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Best Gifts for a Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are happiest when outdoors, travelling or having fun. What are the best gifts for a Sagittarius? Should you buy a new set of golf clubs? If that is what your Sagittarius friend really enjoys that would be ideal, as well as appreciated. Likewise an impromptu picnic or an energetic hike to a picturesque waterfall would both be terrific dates that a Sagittarius lover would simply adore. These things make great birthday, Christmas or any time presents for a Sagittarius. But do you know what would really tickle their fancy the best? Guess!

Sagittarius is passionate about anything that involves travel, whether it is a spontaneous exotic romantic island escape for two or a fun family vacation discovering the ancient pyramids in Egypt with the kids as well as trusty Fido along for the quest! The eternal traveler has a thirst for adventure that must be quenched from time to time. The more often, the better! What are the best gifts for a Sagittarius? Anything and everything to do with travel of course!

Everyone knows that this roaming star sign absolutely loves travel and tourism, as well as having what we call itchy feet! Really itchy that must be scratched very regularly or else boredom will set in. You dont want to see this usually happy, upbeat traveler when he/she feels trapped. A one way all expenses paid round the world ticket, cruising or flying would be Sagittarius utopia.

Believe it or not your Sagittarius lover, friend or partner will thoroughly appreciate anything that you choose as a gift because fro this fun loving personality type the fun is in opening the gift and satisfying that old Sagittarius curiosity. So do take acre with how you present your gift, because a beautifully wrapped present is half the fun of both giving and receiving presents.

What are the best gifts for a Sagittarius apart from those related to things to do with travel?

Clothes: Try brown, yellow, blue and red garments.
Gems and jewels: Although the Sagittarius birthstone is the ruby, if this is too expensive also look at other red stones.
Comical Gifts & Gags: With such a great sense of humor your Sagittarius friend will appreciate joke books, a great comedy movie or how about tickets to see a comedian?
Books: They also love good quality collector edition books, especially travel guides, photographic panoramic landscapes and of course a good philosophical read.
The Great Outdoors: Dont forget that Sagittarians are well known for their sense of adventure, so if a holiday escape is out of the question they will love a fun filled day out at a theme park, kayaking, abseiling or parachuting.
The Archer: Sagittarius people also like sentimental pieces that remind you of them. Find a mug, belt buckle or even a t-shirt with a Sagittarius slogan splashed across it. They will absolutely love it! How about a handy travel mug for your buddy or Interlocking Heart Handle Mugs to enjoy your morning coffee together?

Dont forget that this star sign does love to travel just about more than any other activity, so do try to accommodate that if possible, although this personality type appreciates your thoughts and kindness, regardless of what gift you choose to give.