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Can Sagittarians Make their Career in Music Industry

What is that dream which does not let you sleep? What is it that you wish for during the last prayer of your day? Where do you wish you were working when you have a rough day at work? If it is somewhere else, there may be a chance that you have chosen the wrong career for yourself. As psychologists put it, all of us are born with certain talents and knacks and some skills need to be brushed and developed. A lot of this depends on your zodiac sign, the time you were born and the influence of the planets during your birth. Certain zodiac signs are likely to take up and fit in certain sectors of work more than the others. Since Sagittarians are music lovers, let us explore if making a career in the music industry is possible or fruitful for them.

Sagittarians are intellectual and have interest in a lot of things. It is easy for them to take up something new and equally easy for them to leave it if they find it interesting no more. They are, by nature, afraid of getting bored and thus anything which has a possibility of getting bored will never attract them and even if it does, is likely to be abandoned by the Sagittarian sooner than expected. This is why some might have a reputation of switching jobs or even careers. All of these characteristics show the possibility of the Sagittarian entering something where he or she will be in charge. Where he or she will have the scope of inventing something, getting something new every now and then, is a space the Sagittarians love. The music industry is undoubtedly one such place.

Take a look at spirited singers such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Both Sagittarians, they began their career in the music industry quite early in their lives. If you ever notice their live performances, you will see the sheer energy and liveliness which characterizes their presence on the stage. Pretty and petite, the girls can throw away their high heels and give a sensational, powerful dance performance along with their singing talents on stage. They do justice to their zodiac sign and indeed set the stage on fire.

They are restless by nature and always searching for more. Their travelling and exploring nature will lead them to a step further from where they are and this is absolutely necessary for those who are into music. Sagittarians are great at researching and are good story tellers. There are some world famous musicians in the list of Sagittarians and this includes the one and only Ludwig van Beethoven too! Among others are Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Lou Rawls, Tina Turner, Dickey Betts, Keith Richards, Carl Wilson, Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Waits, Joan Amratrading, Billy Idol, Sinead O’ Connor, Jakob Dylan, apart from Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Sagittarians also make great philosophers and writers – you will be surprised to see the list!

Ten Tips For Sagittarian Mothers

Every woman, once bears a child learns her own way to bring up a child. Sometimes she is guided by her closed ones and in certain cases, she is left alone. Pregnant women or those who have given birth to a child often take parenting classes, read up books or write ups, research on the internet and talk to their mothers to find out more about the dos and don’ts. There is no mother who does not want to give her child the best care possible. Astrology also provides some very useful and technically correct tips since it uses the scientific traits of the mother to help her out. The traveler and the explorer, Sagittarians are caring mothers who like to show their children anything and everything new. Here are a few tips to help a Sagittarian mother and to guide her for a better performance:

  1. Sagittarians are rarely slow. They are always on the lookout for something new. Get your kids along with you on your search to know more about the world. Get them to recognize the birds, to smell the flowers, to find out the history of the building on the opposite lane.
  2. Though you might excel at gauging the turn of events, try to avoid lecturing your children all the time. Set them on their journey with a few question, the answers to which they will find out themselves.
  3. Give your children an idea of the bigger picture that you see before you and teach them how to practice seeing it themselves. This will help them take life decisions correctly.
  4. Try to stretch your attention span. Children require a lot of attention, a heavy dose of patience and immense calm to be handled properly.
  5. Spend time with them doing things they want to do instead of piling on your interests.
  6. You might need a zipper for your mouth once your child is born. Many Sagittarians are crude and this does not only mean using curse words but also being rude and mean or plain annoying. Lest you want your children to be unkind from childhood, you need to check yourself often.
  7. Sometimes, the Sagittarian mother can become stressed over their child’s development – both mental and physical. All you need to remember is if the doctor says he or she is healthy, she probably is. She might be lean or he might not be too keen to play football. That is fine. To each his own.
  8. Since you yourself might be a lover of travelling the world of knowledge and delving deeper into things, you might be ending up giving your child something tough to read or think about – he or she might not be of the age to think about world climatic changes. Let it be. Let them choose what they want to know about, at least sometimes.
  9. As a Sagittarian, you might not like doing the chores at home, but once the baby comes, you will have to take up certain responsibilities. It is better you divide your time and plan.
  10.  Share some of the overwhelming confidence you have in you with your child. It will do wonders!

Anxiousness of Sagittarians

The word Zodiac literally means “Circle of Life” since most of the Zodiac signs is represented by animals or people. There are 12 Zodiac signs i.e. Sun signs, in which the Sagittarius is also a part of. Sagittarius is a ninth sign of an astrological year represented by Archer symbol. Those people whose date of birth lies between november22 and December 21 are known to be the Sagittarians. They also follow a normal profile i.e. they have their own fashion statement, style, affection towards others and can be intimidating. Sagittarians are also afraid of many things and one of them is Love. Due to their positive attitude towards life, they always find the way out from the obstacles and thorns posing in their life and try to find something good behind it which can be beneficial in their future. They never lose heart and confidence during difficult situations.

Sagittarians are actually afraid of real love, commitment, and don’t want to marry. Since they expect a lot from their friends and never come forward to help others, a Sagittarian does not have a long list of friends. They are always in search of an open relationship and step back from a serious relationship because they are afraid of it as they tend to be more on the practical side. Whenever they are in a position to fall in love, they are likely to be worried and wishe to get rid of it. Sagittarians on one side are very much afraid of expressing their emotions but it does not mean that they are careless. For them, their career and success in their professional field and life is of foremost priority.

Sagittarians are sometimes very fond of the achievements and appraisals but are afraid and disappointed if they are not praised or appreciated accordingly. Being afraid of something always becomes a weakness for any person and therefore the Sagittarians don’t want to be troubled with it because it can pull them down and make them weak. Another major concern for a Sagittarian is that they don’t want those people around them who think of him or her as weak in any case.

Since a Sagittarian is a freedom lover therefore he never wants to fall in a situation where commitments for a particular thing are expected. This is the main reason for people born under this sign to be afraid of love and looking for a way out of such relationships as soon as possible. They believe that love comes with a package full of worries and after some time it tends to fall into a space of commitment, marriage and relationship.


A perfect gift guide for Sagittarian Men on their birthday

Sagittarius zodiac sign encompasses and reflects philosophy and religion; therefore Sagittarians are great scholars and learners. Since they are preachers of religion, they are always impressed if they find themselves surrounded with some gifted intellectuals. The zodiac sign represents an archer, which symbolizes masculinity. Therefore, Men born under this sign will love to accept the gifts that represent true masculinity and make them smart and handsome. Any gift usually appeals to Sagittarian men as they don’t demand anything unusual.

They are great lovers of philosophy; therefore, it is always advisable to gift them books or magazines that can raise their intellectual level to greater extents. The sign of Sagittarius is a double symbol which represents half-human and half horse. The major significance behind this symbol is that Sagittarian Men love freedom and enjoy a great sense of humour. Due to these unusual traits in Sagittarian Men, it is very easy to appease to them with a gift that can widen their horizons in a broader way.

Sagittarians men are passionate about gaining knowledge thereby gifting those books, magazines, novels and other materials which can enhance their capability of gaining knowledge will be a perfect idea. Men under this sign even find travelling as another of their passions. They are usually filled with a zeal and enthusiasm while travelling to new places and explore the different corners of the world. Therefore, a person can find a perfect gift for the Sagittarian men in travel packages to their favorite destination or to a foreign land. Sagittarius men even appreciate if someone gifted them some travelling based equipment which makes their journey to their favorite place comfortable and luxurious such as suitcase, laptop bag, backpack or digital Camera.

Since Sagittarius is a sign of masculinity therefore they are great adorers of physical activities which make them fit and healthy and add a flavor to their personality. Since they are great lovers of sports and outdoor activities, you can take your Sagittarian friend to a place where he can find himself surrounded by sporting activities which can boost his energy levels to the greater extent. Men under this zodiac sign love freedom and gambling, thus one can gift them lottery tickets or a visit the nearby casino along with him can also be a good idea on his birthday to make it more happening.

Everyone appreciates the gifts given by his or her near and dear ones on the auspicious day of their life. Sagittarian Men accept and admire everything that is given with love. Since men under this sign are humorous and fun-loving, therefore it will be a perfect gift idea if someone gifted them a collection of funny videos, comics, or comedy books that can further add humor to their lives.

Can Sagittarians be a good cook

This topic might just get controversial if one does not misread the lines here. It is known to all and sundry that Sagittarians are adventurous seekers. And it is like a common myth that those people who are outgoing seldom make good house keepers. It is not all true. Sagittarians have different sides to them but people are more in tuned with their adventurous side. So they forget that they too have certain whims and wishes too. And that includes perfecting themselves to all the skills even cooking. Everybody likes to settle down someday but each person takes their own sweet time and it is the same with Sagittarians. They are likely to come to terms with the conformity but in their own way. But one needs to tackle with them with a lot of patience and understanding. They might not be the greatest of cooks also, but with time they will master that as well. And there is a study that shows that certain Sagittarians can whip a good meal so you cannot rule out the possibilities too.

There may be certain times a Sagittarian would not know how to put up a feast together but at the same time they will make sure that it is presentable even if not great. They may not possess skills of meal makings but they are quick learners at the same time so maybe the next time around, you might just get surprised and knock off your feet.

If a Sagittarian learn the trades well then they will be unbeatable. They have a lot of ideas in them and they think out-of-the-box. So, even with cooking there is a strong possibility that they will do experiments to come up with new scrumptious recipes. If they will be able to take control over their adventurous side, then they will be unstoppable.

It is hard to tame a Sagittarian especially when it comes to the routine way of life. They lack patience to sit quietly in a corner and do things the normal way. They do not like re living the normal over and over again. This hunger and thirst for adventure is what kills their mark for certain things. Agreed that their house is the liveliest and buzzing for they love entertaining people. But they have this knack of being impatient and are very unstable people.

If they are able to balance the instability in them, they will experience the thrills in cooking as well. They will just be brilliant if they slow down their pace and work out towards doing sober things sometimes. It should be remembered that Sagittarians works best when their likings are not restricted and are left alone to work independently. Just let them to their own thing. That inclination towards cooking should come naturally. It is not like they cannot develop the skills. All they need is a little bit of patience and understanding. After that, they just might master the skills of cooking as well.

Top 10 Sagittarian personalities across the world

Sagittarians are a bundle of fun and excitement and so they have the largest number of clique any given place. They are the soul of any party. They are light-hearted and very friendly by nature. Their attitude with their friends is casual and warm at the same time. Their friends love them for their energy and the way they infuse it in the friendship circle. They are the most popular lot among their group. They will sacrifice as much and find out the quickest of solutions whenever their friends are in trouble.

Sagittarians seek freedom from the usual and they are always in the adventurous mode. They love to take control over their life and do not want to be bonded by the norms of any rules or bonds. They are completely rebellious and crazy in a fun sort of way.

Sagittarians are bubbly and enthusiastic about everything and so they adapt better to changes. They love taking challenges head on. And these challenges do not deter them; instead they do not take it as stress. Their freshness is influential.

Sagittarians maybe brash but that does not mean that they are not helpful and giving. They are very generous with people. They go all the way to help people who are stuck in a particular situation. They have a very big heart.

Sagittarians are not emotional fools as a result their attitude usually comes out as blunt. They are conceited and big headed in most situations. They do not offer much sympathy to people’s emotions as much as they need to. In their head, there are always the winners and champions of any battle or say. They do not respond well to being proved wrong.

Sagittarians are also adjustable with anyone or any given situation. They are pretty chilled out and relaxed and this attitude of theirs helps them conquer any challenge.

Sagittarians are unpredictable. Sometimes you would be surprised to see them going all the way to help needy people. But if someone tries to outsmart them or rubs them the wrong way then they won’t tolerate such behavior. They will tackle the person in the meanest way possible. So, you wouldn’t want to be in a fight with them.

Sagittarians bring balance in terms of work life as well. They are quite levelheaded and persuasive so this nature helps them to garner more attention towards them. People see a vision and a believability in them which is rare. So all the work they do brings about great laurels and success.

Sagittarians are congenial and the air around them is free from negativity. They do not harbor any ill feeling towards anyone. They love it when the world around them is free from complications.

All in all, Sagittarians are positive and optimistic. The word ‘positive’ can be fully defined in a Sagittarian. They have a clear conscience and are very clear headed as depicted in their star sign symbol-the straight shooter or archer.