Wooing and Winning a Sagittarius: Tips for Each Zodiac Sign

So, you have your eye on a Sagittarius, but you don’t know how to get them to like you. Now, these folks value honesty about all else. Whatever you try to hide will be revealed, so you either have to change for life or strongly consider whether this relationship is worth personal reinvention.
But you’re going to try impress the Archer anyway. So, here is what each zodiac sign can do to catch the Sagittarian eye:

Aries: Just be yourself. This usually doesn’t work most of the time, does it? It works here. But Sagittarius appreciates you endless enthusiasm and love of danger. Sag is happy to let you be the human litmus test for everything. They’ll wait and see what happens to you after you jump off the cliff to decide whether to do it themselves. Then, they’ll patch you up with their know-how and go with you on the next adventure.

Taurus: Get out of your comfort zone. Your favorite part of a relationship is when you can eat pizza and sit on the sofa in your pajamas. This feels like the end to Sagittarius. Sag is game for chilling once or twice, but routine is boring, and they get cabin fever. Yes, that means doing something that makes you uncomfortable, like eating weird food or talking to strangers, but they thrive on this stuff. It scares you, but it makes them feel alive.

Gemini: Be imaginative. Sagittarius is more concerned with what could be than what actually is. If they say what if, the answer shouldn’t be but it isn’t. You are both know-it-alls, but you acquire knowledge differently. Sag values its ability to speculate. You value your ability to know. You’re both curious, so why not explore something neither of you know? When neither of you are the expert, neither of you can tell the other they’re wrong.

Give them space. Yes, they appreciate everything you do, but no, they don’t understand your need to hear this all the time. Sagittarius isn’t fond of nostalgia or the past, either. Going through old photos doesn’t make them nearly as happy as making new memories. There are only so many times they can have dinner with your family, too. It’s okay if Sagittarius doesn’t check in daily or goes out alone. Trust they still care and they will.

Leo: Introduce them to all the cool people you know. Sagittarius loves talking to people who can show or tell them different things. You naturally make friends and gather admirers from a wide variety of people. While you won’t follow them to the ends of the Earth or the stretches of their imagination, you can find someone who will, and you needn’t be jealous. They know you’re the source of all the goodies they get.

Virgo: Make room for a little chaos. Sagittarius doesn’t care about organization, routine, or tidiness. Don’t let them mess up your bathroom, but expect them to pee in the shower and leave pubes on the soap. They wake up in the afternoon without feeling they lost the day. They don’t want to be told they’re doing things wrong all the time. Relax about a few stains on the carpet and water rings on the table.

Libra: Be honest and direct. They don’t take hints well, if at all. If you say everything’s fine, that no, you love that they painted the living room walls orange, they’ll believe you. If you don’t want orange walls, don’t suggest coral or apricot. Just tell them point-blank you would rather they paint the walls blue. They need to know exactly what pleases you, how to do it, and you won’t change your mind a minute later.

Scorpio: Stay out of their heads. Sagittarius will let you pick their brain to a certain extent, but they resent you telling them what they’re thinking, even if you’re right. Being with someone who predicts their every move makes them feel trapped. Sags stick around when they feel free to come and go, and that includes being free to come and go in their minds. Don’t demand to know what they’re thinking; even they may have no idea.

Sagittarius: Learn to make a commitment. Two Sagittarians have trouble making their thing into a relationship. One of you has to make it official, since you’re both always up for whatever. You can be best friends, but if you want it to be something more, one of you has to make a move. At the very least, ask if you can call them your boyfriend or girlfriend when writing about them on your blog.

Capricorn: Let go of convention a bit. Sagittarius isn’t so aware of its reputation or the need to save for retirement. Sag doesn’t realize they got mustard on their shirt, again. It also doesn’t care who they should or shouldn’t be friends with. They are ambitious in their own way: their goal is to be free to do whatever they want. It won’t hurt your chances at a promotion if your S.O. wears sneakers to work.

Don’t insist on being right all the time. You’re both pretty smart, but you both think you know everything. This can quickly turn into a competition to see who’s smarter. Sagittarius needs to feel intelligent, and dismissing any of their ideas, no matter how improbable they are, feels like a rejection of who they are. If you disagree, talk it out with them. This is why they talk about their ideas in the first place.

Get a backbone. Sagittarius speaks freely and sometimes thoughtlessly. They don’t take things personally, and they think no else should either. If Sag thinks your shoes are weird, this isn’t a reflection on you, even though you picked them out and absolutely love them. While Sag can be a knight in shining armor, after a while, you should figure out that putting the cereal on the high shelf means you won’t be able to reach it.