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Living With A Sagittarius

It can be difficult to live with a Sagittarius though they can be very loyal and devoted spouses or friends. The key is learning how to deal with their sudden outbursts of anger and frustration or their tendency to put their careers before family and friends. It’s one of the traits that often make them very difficult to live with, especially for those who are opposite in nature. The Sagittarius is also very adventurous and finds it difficult to stay put, so he or she has the need to do something that is active. You don’t want to confine a Sagittarian—this sign has the need to be free in order to be happy.

Do the traits of a Sagittarius mean they are destined to live alone and not be married? No, not at all—in fact, they will be faithful and loyal partners to the person who is fortunate enough to find the right combination of strength and endurance to tame this active breed. Remember, you will need to be able to find things to keep a Sagittarius interested—they do not like the feeling of being confined or tied down even in a relationship. Their need to have some freedom can sometimes be seen as restlessness and in a way perhaps it is just that. However, those who are willing to overlook the restlessness of this astrological sign can go a long way toward finding a good relationship within marriage and family life.

The Sagittarius does have a tendency to be prone to anger and can fly on the handle over little things. This can sometimes cause problems for those who have the same nature, but if you are willing to work through it having a Sagittarius as a partner or friend can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Those who are also adventurous are the best choices for the Sagittarius though you can certainly find ways around the problem as long as you are willing to share in some of the adventure or allow your mate the freedom to exercise his adventurous nature.

When it comes to loyalty you will not find anyone better than a Sagittarius. However, they are also very indulgent parents, so there may be a need for the other parent to learn to lay down some ground rules for the children. Their homes and families may suffer because of their need to be adventurous and in some cases perhaps they show a tendency to be married to their careers rather than their spouses. Even the Sagittarius wife who does not have a job outside the home can find it hard to express affection thus making it appear she is frigid.

The key to living happily with a Sagittarius is learning to accept them for what they are and being willing to compromise with them so they do not feel confined. If the Sagittarius feels constrained in the relationship he or she is likely to become frustrated and maybe even begin look for other ways to express the adventurous nature that is native to this sign.

What Sign is Most Compatible with a Sagittarius Male

The male Archer is very approachable and easy to get along with. They are fun, happy people and are easy to impress. On the other hand, they can get turned off easily too. Sagittarians are known to be flirts and get bored easily whether it be from an activity, event or a person so be sure to have enough tricks up your sleeve when you’re together. Sagittarius men look for fun people like them or someone who can understand their love of freedom and share their passion for living life. Someone who can party with him till dawn would probably be on top of the list although in the end, the Sagittarius male would look for someone he can share more than a good laugh with but also intellectual conversations and serious plans for the future. Here are the compatible signs with the male Archer.

Sagittarius Male with a Sagittarius Female. Being born under the same sign, these two will have a lot in common. Neither of them will be too emotional which is good because that turns the male Sagittarian off. This is one big factor because Sagittarians can be blunt to the point of tactlessness at times and a sensitive woman will not be very tolerant with this. It’s important as well that they have the same interests and positive outlook in life. This will give both of them the drive to continue with what they are planning or had already started.

Sagittarius Male and Aries Female. These two have a lot of things in common and that’s a very good start. An Aries female loves her independence too and will understand the Sagittarian’s need to hang out with his buddies watching football on a sports bar on a Sunday. An Aries can go with the flow being also born under the fire sign. They will be there for each other but at the same time give each other enough space to grow. This way, male Archer also won’t be mindful of the female Arian’s achievements knowing at some point he was the one who helped and pushed her to do what she’s doing right. Playful as they are, they will think of something else to do for sure.

Sagittarius Male and Aquarius Female. For one, the lady water carrier (Aquarius) values her freedom as much as the male Archer does. If you go and hang out with your friends she will make sure she has as much fun with her girl friends as much as you do with your buddies. There is a very strong attraction between these two. Since the Aquarian is a female, Jupiter ruled Sagittarius will get along fine with the feminine water carrier.

Sagittarius Male and Leo Female. Both fire signs, these two will also hit it off. They can be considered an ideal match if not perfect. One of the things that they need to work on is what a Sagittarius says in front of a female Leo. Leo’s can be sensitive at times but can get over it easy too. Once they are able to remove this road block, they can go from one point to the other seeing eye to eye. One of the best things the female Lion can give the male Archer is inspiration to do what they have always been thriving for. The female lion will support the Sagittarian’s ideas in any way she can.

Sagittarius Male and Libra Female. Both intellectual, the Libra female can entice the Sagittarius male with a very juicy conversation or even an argument.  This combination is perfect as far as their planet signs. A Sagittarius is born under the planet Jupiter which makes them masculine and a Libra is born under the planet Venus is feminine.  Their differences are actually some of the things that make them a good combination. A Libra woman can offer the Sagittarius more than companionship but they can also share goals and work on those together.