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Cedric Grant Bouchard Psychic Review

For many people the word psychic conjures images of a figure in flowing robes staring intently into a crystal ball while dramatic music plays, but meeting Cédric Grant Bouchard shatters these inaccurate preconceptions of the field.

Sat in his smart office in a Miami suburb, Bouchard looks more like a friendly realtor than a man known for his skills in communicating with the dead and reading other’s thoughts. While psychics very rarely wander around dressed like the stereotypical medium from movies and TV shows, Bouchard’s image is part of a conscious effort to emphasize the professionalism of his work.
Now 55 years old, Bouchard comes from a long line of psychics. Both his mother and his father were world renowned psychics in France, who brought their son up to appreciate the unique powers that they saw in him. “My mother taught me that offering your services as a psychic should mean breaking down people’s preconceptions rather than playing up to them,” he said from behind a pair of bifocal glasses.

It seems as though the professional approach is paying dividends, with Bouchard reporting a steady increase in business. His theory for growing interest in psychic readings is the lack of spirituality in modern life, which leaves many people craving answers to phenomena that simply can’t be explained by science.

Bouchard’s reputation as a psychic is built on the testimonies of his past clients, who have praised his thorough practices and strong code of ethics. “My aim is to build a lasting relationship with my visitors,” he said. “Some other psychics try to keep people happy by telling them what they want to hear, but my visitors seem to appreciate my honest approach.”

However all is not rosy for Bouchard and his practice. He was recently criticized by the American Society for Psychical Research, which accused him of branching out into new fields in which he had no experience.

After focusing his work on clairvoyance for more than 40 years, Bouchard has recently started to offer Tarot and tea leaf readings. While he says that he has been studying these skills in order to expand into new areas, he has been accused of profiting from naïve clients.

That said, the man himself is secure in the knowledge that his training allows him to engage in sessions as a clairvoyant, astrologist, tea leaf reader, Tarot reader and medium. While Bouchard did not engage in any psychic activity with your writer in the interest of maintaining professional distance, he is taking bookings for readings in his office and at selected events around the United States this summer.

“The only way to find out the truth about a psychic is to have a session with them yourself,” said Bouchard. “I know what I am capable of and I have thousands of testimonies from satisfied clients all over the world.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Cédric Grant Bouchard, you can visit his website, or connect with him on Cedric Grant Bouchard’s Personal Website He’s also the author about a book helping people develop their psychic abilities. You can purchase it on amazon here.

What kind of literature does Sagittarian likes

A Sagittarian is a wellspring of energy and adrenaline. All their life they seek to experience things that will satisfy their need to bring out their potential and use their energy to the limit of exhaustion and then reenergise themselves. They are passionate creatures who would devout themselves to leading a quality life and expect all the twists and turns in the course to make life more exciting.

If you are a Sagittarian and a bibliophile at the same time, then here are a few books that you definitely do not want to miss reading.

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway – “Every day is a new day” is what the protagonist in the book, Santiago, says when he takes his boat out for fishing and this statement truly embodies the spirit of a Sagittarian. The book is as optimistic as a Sagittarian and you will only find reasons to entrench yourself in your optimistic beliefs as you read this book. The challenges faced by Santiago will only inspire the Sagittarian to put his best foot forward and see the glass half full in all his endeavours.

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee – This book is a must read for Sagittarians who holds high the ideals of honesty and truthfulness. Mingled with the naivety and curiosity of childhood the book explores a passage of the life of Atticus Finch and his two children Scout and Gem. The time was rife with anti-black sentiments and Atticus who is sympathetic towards the black who leads a life a misery at the hands of the white folk tries to bend no humanistic ideals to save a black man from a case in which he is wrongly accused.  Atticus will be an ideal man for all Sagittarians who go by the adage ‘honesty is the best policy’.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley – This book is something for the intellectual in a Sagittarian who would like to explorative and questioning. The book opens up a whole new vista for the thinkers and would definitely be one that rouses a Sagittarian’s inquisitiveness as well as his urge to think out of the box.

Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne – A Sagittarian should read this book- to satiate his hunger for adventure- which would take you through a rich panorama of adventure and imagination. The protagonist’s willingness to take risks and to take the call of his heart would tweak a Sagittarian’s spirit to be the adventurous traveller. There is never a dull moment in the book and will definitely be a good read for a Sagittarian.

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez- This book epitomises the idea of timeless love. The adventurous lovers who are at the heart of the book will kindle the imagination of a Sagittarian. It is a book of love, sacrifice and fierce passion that will consume the ardent Sagittarian with a fire to be the zealous lover who would take his life to the edge of the chasm to win over his beloved’s heart.

Bad habits of a Sagittarian

It would be hard to describe a Sagittarian in a single word as they possess a mixture of amazing qualities which make them unique individuals. They are never drained of their energy and remain high spirited even in the most trying times. They are achievers and accomplish their tasks with an undying zeal. However certain attributes of a Sagittarian can be unacceptable and can be of concern to the people around them.

Sagittarians are straight forward sometimes up to the point of being blunt that their remarks or statements can evoke displeasure or hurt in others. The Sagittarian will not be aware of this as he thinks he is being true to himself by mincing no words.  A lesson or two on dealing things deftly will definitely help a Sagittarian. Drawing the line on what not to talk is a skill that a Sagittarian is weak in.

Sagittarians are game for taking risks and often take the leap without thinking of the consequences only to find themselves neck deep in trouble later. This careless attitude often places them at the centre of controversies and troubles but the Sagittarian will never reconsider his or her option in spite of landing in trouble in the past. Their careless attitude also makes them take things for granted and in the event be at the end of receiving flak from people around them.

The abundance of energy in them can go awry if it is not properly directed or focussed on a particular goal. As a result the Sagittarian will find himself making poor decisions and expending his or her energy in things unwanted and sometimes detrimental to their life. Sagittarians at times lack the skill to make calculated decision and being wise is not an option for them even in the most crucial situation. To aggravate things the Sagittarian can also get restless and impatient in situations which demand patience and intellection.

Outward appearances are of prime importance to Sagittarians. Not only would they spend time in grooming themselves immaculately but also will judge and make predictions about others on account of their external appearance. If all is well on the outside the Sagittarian will spend no time in getting to the heart of things or people.

One thing that is utmost negative in a Sagittarian is their incapacity to stay put with things. They are finicky and keep changing their interests and act according to their whims with no thought on the future effects. A Sagittarian is not a person to put on a job from which consistent performance is expected.

Taking risks is something natural to a Sagittarian who seeks adventure in all walks of life, be it work or love. But the risk taker can also be over- confident and spoil the broth which he or she is cooking. They think of themselves as error free and invulnerable to committing mistakes. Owing to their over-confidence and their self proclaimed immunity to mistakes they end up erring a lot. They do not learn from their past mistakes either.

Psychic Ability

A psychic is a person that has an uncanny ability to perceive information that is influenced by the paranormal and supernatural. A psychic gathers information that is not common by normal senses. Psychics have an extraordinary sense of extrasensory perception. Extrasensory perception sometimes referred as ESP is a “sixth sense” that many psychics proclaim they possess. The word “psychic” derives from the Greek word “psychikos”, which means mental or of the mind. The history of psychics date back as far as the ancient times. When people are asked what a psychic is, they usually reply “a fortune teller”. Astrology was the first incarnation of fortune telling. Early psychics proclaimed that the celestial bodies in the universe could predict the future. Many of these psychics did not use Astrology to predict the future. These psychics were later called “prophets” and “seers”. As time went on, the word “psychic” and “clairvoyant” became common place. The word “seer” means to predict the future. Seers in ancient times were priests, advisors and judges. Many stories of seers and prophets appeared in the bible. A clairvoyant is a person that has the ability to retrieve information about a person, object or a location without using normal human senses. Parapsychology is used to investigate the existence of psychic abilities.

One of the most famous psychics of all time is Nostradamus from France. He is notorious for writing over 6,338 prophecies (quatrains) called “Les Propheties” in 1555. This book has become the best known book of prophecies in history. Many people believe Nostradamus predicted several world events that he had little knowledge about. Nostradamus’ prophecies are seen as inaccurate and any prediction that was made can be about any event. Psychics and psychic abilities are commonly used in Science Fiction books, films and other forms of entertainment. Psychics are often criticized for manipulating naive people to gain a profit. Many psychics have their own television shows and radio shows exploiting their abilities. Famous psychics such as Miss Cleo, Sylvia Browne and John Edward. If you are interested in a psychic reading from Bryce Harris. Click Here for your Psychic Reading today.

Many ancient historians had a belief that psychic abilities were available to everyone. Dreams were believed to be a form of psychic abilities. Critics of psychic powers perceive psychics to be very self-delusional and use trickery to gain confidence from the those who believed in psychics. Magicians sometimes use psychic techniques. Magic is a form of the paranormal. Magicians are not seen as psychics in the general public or in the scientific community. Many studies have been conducted and the results are inconsistent. Researchers do agree that there is no scientific justification or evidence that psychic powers exist. Many of these powers are said to be coincidences. Skeptics proclaim that psychic powers are not coincidences but mere manipulation to make money off of what powers they claim to have. Only a small percentage of the population believe in psychics. The world of psychics is a world of wonder and only a chosen few have these abilities. The mind is unique. Our psyches are complex.

Types of questions to ask a Psychic by Email

Types of Questions to Ask a Good Psychic in E-Mail

It can be a stimulating experience to contact a psychic through an email connection, but it‘s important to develop the right type of questions to ask a psychic via email. Most people are tempted to ask more personal or specific questions, but it’s really a better choice to stay with general questions. Even the best psychic may find it difficult to provide specific answers through an email reading. In other words you might want to ask questions such as whether you are going to get married soon rather than whom you are going to marry.

Choosing questions that are general rather than specific may allow you to obtain a more accurate reading. Unless the psychic is right in the room with you it will be difficult for him or her to feel the energy that will allow them to read things of a more specific nature. There may be a possibility over time for the psychic to know you better and be able to provide more specific answers but when you are first obtaining email psychic readings that will not be possible.

Another type of questions you may choose to ask a psychic via email is something related to your future endeavors. You might ask if you are going to be financially secure—not necessarily rich but have enough money to live comfortably. You might ask what kind of career you will have but not necessarily the company for which you will work or the specific job you will hold. Another good question is whether you will be successful in your field of choice.

You do not want to become too specific by asking things such as when you will retire, when you will die, whom you will marry, when you will marry as well as other specific questions. Though a psychic you meet in person may have the ability to answer these questions—and sometimes even accurately—an email psychic does not have the same ability since there is no personal contact and thus no way to delve deeper into your mind.

The type of questions to ask a psychic in email should never be those that require a great deal of details. This also pertains to those you might ask a psychic you meet in person as well because the more details you seek the more likely the chance the psychic will be unable to make an accurate assessment of your life. Quite often the accuracy of the reading is contingent upon the way a person presents the questions.

While some people rely greatly on the readings of psychics, it’s important to keep in mind there is no way for anyone to really predict what is going to happen in your life specifically. It is for this reason you want to limit your questions to general ones that rely on information that you can provide based on current circumstances. The more general you make your questions the easier it will be for the psychic to evaluate your situation and make a general assessment.

You can go ahead and ask the psychics at Sagittarius your one free psychic question or go ahead and chat with a real psychic right now. Click here for your Psychic Reading

Live Psychic Chat From Psychic Dreams

Well it’s not very often I talk about a product that has completely wowed me! We have been offering free psychic questions answered by our psychics here for a little while and I must say it’s doing amazing. People are very happy and are continuing to ask more questions everyday. You can go ahead and ask your free psychic question here. Our psychics can typically answer you within 24-48 hours!

Moving on, we recently found a company that is taking psychic chat to the next level. The company is called and I think it’s a name we are going to start seeing everywhere very fast. Psychic Dreams is going to crush those “telephone psychics” by taking their site to the next level and offering real readings over webcam. What does this mean for the consumer? A lot actually. First and foremost the psychic can actually see you and get a better reading from you. You can show objects that hold special meanings to you instead of describing them and you can participate in live tarot card and clairvoyance readings. They are even going to have astrologists online!

I am currently working closely with psychic dreams to get special deals for all Sagittarius site visitors like free minutes and coupon codes etc. So Definitely check back for more information soon and email me with any questions you have. I am super excited to promote a product like this and have it add to our already great website!