sagittarian, for these people a sexual relation alone does not hold much appeal. There has to be something deeper and a meeting of the minds with the other person. Let’s have a glance at how the relationship and sexual chemistry of a Sagittarian would be with the other star signs:

Sagittarius with Aries is said to be a perfect combination; they are full of energy and enthusiasm. They can share crazy times together and their sex life would be passionate and exciting.

Sagittarius with Taurus is an odd combination since both are quite different from each other. They can work it out but will have to adapt to each other’s differences. Taurus is more practical about life which is not too appealing for the adventurous Sagittarian.

Sagittarius with Gemini is not a great match because of their personality differences. But they do have a few strong similarities. They have a good sexual potential and a Gemini can seduced by a Sagittarian’s sex appeal.

Sagittarius with Cancer is a little different and challenging. The frankness and insensitivity of a Sagittarian might wound a Cancerian’s feelings. If this pair has to be worked out then they need to learn to let go of a few things. They might have a good sexual chemistry but a long term affair may possibly not happen.

Sagittarius with Leo is said to be a perfect match. They are attracted to each other’s passion and enthusiasm. They also share an interesting and fun sexual chemistry.

Sagittarius with Virgo is a little challenging love match. Their approach towards romance and love is different. If they accept each other’s differences they can work it out to be together. But when in relationship they will be quite a romantic couple.

Sagittarius with Libra is a good astrological love match; they love life, are flexible and adaptable towards things and love to interact with people. They have a good potential for sex and can have exciting and adventurous experiences together.

Sagittarius with Scorpio is again a good astrological love match. Both are passionate and optimistic and do not fear taking risks. They can be either best friends or worst enemies. Better for them to be friends and not get into a sexual relation if they are not really in love.

Sagittarius with Sagittarius is an excellent astrological love match. Both are very similar and honest in their relationships. They will have a good sexual relationship which will get them to come back to each other.

Sagittarius with Capricorn is a difficult match since both quite opposite to each other. Sagittarius is bold and daring while a Capricorn is shy and reserved. But if they accept each other’s differences they’ll make a good pair. Family and friendship will keep them sexually well bonded.

Sagittarius with Aquarius is a delightful match because both love excitement, adventure and socializing. They are not afraid to show their feelings to each other and their relationship will be full of fun and laughter. They can make good friends, with an exciting sex life.

Sagittarius with Pisces is not usually an ideal astrological love match. They are complete opposites of each other. If they have to work out a relationship they have to accept, understand and respect each other’s differences. It’ll be a romantic love story if it lasts though they’ll have to make a lot of effort for it to last.

A Sagittarian lover is skilled and thoughtful in love making. He will completely satisfy all the desires of his partner, pamper them and give them care and attention.