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10 Tips for Your Date with a Sagittarian

Has the day arrived when you’ll be setting off on that much-awaited date of yours? Guys, are your shoes, shirt, pants – already? Girls, have you picked out the prettiest dressed and the finest pairs of heels that you have yet? Just before you head out to have a gala with your date, we’d like to stop you for a while. Trust us; it’s going to be worth it! If your date is a Sagittarian, here’s what we have for you.

People have different behaviors, likes and dislikes based on their zodiac signs. Decoding your date’s personality in order to lay a fine impression on him or her is something you should try doing. For the one’s going out on a date with a Sagittarian anytime soon, we have listed out 10 tips which will help you smoothen out your date.

#1 Dress It up Right: Sagittarians are people for whom life is like a party. They love dressing up and quirky is their fashion statement. So, when you’re going on a date with a Sagittarians, make sure you’re dressed right. A lively dressing sense is what they love to see in their date. Ditch whites and blacks!

#2 Humor is the Key to their Heart: Fun-living and humorous, that’s how you define a Sagittarian. Try finding something funny about every situation when you’re with them. Your sense of humor is the best accessory that you can wear in order to impress them.

#3 Spread Your Positivity: Sagittarians are known for their positive attitude towards life. You need to match their spirits in order to accomplish your date with them. They have a thing for optimistic people. Adorn it and there you’ll have all the attention you ever needed!

#4 Be Confident: Sagittarians have a sweet-spot for confident people. This is the next cue for you. Confidence can seal the deal for you.

#5 Leave Your Mood Swings at Home: If you’re really into this person that you’re going on a date with mood swings and bad temperament is what you need to leave behind. One mood swing and they might never see you again.

#6 Be Adventurous: When you start talking, adventure is something you shouldn’t miss on. Talk to them about how you’ve taken a few adventure trips or are planning on. It’ll keep them interested in you.

#7 Limit the Seduction: When sweet turns spicy and the heat starts rising make sure you’re not overdoing things. Sagittarians isn’t receptive to too much seduction. They like keeping it sassy!

#8 Don’t be Diplomatic: Dating a Sagittarius is all about being straight-forward. They don’t like to keep things twisted.

#9 Don’t Forget the Eye-Contact: This is again about being confident. Don’t lose their gaze. Eye-contact is what they love making.

#10 Be Yourself: Honesty is something Sagittarians appreciate. Make sure you’re being yourself and not some else when you’re dating them.

Keep these 10 tips in mind and you’ll never go wrong while dating a Sagittarian.

Second Marriage with a Sagittarian

Double bodied signs such as Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius often have multiple marriages and relationships. No matter what your zodiac sign is, a break-up be it of a marital bond or a relationship is almost always painful. What differs is how the signs react to it and deals with it, how they get into another relationship and how they prepare themselves for it. In case of Sagittarians, the biggest issue often remains the demand for freedom. They do not like to be suspicious and obviously do not appreciate the same from their partner. They enjoy the company of both male and female friends and their share of adventure even after marriage or commitment and this does not have anything to do with cheating on their lovers. This is the point where they are often misunderstood and fights ensue. This ticks off the irritant in the Sagittarians and they are almost always unable to see why their activities might be objectionable.

The very free nature of the Sagittarian is what keeps him away from marital vows. It is the fear of the constant, the restriction of the home which sometimes frightens the Sagittarian man or woman. However, some Sagittarians get married at a tender age, when they are much immature and when their thirst for knowledge had not ripened. With time, they break apart from their partners as they long for freedom and similar needs. They might find it difficult to adjust with someone who is not as busy as they are, someone who does not have their hands into as many things as the Sagittarian does. This is when the realization dawns upon them that not everyone is like them and they cannot be kept tied to someone else’s reality.

Once suffered from a broken marriage, a Sagittarian is very less likely to get involved in another. This is because they tend to realize that it is just much less fuss. However, they do get involved with people. Chances are they will want to live in with you, but not tie the knot. The simple reason behind this is the fact that they would always like to know that the back door is open and this, in itself, is enough to keep the Sagittarian thrilled. Don’t misunderstand this as a tendency to cheat on you or leave you at the first chance, but as something which keeps your Sagittarian partner interested in you. It is assuring to him or her that you care for his or her needs and demands. They may spend all their life like this or may after a considerable time spent like this and decide to give it all to you.

When going for a second marriage with a Sagittarian, he or she must be assured that there will be enough freedom and choice of activities for him or her to be involved in. Also, once a marriage fails, they tend to become more matured and tone down their ecstatic symptoms a bit which is usually helpful for all marriages.

Is year 2014 good for Sagittarius weddings

Year 2014 may turn out to be good for Sagittarius in love and relationship front. Though, there may be some hurdles closer to the yearend.  People who are looking to take their relationship to next level, this is the best time for you. The situations might be a little dramatic but with a calm and steady approach things will turn into your favor. Your planetary alignment may engender a marriage or a birth. On a more romantic front, your love can turn into a lifelong commitment.

July onward, the love drug will keep you moving for a few months. From this time onwards, even your social life will get a push from below as you will welcome changes with open hands. Those who think that they have lost the dazzle and charm in their married life, work up for it a little as this will give you great opportunities to put back that twinkle in your life. Leisure trips with you loved ones is on your cards.

If a Sagittarius has a deep passion to continue with the existing relationship, he or she may have to put a little more effort than the usual as things may get weary in the ending two months of the year. Just remember a more adjustable and open-minded approach is needed to resolve issues like domination and jealousy. But, just like the sun sets and rises back every morning, some instances will pop-up that will escalate you thinking towards your relationship and will make you attitude more positive towards it.

Relationships that brew-up this year may tend to be secretive in nature, perhaps you are not ready to accept it in a social front. One would want to only keep things and people who are dear to you closer. People in marriage would seek a much closer bond of safety and peace, which may a little difficult due to fickle mindedness of Sagittarians.

For Sagittarius there could be an announcement of engagement in this year with the full moon in house of partnership there will be wedding bells ringing soon enough in your life. The Saturn opposes the moon so any commitments made now would result in a long lasting, fruitful relationship. There may be some sorts of hassle and problems but you can expect a well planned, thought out and harmonious wedding for you and your partner.

Being the risk taker that you are, for singles it is required to calm down your enthusiasm and meet half way with your loved one, this may help if you are seeking more stability in your relationship or thinking of getting married in near future. Wedding is on cards for most in the moths of august and September.

Those of you who feel that they have lost the charm and excitement of the married life, and facing troubles in emotional fronts should not worry anymore as 2014 is going to give you enough opportunities to spice up the relationship with your spouse once again.

In totality 2014 will bring harmony in your love life. And many of you might just end up married by the end of this year.

Sagittarian in an open relationship

The astrological symbol of the Sagittarius is that of the Archer. Half horse and half man, the centaur archer is a fire symbol- feisty and free willed. They love their freedom more than anything else; and are mostly ruled by their desire for freedom. Centaurs, according to Roman and Greek myth, are considered to be great intellectuals and scholars, but they are also aggressive and temperamental. Sagittarians are typically upfront and candid about their personality and in the manner in which they deal with people, even their partners. While some are likely to find their frankness attractive; some might not since they leave no mystic aura about themselves. They are very generous in nature; this is because they are incapable of showing their love for their partners. Instead, they veil their care and love in the gifts they make to their partners and they do like to splurge.

When it comes to committing to one person; Sagittarians are a little apprehensive. Categorized as flirtatious, Sagittarians have it difficult since they fear they would be missing out on something if they settled down with someone. They are, presumably, more comfortable with open relationships. As already mentioned, they love their freedom and can be viciously protective of it, even in terms of the relationship they have. More often than not, Sagittarians like to chase down a prospective partner, and is unlikely to hide their attractions towards another person. They unabashedly make their feeling known. This frankness continues in the relationship as well, which helps avoid unnecessary arguments and complications.

Also, Sagittarius being a fire sign sheds light on their need to express themselves through the physical. They seem to be able to get their point across better if they are able to articulate their emotions through their actions; and actions do in fact speak louder than words. Like the Aquarius, the Sagittarius is also believed to able to stray and refuse to accept being tied down. However, their fleeting nature does not result from a need to cheat. It lies in their desire to take risks and this risk-taking side of their personality can even challenge the foundations of their relationship with another person. However, through and through they are honest about their dealings with other people, to their partner.

A typical Sagittarian wishes to keep the freshness in his or her relationship alive; which is why their partners have to be very patient and thoughtful. They seem to be always on the need to discover something new. It, therefore, becomes necessary to grab their attention and once that is achieved, there is the more magnanimous task of keeping their attention. They are born to flirt and enjoy it, but they are not dishonest. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and even though they take some time to open up, they are keepers provided the other individual is ready to make the effort.

Perfect Sagittarian match


With an intensely attractive Sagittarian around, you might be curious to know if this centre-of-attraction of all the parties would make a good pair with you or not? For getting an answer closest to your query, let’s first dive into a Sagittarius personality, and then see what all sun-signs can make a great match with them. Basically, the general personality trait each sun-sign possesses has a great deal to do with the compatibility factor.


Making of a Sagittarian

Looking at the possibilities of making a match with a Sagittarius needs to first get you a fair idea about how these people are ideally. These titled social-animals are very good at entertaining the people around, and are very active in being responsive. Hence, they attract people easily due to the shine in their personalities and vibe in their speech. Adventure-loving, fun-seeking and energetic are some of the most common tags given to a Sagittarian. People appreciate them for being very interesting, rich in talking, for the optimism they carry, and for being very trustworthy friends.


But, while looking to make a match with a Sagittarius, there are some changes of getting some eyebrows raised. Ideally known to be quick-moving in terms of relationships, and not being able to match up with seriousness of any love matter, Sagittarius are often very picky to make match with. There are certain sun-signs that might be great matches to get along with Sags with a long term commitment


Which ones make a perfect match?

A Gemini shares greatly similar energy-level with a Sagittarius, because of their hunger for exploring new things. And, for that matter, both of these sun-signs gel-up really well initially, and with continuity of shared interests, they make long ways together. Apart from time, it needs patience and smartness to carry this type of relationship along, as boredom peeps in quick in both of these personalities.


Leo and Aries are also great prospects for being matches with Sagittarians, as they both understand the Sag-personality really well. Understanding the never-ending hunger for adventure, taste for freedom and need for personal space is what makes these two sun-signs go a long way with a Sagittarius.


Which ones is a perfect ‘No-No’?

Virgo, to start with, is typically full of pride and value their traditions and intellect. Sagittarians are too open personalities for someone like this. Cancer, being much into family values and love for tradition also doesn’t go well with a party-animal, Sagittarius. Taurus, with ideally possessive features, cannot stand long with Sags who ideally love mingling with new networks in parties and gatherings.


Capricorns are also not a great combination with a Sagittarius, due to their being a little on the pessimistic side. Sagittarians are high in optimism and any sun-sign that doesn’t like freedom, adventure and open conversation with others outside the love-match would not go a long way with a Sagittarius.

Intimacy with a Sagittarian

Before we delve in to the aspect of intimacy with a Sagittarian, let us understand the people born under this sign. A lot of their traits in love are determined by their zodiac. Sagittarians are people ruled by the ninth sign, that is, Jupiter. Since Jupiter’s traditional name is ‘Jove’, it goes without saying that Sagittarians are jovial people. Sagittarians are people born between 22nd November and 21st December. Their key traits are that they are magnanimous, honest, expansive, generous, reckless, extroverted, proud, larger than life, and independent.

We should garner from the above characteristics that a Sagittarius is eternally free and independent. They are also adventurous and love to travel. Boredom is not a word in their vocabulary and they seek the same amount of excitement when it comes to any kind of relationship with another. Therefore, in terms of intimacy as well, a Sagittarian will also seek a thrill. They might be a bit wary of intimacy as they feel that it takes away their independence. In that respect, intimacy which binds them will not work as they like being free. But, if a partner gives them ample amount of space, they will not feel weighed down and welcome it with open arms.

In those terms, they should be able to make their decisions in any intimate relationship. They will be forthcoming with what they feel as they are extroverted by nature and will not hide their feelings. The freedom to go out and do what they feel will only increase a Sagittarians intimacy with their partner. They are open and honest and therefore do not feel the need for complicated mind games. It’s either a yes or a no for them as they know what they want.

One should also remember that they are very creative people and love delving into intellectual thoughts. They are a fire sign and are excited by challenges.  Therefore, doing things out of the box is a sure fire way of getting a Sagittarian to open up deep down and bring in trust and respect in the relationship. Never be afraid to do things differently and ensure that a Sagittarians mind is always occupied.

Since they love to travel, intimacy with a Sagittarian can be increased by taking trips with them. They will pull out all stops if they are up for it and even small things can turn romantic and sensual. Fantasies which satiate their curiosity and their wild side will make a relationship hotter and more intimate. Still, one must remember that they do not burn with a sexual charge like that of a Scorpio and can settle into a platonic frame of mind and body over a long period of time. They are however good soul mates with their magnanimous nature.

They are friendly and kind and will never intentionally hurt another. That being said, they also usually never apologize for their actions as they believe in what they are doing and the rightness of it. In the end, one must never forget that Sagittarians are innately truthful and frankness and openness will work wonders when it comes to intimacy with a Sagittarian.

Casual Dating with a Sagittarian

Sagittarians are adventure loving people who like to seek the thrill in life. They are free in their heart and soul and like to be that way. When it comes to dating, Sagittarians are at first apprehensive. Paradoxically they also make great life partners but that only happens in the later stages of their life or after a very long term. At first, they are afraid of saying yes as they feel threatened to the loss of their freedom.  Independence to a Sagittarian is everything. They like living on their own terms and doing things their way. In that regard, they know what they want and go for it. Therefore, dating someone may seem like they are being bound into something, which will invariably make them run in the opposite direction.

That being said, casual dating is a great experience to be had with a Sagittarius sign. In any casual relationship, you get to have all the fun while keeping your own space and living life on your own terms. This idea might appeal to a Sagittarian. Also, the challenge and thrill is never gone from the relationship. Sagittarians are attracted to a challenge and will not think twice from jumping off the cliff as they are optimistic by nature. So, when one is not serious dating, Sagittarians feel a certain challenge in getting the other person and having them in their lives. This keeps them going.

As far as a thrill is concerned, casual dating offers the innately adventurous Sagittarian an outlet for the wild side. They can be spontaneous and the entire relationship is based on fun which suits a Sagittarian just fine. The adventure lies in exploring different sensual and sexual scenarios, giving a free hand to fantasies and generally doing things in a free and unapologetic manner. Sagittarians can just be themselves and have a great time. Since they have a gift of the gab and are extroverted, it is ensured that the partner will have a fabulous time in the casual relationship.

In a casual dating scenario, there are no long term commitments or responsibilities which will give ample space to a Sagittarian. It does not mean to say that Sagittarians are not responsible in relationships or incapable of a long term commitment, but just that they take time to settle in the groove. They are also very honest and forthcoming, and will be the same in a casual relationship. While one is worried about speaking their mind until they get to know the person really well, Sagittarians will surprise their partner with truthfulness. While many signs leaning towards emotions will be put off by this trait, and decide that casually dating a Sagittarian is not their cup of tea, others will love it and be attracted to them even more.

Lastly, Sagittarians have a vibrant personality and know how to exercise it. If there is one guarantee of casual dating with a Sagittarian, it is that no matter what, the partner will never ever be bored and solely for that, casually dating a Sagittarian is worth giving a try!

How to cope with a divorce for a Sagittarian

People with Sagittarius sign are probably the easiest to get along with as they never pretend and they show their true face always. They are very honest and make effort to make others laugh and be happy all the time. At times, they go out of their way to accommodate others and they are surely easy going people. It is very difficult for a Sagittarian to get angry and create differences with others. They have very good sense of humour which is their biggest asset, because of which they do not let misunderstandings crop up with others neither are they sarcastic. They take a lot of time to understand the feelings of others and most of the time you may have to spell it out to make them understand. When someone says that a Sagittarian is an easy going person and has good sense of humour, it doesn’t mean that he or she is not serious. They know how to get serious in life; they just don’t like getting stressed all the time because of which they make an effort to keep themselves happy. They are not sensitive people who get hurt easily for simple things, which is why they go a long way in a relationship and never get hurt unless the matter is very serious. Even though they get hurt sometimes they do not dwell on negative things that happen to them. This is one of the biggest strengths of the Archer.

When it comes to relationships, Sagittarius men are most compatible with Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius and Sagittarius and least compatible with Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpion, Capricorn and Pisces. Sagittarian men most often marry Aries and Sagittarius women, and most often divorce Gemini and Leos. They are least likely to marry Capricorn and Pisces women and least likely to divorce Aries and Aquarius. Sagittarians tend to spread their attention among different people so they generally move apart from Leo women easily. Aries and Sagittarius both enjoy life, socialize and get excited about things that come with some degree of risk; hence they get along very well. Both tend to be frank, honest and optimistic in life.

Sagittarian women are mostly to marry Sagittarian men as they are most likely to stay married and least likely to divorce. They share certain aspects like travelling, enjoying life, happiness and socializing which help them keep their unity for long. Both will remain honest and faithful in life which helps them keep their relationship strong. If the relationship becomes stale they are prone to have odd casual affairs outside their marriage. When a Sagittarian looks for love, he/she wants the real love for life. They are very committed in relationships so they would never like to go out of one. If they wish for a divorce in a relationship it is often the decision of their partner rather than their own as it is very difficult for them to cope. Sagittarians demand truth in relationships and want freedom and affection from their partner; and when they fail to get it then they prefer moving out of the relationship. Sagittarian is the person to teach you that love is honest and are always patient. Divorce is not the word a Sagittarian likes in a relationship.


How to Communicate With A Sagittarius Woman

When talking to a Sagittarius woman, don’t beat around the bush. Although they’re good with flowery words (both giving and receiving) they like to get the facts about an issue straight. Especially if it’s an important one that needs to be resolved. Most women likes to talk but a lot of them would hold back and hesitate when sharing sensitive issues. Some may even think they’re doing it for the good of their partner or whoever they’re talking to. A Sag girl has always been straight forward and has the “hey here’s the deal, what do we do about it” attitude.

There’s really no problem communicating with a Sagittarius woman. She is very open and vocal about her ideas, her opinions and her feelings. She likes to be heard and would also listen intently if you need an audience. That being said, it’s confusing how they are often misinterpreted even by their partners. That’s because the problem lies on interpretation. Not only of her words but also her actions.

A Sag girl values her independence so, as much as possible, she would do what she wants and she will tell you that. This attitude makes her look selfish and leads one to think that the Sag won’t listen to your reasoning or suggestions. Keep in mind that they are not completely fickle. These independent, come-what-may individuals are the same philosophical and open-minded bunch that wouldn’t hesitate to put their feet in other people’s shoes in order to understand the current situation.

They just have a stubborn streak that makes them think what they’re doing is right or their idea is the right one. But really, who doesn’t? Just tell them outright that the matter is serious and needs to be talked about and thought about thoroughly and she will listen. Sag women are highly intelligent and understands the whole world doesn’t revolve around her.

Also, they don’t like feeling caged in so they don’t like being told what to do. Don’t make her feel that way. Make sure you give her the chance to contemplate on the issue and figure it out on her own. Don’t push your ideas on her. You can say “this is what I think about it” or “this is how i feel about it, what about you?” Value her opinions and feelings and make sure she knows that you do.  Trust that she knows what to do in times of crisis because most of the times, she would. Do not underestimate a Sagittarius’ capability to handle stress and problems. She has a clear mind and keeps a level head most of the time. A matured and developed Sag woman will surprise you with how she can think of a solution that is feasible.

Another thing that may be worthy of note when a guy has issues with his Sag partner. Most women would take offense on this no matter how you put it but for the Sagittarius woman, as long as you are within reason and puts it nicely and sincerely. Hear her out and she will hear you.


What A Sagittarius Man Needs from A Partner

Sometimes a Sagittarius seem to possess a multi-layered personality that it’s hard to know how to act around them. He may have that come what may attitude but he can also be an intense and dedicated lover. He’ll constantly spring up with new ideas and activities that would keep you on your toes. He’ll surprise you with home cooked meals and small tokens for gifts when he feels like it. If you have a Sagittarius partner you will know that they are a romantic through and through. You will also know that they can sometimes do something different from what they say. Not that they’re fickle, they just act on impulse most of the times and rely on their instincts. So even if they planned to do something with you over the weekend it could still change depending on his mood.

This varying persona creates a confusion as to what the Archer expects or needs from a partner. But observing his different activities and moods will also give you an insight on how to interact with him and give him what he needs. It’s actually that simple.

For starters, you have to have a sharp brain. You’ll notice how he takes a liking to philosophical and intellectual movies, books, or any other type of media. He likes solving puzzles and won’t stop until he figures something out. In this case you should also stimulate your brain and smarten up to make sure you keep up with him. He’d like someone of the same intellectual capacity. He’d get bored if he can’t talk to you about the thing that interests him.

Sports and socializing. Odd combination? Not really. He’s a very physical guy with a lot of energy to spend so make sure he spends it the way that would benefit you both. It’s never too late to learn a sport. If he offers to take you with him or teach you how his sport go for it. If he doesn’t then ask if you can. If you’re not a sporty type of person just try. Who knows, you might actually like it. If you decide you don’t both of you can try a new sport. Something both of you may like. And if all else fails, you can always go to his game with his friends and cheer for him. You can meet his friends’ girlfriends too. As for socializing, this in itself is energy consuming. But there are also activities that will help you socialize. Dancing for example. Go out and party with him. It could be with your friends and his friends or just the two of you hitting the club making mew friends. He’d like that. He likes to meet new people so encouraging him to do so by going with him would make him love you more.

Sex. Not just lots of it. A variety of it. You may say he’s a guy and it’s a given. Although this is true, keep in mind that the Archer likes trying out new things. Keep him on his toes by surprising him with a sensual massage or a quickie in the club bathroom. If that’s too much for you try a lap dance at home. If you’re scared of upsetting him by going overboard you can always ask him what he wants. :p

Lots of trust and long patience. He needs these from you. He can be crass at times but remember that he doesn’t mean to hurt you. He can just be honest and would rather go straight to the point than beat around the bush. Also remember that it takes forever for a Sag guy to commit so if he’s with you … that means a lot.