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> Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp: The Cusp of Revolution

November 19 to 24 marks the transition of one zodiac to another and in this month’s case it’s Scorpio going to Sagittarius. The Scorpio – Sagittarius cusp is known to be the Cusp of Revolution because people born under this sign tend to go against the norm. They can also be very powerful individuals depending on how they use their traits.

It’s not that they like to be rebels. Both signs are very independent and like to do things their way especially if they think they can accomplish it more efficiently than the usual method. They try to follow rules and have great respect with what other people could come up with but they are also people who like to think out of the box. They can be employees and even better managers but usually, these cuspers are better off pursuing their own endeavors than seeking employment from other people or firms. This helps them avoid having arguments with authority since they will themselves will become the authority. They are opinionated and won’t mind saying what they think of something although they are good at checking themselves so as not to be tactless or even remotely, politically incorrect. In the end, though, they still feel they can make it on their own and they usually can so it is advised that they do go and start their own venture. They can be very dedicated when it comes to projects they’re working on and won’t stop until everything is working and in order. It doesn’t matter if people have already given up on it. This sign have the determination to finish things once they started it. These highly competitive people are involved in a lot of sports and activities. Not only because they find certain things interesting but it’s actually a way for them to sharpen their minds and exercise their physical reflexes.

All that being said, they aren’t actually the most sophisticated or even organized people. The dominant Sagittarius part of them makes them not very fond of long term plans. They like to live and learn things by the day and see what happens. How it affects their life whether personal or in general. Their curiosity gives them even more ideas. They are known to be fun, good-natured and generous.

Scorpio rules the 8th House which deals with rebirth and regeneration. Sagittarius rules the 9th house which has something to do with philosophy and theology. Scorpios are deep thinkers and Sags are just naturally intellectual. Together these two houses will look (or question) the meaning and purpose of life. Scorpio-Sagittarius cuspers like to go on vacations to soul search and find the truth not only within themselves but also in whatever it is that surrounds them. These people aren’t always serious of course. They tend to be a bit wild on their younger years; they just mature very well as years go by. They  are far from boring. They can lead a normal and conventional life but they come up with things that makes their never ending search for truth more fun.

The Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp

The Cusp of Prophecy is probably one of the most beautiful and successful cusps on the zodiac. The overlapping or transition of one sign to the other is called a cusp. People under the Sagittarius – Capricorn cusp are those born on December 19 to 23.

This is a blend between an optimist and a pragmatist; traits that could take a person a long way once he figures out how to use them to his advantage. Amazing ideas tend to just roll out of people under this sign so they are usually successful in the fields that they choose. The Capricorn’s bright mind and the Sag’s thirst for adventure can be the start of great things. If they learn to use their positive traits they will find out how to come up with plans for the future without getting in over their heads. One of the best workers you can come across with are these cuspers. They always give out their best in projects and everything else they put their minds on. They are also reliable so they are usually assigned (if they don’t volunteer for it first) as leaders. They are direct to the point and believes the best way to reach a goal is to start NOW. Although the Sag is known to be a partier he knows when he should be serious and that attitude, when partnered with the Capricorn’s being industrious makes this individual an achiever. The dominant side of the Capricorn blended with the people-person trait of the Sagittarius makes them one of the best leaders a group can come across with. All that being said, some Sag-Cap cuspers doesn’t really have a set of plans or rules on how to do things. They usually deal with stuff as they come by. They like to learn new things by first hand experience which is both adventurous and practical.

Many people like the Sag and Capricorn cuspers because they are very friendly, humorous and loyal. They are known to be responsible, practical, aggressive, self-reliant and quick tempered but also fun, enthusiastic and romantic. They tend to give out so much but they do expect to be treated the same way. The Sag is very approachable and while the Capricorn is usually aloof, they can keep friends by showing their loyalty and giving great advice.  They have a wide set of friends but falling in love is not very easy for them. A Capricorn needs security and loyalty first and foremost, whereas the Sag needs his freedom and adventure and these two combined could mean that they need time to meet people that will fit their standards. Often times this is also viewed as selfishness. When they do fall in love it’s hard to fall out of it; they start to get very serious and think long term so someone who snags a Sagittarius – Capricorn cusper would be very lucky.

They can be very different in a lot of ways and these two signs might not work out if they are owned by two separate bodies but one person having both traits is a totally different thing. A Sagittarius’ disposition usually clashes with a Capricorn’s but amazingly, when both qualities are combined, better circumstances arise.

Weight Loss Tips For Sagittarius Women

Unlike Sagittarius men, the female archer are more vain and want to look their best all the time.  That doesn’t make them anymore committed than the men of their sign, though. Yes they go long ways to pick a dress and take time doing their make up. Physical appearance is a big deal for them so they make sure they are, at the very least, presentable. In return, they like their men and other people around them to be in shape. It’s the long term physical and emotional commitment to staying healthy can be boring for the ever adventurous Sag.

Counting calories is going to be hard mostly because Sags are party people. The lowest calorie you can get from one cocktail drink is 85 to 100 which is from a Bloody Mary. Margaritas have 180 to 200 calories per serving and you know pretty well it’s not fun to drink just one of those. Beer calories range from 90 up to 300 calories per bottle depending on the brand. Try to limit your alcohol intake not just for weight loss but also for health reasons. Your best bet would be wines which ranges from 80 to 200 calories a glass and having a couple should be enough.

The biggest problem a Sag female faces when they’re trying to loose weight is that they tend to take a lot of stuff at the same time that it’s hard to keep up with the schedule especially if it’s a strict weight loss program. Sagittarius, by nature, likes to do one thing after another to keep them entertained. They get bored easy so it’s only rational for them to think of things to do even if they’re not done with the first task yet. Being idle is not an option. If you’re a Sag female try to clear your schedule a little bit. Don’t start your dance lessons the same day you’re supposed to run errands or enroll on a weight loss program the day you’re starting a new job. It’s either you won’t know how tiring one thing can be or how much time one thing will take. play it safe and don’t hog all the activities. There is a right time for everything so organize, organize, organize!

In choosing activities you might want to steer clear from hardcore work out programs since, again, it might not go well with your hectic and social schedule. Sags also find routines boring so there’s a tendency you’ll get tired one day and just walk away from it completely. Pick a physical activity that interests you. Take dance lessons. Street dance and pole dancing are in fashion these days. They’re also sure to make you sweat and shape and tone your bodies in the right places. If you like the outdoors, swimming is a good sport to take. It helps exercise not just your arms and legs but also your lungs. Biking, tennis, golf and of course there’s good old jogging at the park.

The good thing about Sagittarius women is that they are very enthusiastic and are positive thinkers and when they tell themselves they want to achieve something, they go for it. There’s tons of fun physical activities to choose from. All you need to do is be creative about it and make it suit your moods.

A Healthy Lifestyle For The Sagittarius Male

Sagittarius men aren’t the most vain people on the zodiac wheel but they often come attractive because of the x-factor they posses. They are very intellectual and oozing with self confidence and we all know girls just love an alpha male. These men work hard but party harder. They can drink all night and all weekend without a care in the world. Alcohol and cigarettes are part of their daily diet. It might be safe to say they have the most unhealthy lifestyle among other zodiacs so some might wonder how most of them stay oh so irresistible. Some can be lucky to posses slim bodies and don’t gain weight easy but that doesn’t mean they’re healthy. An unhealthy diet will take its toll sooner or later so if you want to stay a head turner you might want to sort out your priorities a little bit and start living a little healthier.

Since Sags are very physical and usually always on the go, a nice start to a healthy routine is good exercise. You don’t have to plan a 5-hour daily work out program and get bored inside the gym (unless there’s a hot number you like to watch in there while working out). The problem with a Sag is that they lack commitment, not just in relationships. If it’s a regular work out program then 8 out of 10 times, a Sag will miss their  session. Sagittarius male likes going with the flow. They fail to follow routines either because they forget it or just too stubborn to be part of a system. They like to feel free, that they can do whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want so keeping them tied up to a plan won’t work. Like everything else, a Sagittarius guy likes to have fun while working out so the solution here is to make his work out fun. Sags like exploring and going out so jogging in the morning or late afternoon can be a good alternative. It beats a treadmill anytime. Taking a walk or hiking on weekends can also be fun but if you’re after something that you want to enjoy to the fullest then pick a sport you’re really into. It could be golf or tennis but if you believe in what they say that more is merrier then go look for basketball or baseball buddies. I’m sure it won’t be hard because Sags have a ton of acquaintances if not friends. They are very approachable and fun loving that people just love being with them. Extreme sports are on the list too. Mountain or rock climbing is something a Sag will try if only for the adrenaline.

Same goes with their diet. Don’t make them try to loose weight or stay fit by making them count calories or measure the portion of food they take. It just won’t work out that way. Try giving them new food to try instead. Consult a nutritionist and ask for interesting dishes to include in the diet. Something good for the liver since Sags have a tendency to drink a lot.

A good thing about Sags is that they are very determined people and if they set their minds on to something they actually achieve it. They are positive thinkers so it only takes a bit of encouragement and challenging (since they love to take risks) and they’d be back on track to a healthy lifestyle.