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Sagittarius And Capricorn Compatibility

General Compatibility:

Quite each other's opposite, that's what these two are. The main thing that Sagittarians notice in a Capricorn is their reserved and aloof nature. Being the hunter, he will try to find ways to be able to open up a Capricorn. They feel it's necessary to break the Earth sign's timid surface. This process will give the Capricorn a chance to observe Sagittarius closely, and carefully figure out if he's worthy of trust. Although this serves as a motivation, Sagittarians get bored easily and may get tired of the chase. Both signs are driven and ambitious although they also differ in ways to get to their goals. Capricorn is the slow but sure type while Sagittarians are risk-takers and wouldn't mind trying new and bigger things if it takes them to their goal faster. These two, however, can work together for a long period of time but if they disagree with something, things might just fall out of place in a heartbeat. Capricorn can be demanding and will not take a Sagittarian's aimless ways lightly. Sagittarians, on the other hand, may get disappointed and just fly off. Arguments between these two are going to be explosive. The goat symbol Capricorn is as stubborn and demanding as the archer symbol, Sagittarius. They are both unafraid of saying what they feel. The difference is that Capricorn tends to be calm even when angry and goes straight to the point. The Sagittarian while also straight forward tends to be more emotional. Both their stubbornness won't make any of them compromise so one of them tends to just walk away and leave.

Romantic Compatibility:

Extrovert meets introvert. A Sagittarius is a very outgoing and lively person whereas Capricorn, like other Cardinal signs, has a tendency to be domesticated and keep to themselves. Now, the thing that keeps the Archer going is the fact that Capricorns can be very hard to please. It keeps him on his toes. The archer likes challenges and is up for just about anything. There will be a very strong sexual attraction between the Archer and the Goat and it will be the biggest thing that would wash away all the differences between the two. Sagittarians will feel surprised to find that a constrained Capricorn can be a very experienced and satisfying lover. This can be a good start for a Sagittarius can teach Capricorn to lighten up and a Capricorn can show a Sagittarian how to mellow down a little bit. Although this relationship can be very passionate, it normally lacks the components of a life-long commitment. They will eventually focus again on their differences and even if they do surmount this, there is no way of telling if Sagittarius will stay and once Capricorns smell a hint of compromises in trust and security (they are known to be jealous at times), it's most likely for this goat to do the walking which will leave the archer hurt and abandoned for once. The key is for Sagittarius to be very patient and try to understand how big of a deal success is to Capricorns while Capricorns need to give a little bit more breathing space and freedom to Sagittarians.

Sexual Compatibility:

The sexual scenario between the two is very promising. The Archer would get curious with the Goat's mysterious and enigmatic ways which is the primary thing that attracts him. Slowly but surely approach this sign. A little kiss here, a little touch there. Capricorns like being teased so let them wait. Linger. Let the pressure build up and once you let the steam off it will go off with a bang!