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Sagittarius in the Business World

When it comes to their careers Sagittarians are very driven individuals even to the point of neglecting their friends and family. While this certainly is an attractive trait for managers and supervisors it can be frustrating to friends and family who may plan events only to find they must reschedule due to work commitments. Sagittarians will always put their careers before everything else including their spouses and children, something that can cause somewhat of a conflict on the home front. However, this is not a trait that anyone is going to change in a Sagittarius—it comes along with their need for knowledge and their quest to always be doing something.

With the gifts Sagittarians possess, they are great as teachers and philosophers. This relates partly to their ability and talent to fully explain the moral principles and laws that surround the universe in which we live. They are not able to fully explain these principles, but they find great pleasure in researching the information in order to satisfy their very active minds. Sagittarians must always be increasing their knowledge of the world and its surroundings. Their very active minds demand to be filled with new knowledge all the time. They need to learn and expand their knowledge in order to maintain a sense of balance in their over-active minds.

The gift Sagittarians possess also makes them naturals in the clergy as well as scientists. On the one hand they are good talkers, an essential quality for those working in the clergy whether as ministers, bishops or other important positions. They must be able to speak not only to large crowds of people in the church and other locations, but they must also be able to speak to people on an individual basis, sometimes in a counseling capacity. This natural ability to talk to people—or the gift of gab—is one that will help Sagittarius in many ways within the realm of various types of church and other charitable work.

Why would they be good as scientists? The fact that they are so eager for knowledge and must answer any questions that come into their very active minds makes them great choices as scientists. This position will put them in their realm of glory because they will be able to research, hypothesize and formulate the answers to many different questions. Being able to conduct all the preliminary research will allow them to choose which questions they wish to answer based on those that enter their minds at any given moment.

Sagittarians will also be great in law, politics, public service, social administration, public relations and advertising. These roles are also ones that are possible because of the Sagittarians gift of gab. The fact that they also like to be in control can be very helpful in these roles as well, especially when it pertains to law, politics and public service. There is a definite need in those positions for someone to be in control of the situation and know what to do at just the right time. Sagittarius with their ability to talk incessantly can certainly fit perfectly into any of these roles.

right thing for them. Some of the different possibilities include working on cruise ships, pilots, flight attendants, bus drivers, train conductors, professional athletes, professional dancers, and many more. If the job opportunities are limited in these areas, other possibilities are joining the armed forces or working as a traveling salesman. In fact many people join the military specifically for the traveling, especially the Navy where they can travel many places while onboard a ship.

Sagittarians are well-suited to many different occupations, especially if they involve a combination of travel and exploration. If they can use their brilliance in order to resolve those questions that come into their minds while also being able to keep their restless bodies on the move, they are in the perfect position. That doesn’t mean they will not fit well into other positions as well, but these situations allow them more control over their own lives which is what Sagittarians like the most.

One thing is for sure: Sagittarians would not be happy working in an office where they have to sit all day long and perform the same tasks. They need to challenge their minds which eliminate positions such as data entry, collections and customer service where they would be sitting all day doing the exact same job. They might be suited to a job as an accountant or financial analyst because it would challenge them to figure out the right solution. There is no doubt, however, that whatever position they obtain they will do well because they are very driven individuals that have a tendency to put their careers in front of their family and friends.

Sagittarians are also very loyal as friends, mates and employees. Their loyalty is one of their very endearing qualities and tends to override their tendency to fly off the handle at small things. Of course, they also know when it is appropriate to show anger and when it is appropriate to act professionally. Since they are interested in getting ahead and they put their all into their work, they are not likely to jeopardize all of that and become upset without cause or show their anger inappropriately.

One word of caution: even in the workplace Sagittarians need to be in control which is why they are better suited to some positions than others. It is essential to avoid being confrontational with Sagittarians or to challenge them in the workplace, especially if you are on the same level as they are. They can respect authority but will not be controlled by someone who is on the exact same level as they are in the work environment.

Sagittarius People and Money

Sagittarius people are generally equipped with a positive attitude that allows them to keep their cool as well as enthusiasm in everyday life.

Do you believe in horoscopes? There are so many astrologers here and there who are claiming that your success in life lies on the stars. You often look at your horoscope in order to know what to do in order for you make it in your career. When you think about it, it would not really hurt if you check your horoscope from time to time. You will even find it interesting that it is quite accurate.

Sagittarians are known to be people, who loved to be challenged, comply with the change of the world and will do anything to be able to pursue his career. They are equipped with a positive attitude that allows them to keep their cool as well as enthusiasm in everyday life.

One positive quality that Sagittarians posses are the attitude that comes with their love for money. They are willing to do anything just to earn a lot of money. This is why Sagittarians are known to be focused in making it big in their career path of choice. Business is one of the fields where they are most suitable to work in. They can easily talk money to clients and even convince them why investing is such an advantage.  They should know, Sagittarius people with money are experts in this field. They often work best as CEO’s, businessmen, marketing directors and even traveling salesman where they are able to work freely but productively. They love to work with other people just to reach their goals but never really maintain a close relationship with them.

Money is an important thing for Sagittarians. They are willing to do everything in order to earn so much so that they can spend all the money that they have. Sagittarius people with money always find it easy to spend so much without even feeling guilty. There are times when they even have a hard time deciding on where they should spend their money with all the possible choices that they have. If only everyone had the same problem. Although this may seem to be case, they are still considered as the luckiest signs in the zodiac when it comes to money. This is why they seem to have a positive attitude towards spending. They do not care how much they spend for things they want. No matter how much they spend, they will always feel confident that they monetary supply will always be replenished.  This is how they work. They always aim to gain back the money that they have lost.

Sagittarians can really handle financial matters really well. Even if they may seem to spread a lot, they never forget to share to the people. It is not just about them and the money. They are willing to loan or even lend people their money.

If you thinking that Sagittarians and money do not go together, then you are wrong. In fact Sagittarians and money are the most compatible pair there is. So you do not need to worry about Sagittarians handling money matters, they will always be successful in this field. They may have small issues with how Taurus and Capricorns handle their money though 😉