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The Sagittarius Celebrity and their traits

Ever wondered how your favourite celebrity handles a badly burnt toast, a spilt wine on their posh carpet, or how they deal with unwanted friend requests on Facebook? Well, they are all just humans like you and me, which means they could flare up and kill (pun intended) easily to situations like these too. Yes, despite the friendly façade you see on your tubes or whenever you watch their movies. Ok, maybe they can be as nature-loving or warm-hearted as the characters they play onscreen but do keep in mind that there are always two sides to a coin. So, flipping 1 over now, let me introduce to you the other side of these famous people’s dime by extracting their supposedly innate characters through their Sagittarius Zodiac.

Looky here (and lucky you!), we got quite a lineup of actors who were born under this sign: Brad Pitt (December 18), Lucy Liu (December 02), Katie Holmes (December 18), and Brendan Fraser (December 03) just to name a few. They are four different persons but the one dominant thing they have in common is the fact that they all possess the characteristics of a Sagittarius. You may have seen them smile and laugh or get angry, whether it’s on film or TV show or when they are tied down on a hot seat, getting interviewed by whoever. Then again that merely says much about them. Let’s take a look at what makes them “unique” to everyone else.

A Sagittarius person, whether they are simple beings with simple careers or they are paparazzi-ridden creatures, will almost always have the same effect on other people and on themselves, plainly because they possess the same characteristics. But since we’re talking about four different personalities, let’s take a peek at at least two of them and check out what really their astrological charts say about them.

Brad Pitt’s moon is in Capricorn, meaning, he is an ambitious person who wanted to be taken seriously. He’s practical as well, and this says a lot about him with regards to choosing his partner. Given the wide array of gorgeous women he’s had relationship with, he ended up with one of the sexiest and most sought-after mother slash ambassadress, Angelina Jolie, while adding to her already full-to-the-brim gene pool. Brad, as we all know, is famous not just for his great acting skills but we also love him for being that hot sexual icon. Since Mars is often associated with sexual energy, it is actually one of the strong points in his chart (go figure!).

Another celebrity who most girls with an ugly-duckling-turned-beautiful-swan story would most likely be a fan of is Katie Holmes. She is best described as an independent and high-spirited Sagittarius. She’s got a whole lot of fire in her, with both Neptune and Jupiter surrounding her moon, Leo. This explains why Tom Cruise won her heart, since Tom is also a Leo and has got a lot of charm and straightforwardness to burn. With Sagittarius Katie, who is ever a mature damsel in this relationship, she will remain with a responsible attitude towards life in general if only she could avoid going overboard with expectations at times.

The Do’s and Donts when with a Sagittarius

Do’s and Don’t’s when with a Sagittarius

While we are fully aware that each species born bear a different Zodiac attached to his/her fate, we couldn’t deny the fact that to accept the bad points of someone will still be quite difficult. We do, after all, have both positive and negative characteristics, which are sometimes uniquely ours. If you know someone who’s a Sagittarius, and you find it hard to deal with them, you might want to read on to understand why they behave the way they do and how you should “play” along. But if you’re a Sagittarius yourself, well, there’s no need to be all defensive if you find some strange facts about who you really are because we will plainly lay down these cards for you to ponder on.

What we have here are guidelines for a harmonious relationship with a Sagittarius. These are the simple Do’s and Dont’s that we have to remember when faced with a Sagittarius’ company:

DON’T be boring. Sagittarius people have wide ranging minds that could burst without warning. They are great conversationalists and they could talk for hours — without any of your input in the conversation –and still go on without batting a lash. You really don’t want to just stay still and hear them chitchat away because at some point, their overwhelming brilliance could render you witless.

DO think extremes. When you’re stuck in an island with a Sagittarius, not that that happens often, don’t expect him/her to sulk in a corner. They dislike being idle and all they could ever think of is how on Earth they could spend every single second of their lives using their curiosity to answer all the questions that they may happen to have in their restless minds. Gift a Sagittarius a gigantic crossword puzzle, don’t be surprised if they would jump for joy like some kid rather than roll it up and hit you on the face with it. Or maybe even if you’re totally scared of heights, invite him/her for some hardcore bungee jumping (on a cliff maybe). Just prepare yourself if he/she would suddenly consider you their instant BFF when you pass your own test.

DON’T hold them on a leash. Sagittarians are everything but clingy. They tend to live quite peacefully, going about their own business even without someone they’d depend on. Sagittarius people are very independent and would not tolerate restriction. In a relationship, if you just try to dominate them in any
way, they would easily let go of you and worse, will not think twice about broadcasting to other people the kind of person you were when you’re still together. Imagine restraining a mutt struggling to get to a hot and juicy bone. You will get dragged along but a Sagittarius won’t really care as long as they are in control.

DO accept Sagittarius people the way they are. Yes, they’re mighty upbeat and quick thinkers and all that jazz. They’d even “unconsciously brag” how awesome they are but you must not take it all too personal. Besides, all Sagittarians always dig much deeper in search for logical (not necessarily sane)
explanation to almost everything that stirs up their gray matter. The ultimate lesson here is to ride their wagon with ease and enjoy their endless enthusiasm for life!

Sagittarius and Health

You’d think because a Sagittarius is active and is always on the go that they don’t have much health problems or is highly unlikely to have difficulty with their health. Wrong. The Sag being happy –go –lucky and always want to have fun can, at times, be careless. He is the type of person who will try anything once … or thrice. This is the type of behavior that can actually lead him to trouble. Here are some points the Sagittarius might want to take note of in line of taking care of their bodies.

DIET: A good diet is essential for an active Sagittarius. If you eat too much fatty foods and those with harmful additives it will affect your body function for sure. You want to keep healthy for your daily activities, adventures, outdoor trips and partying. A hike won’t be as fun if you’re gasping for air not half way to your destination. Another thing to keep a close watch on is your liver. The planet Jupiter, Sag’s ruling planet, controls the liver. The Sag loves to party and stay out late and where there’s party, there’s alcohol. People born under this sign are known to be drinkers; some heavier than the other. Again, the Sag’s biggest concern is the liver. The liver sorts through everything that comes in our bodies; food, drinks, drugs, name it. Over consumption of alcohol is a common thing for a Sagittarius so you might want to make a mental note on your limit. A recommended diet for this sign is something with high protein. Protein gives us the energy, helps the immune system and basically replenishes the whole body. So if you’re always on the go you will need this. A healthy serving of meat, fish, milk, soy and other protein rich food plus vegetables for fiber and added vitamins and minerals would do it. Don’t throw away carbs and sugar completely. It will help you with quick energy whenever you need it.

FITNESS ACTIVITIES: Instead of getting cooped up in a gym or your house working out the machines and watching aerobic DVD’s, a Sagittarius would feel thrilled, motivated or even inspired to exercise more if the form of exercise doesn’t keep him boxed and indoors. A good trail at the woods or up a hill will
make for a good hike. This may be one of the best things you can think of and you’re lucky if there’s one near your place. You can work out your legs and whole body, break a sweat and breathe fresh air.

Jogging on a park trail or just around the block is also good. Swimming, of course is always a good form of exercise as it will help your lungs. An indoor activity that sounds appealing is dancing. Take a dance class; it doesn’t matter if it’s jazz, tango or street dance. You can do it with a group or partner up when you enroll in a class. You get to work out, socialize and make new friends. That’s a win-win scenario.

BEAUTY AND SKIN CARE: Partying isn’t always glamorous. Too much partying drinking and smoking can cause damage not only on your internals but also to your skin. We already know nicotine can make teeth and nails yellow or even worse. Too much partying and staying out late can make you look you’re
older than you really are. As for outdoor activities, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Whatever exercise or diet you get yourself into, always remember to take as much water as you can to replenish your body. It’s okay to have fun and live your life but to be able to actually live it you have to be sure you’re in fit shape.