When you’ve got your sights set on someone and you believe in personalities being shaped by the Zodiac signs, chances are you’ve already checked out your sign’s compatibility with the other person’s. What you may glean could either discourage or encourage you to pursue a relationship with them.

However, it’s best to bear in mind that a Zodiac sign compatibility chart merely illustrates how well two individuals get along, as well as their level of comfort with each other in accordance with their signs. Think of it merely as a guide to help you weigh the odds should you want to be with someone whose Zodiac sign doesn’t match yours.

We’ve put together a list of five reasons how and why incompatible signs work.

1. You may not be soul mates, but you can help each other become better people.

Your Zodiac sign is represented by a major element (fire, air, earth, or water), and a compatibility chart specifies other signs sharing the same element as well-suited to a certain degree. Also, the Zodiac indicates that the element of a particular sign is compatible to another element depending on how they match in natural form. For example, signs falling under the fire element are best matched with water signs, and are relatively compatible with air and earth signs.

So while the person you’re interested in may not share the same element with your sign, this doesn’t mean you are totally incompatible. Like natural elements, your sign can be enhanced by another dissimilar one, and could in fact help you see things in a new perspective simply because you are different.

2. Other factors shape your personalities apart from your Astrological signs.

Even if you’re totally steeped in Astrology, it’s good to know that there’s more to a person than just their Zodiac sign. It could be the way they’re brought up, their ethnicity or cultural background, their education, or other factors they were exposed to as they grew into adulthood.

Determine what attracts you to the person and see how those traits can enhance and match your own. Also, check how well-suited their values and ideals are with yours.That’s where true compatibility and the possibility of a harmonious relationship lies.

3. There may be other aspects in your birth chart that make you two tick.

If you’re really determined to use Astrology to see how well-matched you are with someone, you could try inputting your complete birth data along with the other person’s in online birth chart compatibility reports. These can help interpret the positions, aspects, and points of the planets and the houses in your charts. You can also determine other important signs like Moon and Mercury, and your Ascendant if you happen to
know your time of birth.

Specialized compatibility reports can also interpret how your planets interact with each other, as well as other details of your respective personalities.

4. You see your differences as challenges rather than obstacles.

If your charts and signs indicate a not-so-suitable match yet you still feel challenged to pursue the relationship, there’s no real reason to put on the brakes yet, is there? This is especially true of people who believe that destiny is a matter of choice, not chance. If you have a play-it-by-ear attitude towards dating and see potential Astrological warning signs as tests rather than pitfalls, then go for it. Who knows? You might learn something insightful about yourself along the way.

5. You simply refuse to “follow the signs” and plunge right into a relationship.

You may be the type to seek solace in Astrology once in a while for comfort or reassurance, yet you refuse to base an entire relationship’s future around it. If this has worked for you before, this is not the time to look at Zodiac sign compatibility as a self-fulfilling prophecy, especially if you’re really into someone. Being realistic means looking at a situation in a practical light. Sure, Zodiac signs may have some answers for your relationship, but they don’t have all of them, every time.