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Sex and the Sagittarius Part 2

This is part 2 of our popular Sex and the Sagittarius Blog Post. If you do not see your sign listed here, it is most likey on part 1. Check out Part 1 here

Sagittarius and Capricorn
-The carless and reckless attitude of the sagittarius often gets on the nerves of the capricorns cautious/protective nature. One thing Capricorns cannot stand is impulsiveness and the sagittarius has a lot of that, in and out of the bedroom. The sexual relationship may begin slow but it will be pickup very quickly as the capricorn becomes more comfortable around the sagittarius. It is not recommended for the sagittarius to try and bring in another partner to the relationship as the jealousy of the capricorn will prove relationship ending.

Sagittarius and Aquarias
– One word can accurately describe these two in the bedroom and that is “innovative”. Whenever a sagittarius comes up with something crazy, the aquarias will often immediately accept that idea and even build upon it which makes for an explosive sex life. Since both signs are rarely jealous, adding in other partners to the love making is often an exciting idea. This is a great match up for sex and for life.

Sagittarius and Scorpio
– Everyone knows the scorpio is famous for passion in life and in the bedroom, how does that fair with the unpredictable sagittarius? It fairs very well sexually but not so great in regards to a long term relationship. Often the sagittarius stubbornness will get the best of the scorpio who is just seeking a very loyal partner. The Scorpio will try to keep all this anger internal for as long as they can, but it will often explode.

Sagittarius and Pisces.
– Although both of these signs share many traits, the sagittarius often feels trapped by the pisces shy nature. The shy nature of the pisces is often not exciting enough in the bedroom for the sagittarius and they will often move on. The Pisces who is often energetic in life and in the bedroom, will slowly be grinded down by all the sagittarius requests as the sagittarius loves the inner energy of the pisces but not the timidness.

Sagittarius and Taurus
– What happens when you put a very strong willed person with another strong willed person? The Taurus often wants to dominate in all sex adventures with the sagittarius and the sagittarius will have no part of that at all. Although Taurus is often considered one of the most practical signs, it often has issues with the impracticality of the sagittarius and their inconsistent nature in the bedroom. Taurus are often considered not very impulsive, one of the main traits of a sagittarius. Sagittarius people often like seduction, a taurus is not looking for anything like that, they are straight and to the point always.

Sagittarius and Gemini
– Both signs here often cannot remain focused long enough to even get to the sex part and if they are luckily enough to do that, they both lack serious focus. Gemini often will remain a mystery to keep the sagittarius excited and not bored. And Gemini is easily turned on by the sagittarius impulsive and crazy bedroom ideas. However the sagittarius gets bored of having to come up with all the ideas always as the Gemini is not very imaginative nor demonstrative in bed.

Sex and The Sagittarius Part 1

Your Sex Guide with a Sagittarius

We all know the sagittarius is from the element fire. But that’s not confuse that with their approach to sex. The need to be warmed up, they like to seduce and take their time. They are not all about a quick heatup. The sagittarius lover is often known as being a very generous, giving and skilled lover. They want to make their partner completely satisified and will never be called “selfish in the bedroom” If you are lucky enough to find a sagittarius partner, you will soon understand how attentive they can be.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius
– This is an exciting yet crazy combination, often identical signs are. Both of their lifestyles are so unpredictable that the sex often becomes very unpredictable as well. Sometimes amazing, sometimes flat and boring. The sexual relationship is often very inconsistent and this often brings out the worst in each other. These sexual relationships (even flings) do not last very long generally.

Sagittarius and Libra
-The naturally calming ability of the libra is just what the sagittarius needs in their sex life. Although the sagittarius is a highly sexual sign, they are often seen as “all over the place” and rarely focused in life or in love making. This asset the libra possesses will often bring out the best the sagittarius has to offer in the bedroom. Warning, we are talking fireworks here people.

Sagittarius and Leo
-This match is often exciting in the bedroom, when a sagittarius with it’s wild streaks meets up with a leo and their free spirt, good things happen. The leo will often hold the key to the sagittarius passion safe. Since both signs share a love for adventure, they are always coming up with new and exciting things to do in the bedroom and they often last together very long sexually.

Sagittarius and Virgo
– It truly is a match made in hell. The sagittarius’s constantly happy attitude begins to drive the virgo crazy by day 4. The sex life is not bad as both signs are creative but once the sex is over, they have to deal with each other for the next 23.5 hours. The virgo often prefers a simple and laid back life, not the kind of hectic life the sagittarius often enjoys.

Sagittarius and Cancer
– Cancer is on the opposite side of sagittarius and for good reasons too. Cancer is very sensitive and always plays it safe. The sagittarius always wants adventure and more. In the bedroom these two do not get along perfectly as cancer is often too reserved to try thing “crazy things” sagittarius wants. Sagittarius will soon get bored with the sexual relationship and move on as cancer tries to keep them caged up at all times. This sexual relationship is generally a better friendship than anything.

Sagittarius and Aries
– These two signs definitely create a ton of fireworks, that is in between all the arguing they both will be doing the rest of the day. Even though these signs are very compatible and support each others wacky bedroom ideas they soon can lose interest if they feel the sex becomes routine. The Sagittarius person also likes to receive the same level of attention that they give to the aries, and the aries who is naturally stubborn does not always give back what they receive and that drives the sagittarius crazy.

If you Do not See your Sign Listed here. Please Check Out Part 2 of this blog post! Click Here

Five Reasons Why Incompatible Signs Work

When you’ve got your sights set on someone and you believe in personalities being shaped by the Zodiac signs, chances are you’ve already checked out your sign’s compatibility with the other person’s. What you may glean could either discourage or encourage you to pursue a relationship with them.

However, it’s best to bear in mind that a Zodiac sign compatibility chart merely illustrates how well two individuals get along, as well as their level of comfort with each other in accordance with their signs. Think of it merely as a guide to help you weigh the odds should you want to be with someone whose Zodiac sign doesn’t match yours.

We’ve put together a list of five reasons how and why incompatible signs work.

1. You may not be soul mates, but you can help each other become better people.

Your Zodiac sign is represented by a major element (fire, air, earth, or water), and a compatibility chart specifies other signs sharing the same element as well-suited to a certain degree. Also, the Zodiac indicates that the element of a particular sign is compatible to another element depending on how they match in natural form. For example, signs falling under the fire element are best matched with water signs, and are relatively compatible with air and earth signs.

So while the person you’re interested in may not share the same element with your sign, this doesn’t mean you are totally incompatible. Like natural elements, your sign can be enhanced by another dissimilar one, and could in fact help you see things in a new perspective simply because you are different.

2. Other factors shape your personalities apart from your Astrological signs.

Even if you’re totally steeped in Astrology, it’s good to know that there’s more to a person than just their Zodiac sign. It could be the way they’re brought up, their ethnicity or cultural background, their education, or other factors they were exposed to as they grew into adulthood.

Determine what attracts you to the person and see how those traits can enhance and match your own. Also, check how well-suited their values and ideals are with yours.That’s where true compatibility and the possibility of a harmonious relationship lies.

3. There may be other aspects in your birth chart that make you two tick.

If you’re really determined to use Astrology to see how well-matched you are with someone, you could try inputting your complete birth data along with the other person’s in online birth chart compatibility reports. These can help interpret the positions, aspects, and points of the planets and the houses in your charts. You can also determine other important signs like Moon and Mercury, and your Ascendant if you happen to
know your time of birth.

Specialized compatibility reports can also interpret how your planets interact with each other, as well as other details of your respective personalities.

4. You see your differences as challenges rather than obstacles.

If your charts and signs indicate a not-so-suitable match yet you still feel challenged to pursue the relationship, there’s no real reason to put on the brakes yet, is there? This is especially true of people who believe that destiny is a matter of choice, not chance. If you have a play-it-by-ear attitude towards dating and see potential Astrological warning signs as tests rather than pitfalls, then go for it. Who knows? You might learn something insightful about yourself along the way.

5. You simply refuse to “follow the signs” and plunge right into a relationship.

You may be the type to seek solace in Astrology once in a while for comfort or reassurance, yet you refuse to base an entire relationship’s future around it. If this has worked for you before, this is not the time to look at Zodiac sign compatibility as a self-fulfilling prophecy, especially if you’re really into someone. Being realistic means looking at a situation in a practical light. Sure, Zodiac signs may have some answers for your relationship, but they don’t have all of them, every time.

Dating the Sagittarius Lesbian

You can fully expect your lesbian Sagittarius lover to be the life of any party, what with her infectious laughter, high level of energy, and fun-loving nature. While this could mean constant entertainment and a lively dating relationship for you, bear in mind that Sagittarians in general value their independence. So go easy on trying to rope her in a committed relationship after just a couple of dates. That could scare her off and make her disappear faster than a speeding bullet (or arrow, in her case)!

She also loves travelling, so be prepared to be physically away from her every now and then. When this happens, it’s okay to call, email, or send her text messages…once in a while. It is NOT okay to bombard her with cutesy “I miss you” messages bordering on despair every time you feel the urge. She will not like that at all.

When in bed with her, you can look forward to your Sagittarius Sapphic sweetheart using philosophy as pillow talk, mixed with a bit of sexuality and romance. Hers is a highly evolved mind borne out of reading plenty of books and always wanting to explore new horizons. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s an absolute bore in bed. Remember that vast store of energy we mentioned in the first paragraph? That can translate quite well on the bedroom front. Just remember that Sagittarius girls’ erogenous zones are located on their hips and thighs, be experimental and creative with foreplay, and you’re good to go (or come).

As for communicating with her, be prepared for moments when your Sagittarius can get blunt as a spoon. She’s pretty upfront about things, and is sometimes too-ready to give a piece of her mind when needed. Tact isn’t one of her best traits. So if you’re one to fish for compliments and beat around the bush, forget it. To a Sagittarian, you have to be deserving of a compliment to get one.

Lastly, if you’d rather sit at home and watch television, don’t expect that attractive Sagittarius lesbian to fall head over heels for you. They dislike being inactive. In fact, even when you’re relatively athletic-minded, you might find that you need to step up the game when you’re dating a Sagittarius. Always remember that theirs is one of the most physical signs in the Zodiac. If you move too slowly, lead a sedentary lifestyle, don’t have a gym membership, or only own shoes with thin stiletto heels, chances are you won’t rate too high on the Sagittarius date-o-meter.

Those being said, don’t feel too intimidated with these traits. While a lesbian Sagittarian may embody the lone huntress in accordance with her sign of The Archer, it’s still highly possible for her to fall hard for someone. She just puts a high premium on independence, and prizes it even on the women she dates. So keep those in mind once you set your sights on a particular Sagittarius lesbian. Be attractive, be interesting, be energetic, and be self-supporting, and she’ll have a hard time resisting you!

Sagittarius Celebrities and their Sagittarius Traits.

Ever wondered how your favorite celebrity handles a badly burnt toast, a spilt wine on their posh carpet, or how they deal with unwanted friend requests on Facebook? Well, they are all just humans like you and me, which means they could flare up and kill (pun intended) easily to situations like these too.
Yes, despite the friendly façade you see on your tubes or whenever you watch their movies. Ok, maybe they can be as nature-loving or warm-hearted as the characters they play onscreen but do keep in mind that there are always two sides to a coin. So, flipping 1 over now, let me introduce to you the other side of these famous people’s dime by extracting their supposedly innate characters through their Sagittarius Zodiac.

Looky here (and lucky you!), we got quite a lineup of actors who were born under this sign: Brad Pitt (December 18), Lucy Liu (December 02), Katie Holmes (December 18), and Brendan Fraser (December 03) just to name a few. They are four different persons but the one dominant thing they have in common is the fact that they all possess the characteristics of a Sagittarius. You may have seen them smile and laugh or get angry, whether it’s on film or TV show or when they are tied down on a hot seat, getting interviewed by whoever. Then again that merely says much about them. Let’s take a look at what makes them “unique” to everyone else.

A Sagittarius person, whether they are simple beings with simple careers or they are paparazzi-ridden creatures, will almost always have the same effect on other people and on themselves, plainly because they possess the same characteristics. But since we’re talking about four different personalities, let’s
take a peek at at least two of them and check out what really their astrological charts say about them.

Brad Pitt’s moon is in Capricorn, meaning, he is an ambitious person who wanted to be taken seriously. He’s practical as well, and this says a lot about him with regards to choosing his partner. Given the wide array of gorgeous women he’s had relationship with, he ended up with one of the sexiest and most
sought-after mother slash ambassadress, Angelina Jolie, while adding to her already full-to-the-brim gene pool. Brad, as we all know, is famous not just for his great acting skills but we also love him for being that hot sexual icon. Since Mars is often associated with sexual energy, it is actually one of the strong points in his chart (go figure!).

Another celebrity who most girls with an ugly-duckling-turned-beautiful-swan story would most likely be a fan of is Katie Holmes. She is best described as an independent and high-spirited Sagittarius. She’s got a whole lot of fire in her, with both Neptune and Jupiter surrounding her moon, Leo. This explains why
Tom Cruise won her heart, since Tom is also a Leo and has got a lot of charm and straightforwardness to burn. With Sagittarius Katie, who is ever a mature damsel in this relationship, she will remain with a responsible attitude towards life in general if only she could avoid going overboard with expectations at