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> Daily Archives: November 29, 2013

Famous Sagittarius celebrities across the world

Energetic, versatile, superficial and restless, that’s the Sagittarius for you!  They are usually honorable, truthful and sincere. But like every sun sign they have their own negatives too. Sagittarius is known for impatience. Their anger is quick to flare at the slightest reason not to forget their boasting and extravagance in their private lives. Having known their positives and negatives, we will now take a look at some of the famous Sagittarius celebrities and check if their traits show who they are!



The country singer who sweeps awards at ceremonies is a perfect Sagittarius. Taylor Swift displays the ambitious trait of her sun sign and of course her hate songs dedicated to her broken relationships sure shows the anger in her!



Controversy queen Britney Spears is a famous Sagittarius. The other traits might go unnoticed but her impatience is a clear proof of her sun sign. Freedom loving Britney was also very jovial. She, just like her sun sign has many faces to live by. Restless is another clear trait of her.



Which girl does not remember the heart throb Damon Salvatore of the famous Vampire Diaries? Well, Vampire or not, he sure is a Sagittarius. He might be the one who displays the ‘playboy’ characteristic of this sun sign. After all, with so many girls in line, he sure has his hands full!



Better known as Max from the popular kids show ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, Jake touched a lot of hearts. Known for his spontaneous and witty humor, he sure is a Sagittarius. Ambitious and popular, Jake is a true Sagittarius.



Every kid owes his childhood to this man. If it wasn’t for him, childhood would never have been so much fun. The perfect example of a versatile Sagittarius, Walt was an animator, voice actor, and producer and of course the founder of Walt Disney company. He was also the one to create the famous animated icon Mickey Mouse. We all love him and will always.



The man who brought fame to martial arts; Bruce Lee also belonged to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Another versatile personality, Bruce was an actor and a filmmaker too. He was also awarded the Founders Award this year. Bruce shows the ideal Sagittarius trait of optimism and ambition.



The famous Moneyball star Brad Pitt is another jewel among the famous Sagittarius celebrities. Not just his looks, but his talents also never fail to amaze his fans. Brad is also a Golden Globe winning actor, producer and icon. He also won five Best Actor awards for his performance in Moneyball.



Hip-hop artist who shot to fame with her famous album Pink Friday is also a Sagittarius. She had seven singles reach the Billboard’s Hot 100 at the same time. Now that’s some Sagittarius trait in her!

The list doesn’t end here. There are many more Sagittarius celebrities who have won a lot of hearts around the globe.

Gifts for the Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men are outspoken and lively by nature. They like to look at the brighter side of things. This makes choosing a gift for the Sagittarius man a rewarding experience. Sagittarians are explorers by nature. Those born under this sun sign are restless and always in search of new horizons. Thus, what can be the best gift for him other than a vacation to a completely new place, somewhere he has never been before and which would give him ample opportunity to explore. Wait before you rush get those flight tickets. Make sure it is not a tame beach holiday or a cruise where he is mostly stuck indoors. Nothing would enthuse a Sagittarius guy than a white water rafting holiday or a hike through a mountain forest trail. You can also go for travel gears if not the actual travel plan – like a rucksack, or a good quality shaving kit with all the grooming essentials that fit perfectly into his minimal luggage. Go crazy and gift him travel boots and even a money belt too. You can also gift him annual subscription of his favorite travel magazine or a travel book for the next destination on his travel plans.

Just as their thirst for exploring new places makes them the ardent traveler, it is this same sense of wanting to know more about the world that makes the Sagittarius man also enjoy a good book. It is like a window to another world – something that would add to his collective knowledge about the many wonders of the world. They enjoy a whole range of books – from travel, history and culture to philosophy, politics, autobiographies and even fiction. Something on the more glamorous side would be fancy coffee table books about foreign countries and cultures with some glossy pages and great photographs.

Another great way to make his day special would be by giving him an opportunity to participate in some adventure sports. Horse-riding, sky diving, scuba diving or snorkeling should be at the top of your list. The Sagittarius man loves to stretch the limits of his physical strength and stamina. This risk-taking personality of the Sagittarius man is also something that makes it easy to win his heart with a little bit of gaming activities. If you can trust your Sagittarius man to keep his head on his shoulder then arrange for him to spend an evening at a casino. It will be one of the best experiences that you can offer him. However, if you do not want to be the Eve to lure your Adam to the potentially dangerous habits, there is also the option of gifting him gaming software – how about an XBOX or the latest FIFA gaming software.

Sagittarian men are never short of humor. They are a fun-loving lot and so a gift with a touch of humor would be a great success with him – from a funky T-shirt with a witty message to a classic collection of Charlie Chaplin films. The Sagittarius man is the best partner to share a laugh with; what can be better than giving him something that would tickle his funny bone.