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Sagittarius And Virgo Compatibility

General Compatibility:

Ruled by the planet Mercury, a Virgo might be uneasy with the way a Sagittarian does things. For one, they have a completely different perception of an adventure. A Virgo is more organized and likes things well-planned and thought of. A Sagittarius tends to make decisions on the fly. For him the rough edge caused by rash decisions is part of the fun. A person born under Mercury is analytical. Virgos like to dissect every situation and pick on its every detail while a philosophical Jupiter governed Sagittarius looks at things in a bigger picture and more generic. This can also be a good thing. Issues can be looked into thoroughly and solved smoothly since they look at it in different angles. A Sagittarian is a fire sign, he is wild and free and likes to take risks. Earth sign, Virgo will seek stability (specifically domestic) and financial security. Although the way their mind works and their ideas differ, these two will have very intellectual conversations; even if it ends up with the two of them debating. These two have clashing personalities. Virgo likes to keep simple and while Sagittarius likes things extravagant. The Virgin serious and practical and the Archer is free spirited and likes taking risks. One is intent on focusing on security and stability; the other is determined to keep his freedom and independence. The best thing these two will have that they can work on is the fact that they are both born under Mutable signs. They can easily adjust and give way to each other's ideas.

Romantic Compatibility:

A Sagittarius is very unpredictable; this will make their Virgo partner anxious about the way the Archer does things. Even though the Virgin is not normally jealous, this mutable Earth sign will feel that way when Sagittarius goes out at night and comes back flashing best smile no matter how innocent it could be. One thing that a Sagittarius should never do is play mind games with a Virgo. These people governed by the planet Mercury won't take this lightly. They like order and security and keeping them guessing will be unnerving for them. Virgos on the other hand should try to keep the Archer grounded at the same time letting them keep their freedom and independence. It might seem a lot to work on but if they are willing to make these sacrifices, they will have a big chance for a stable and happy relationship. Communication is important too especially since they have a lot of differences. They need to discuss what they think would be best for them and work and compromise on a win-win situation.

Sexual Compatibility:

Sexually, these two are compatible. Virgo will be very attracted to the fun loving Sagittarius and the Sagittarian on the other hand will be intrigued by how the Virgo's brain works. There will be a strong sexual tension between the two and will have a lot of energy for each other. As lovers these two will be great. Sex is something that will bring these two together. If they don't settle their differences though, there might not be anything more than that for the two of them.