Are They Gone for Now, or Gone Forever? How to Tell if a Sagittarius has Ghosted You

What happened? you ask. Everything was fine, and then one day, Sagittarius just stopped answering. You tried waiting, playing it cool, and then moving on, but Sagittarius never seemed to wander their way back to you. You’ve asked around, and there’s no drama or situation in the Archer’s life that would keep them from contacting you.

You’re not sure if they’re just being a typical Sagittarius or if they’ve ghosted you.

If Any of These Have Happened, Sagittarius has probably ghosted you:

Your email, phone number, or social media profiles are blocked. So, it’s not that your messages go unanswered, but that you can’t leave any messages at all. Sagittarius may change its mind easily, but once it decides that you’re not good for them, it puts you out of mind and out of sight. Sagittarius hits the road and doesn’t look back.

Keep in mind that if you are blocked, there’s a handful of reasons why. Are you bossy? Did you tell them what to do at any point? Are you needy? Do you take up a lot of time. Are you smug about your intellectual prowess? There’s only room for one vagabond genius in the room, and that’s Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is out of the state or country by the time you learn what’s happened to them. One of the (few) things that’s crappy about Sagittarius is that it has no idea how to do a proper goodbye. When the Archer knows it’s about to leave, it becomes anxious to go. It doesn’t want to linger. It doesn’t get homesick. It also doesn’t really do goodbyes.

Sagittarius isn’t sentimental, and when it knows it’s leaving, it starts letting go, which it does easily. It believes that life is about change, and as long as we’re all still alive, we’re all still connected. Thus, it really can’t handle other people getting too mushy and crying, hugging and getting sentimental about change. So, if you don’t hear from Sagittarius, and the next thing you find out is that they’re far away, then there’s a good chance they’re not coming back.

Sagittarius has a different religion, political outlook, or philosophy that is opposed to your own, and this has caused conflict in the past. If Sagittarius has adopted a new outlook or philosophy and now identifies with it, they may no longer identify with you if you strongly identify with their old outlook. This is more likely if they know you don’t like their new opinion or would have trouble accepting it. They may just as well avoid the conflict by avoiding you. Sagittarius needs to be free to think and explore ideas. If you’re less open-minded, then they may just decide that they’ve outgrown the relationship, and it’s best to have a clean break.

The last few times you saw Sagittarius, the conversation was serious. They didn’t tell jokes, or if they tried, they apologized. If you’re very sensitive, touchy, or easily triggered or offended, there’s a good chance that you just can’t hang out with Sagittarius. It’s not that they don’t understand, intellectually, that some people are more delicate than others. They just don’t think it’s their job to make the world a softer place for anyone else. Sagittarius generally thinks it’s a disservice and against the purpose of their existence to honor taboos. In fact, if you’ve ever been snappy with them about it, you’ve probably offended them and given them the impression that they just can’t be real around you. If they can’t be real, then you can’t be friends.

However, if the Following Has Happened, Then Sagittarius is Probably Coming Back:

Sagittarius has gone back to school or is traveling. Archers are more likely to be absorbed in the moment and not take time for correspondence. Thus, if they’ve become immersed in a course of study or in taking in the experience while traveling or living abroad, then they’re not going to stop to sit and catch up with phone calls or emails.

They will fill you in when they get back, or when things settle down. If you wish them well, you’re likely to be one of the first they respond to when the time comes.

They’re dealing with a crisis or major problem right now. Sagittarius doesn’t reach out to many for moral support, and it’s typical for them to give up on socializing and just focus on the problem or issue. They may reach out to one or two people closest to the problem, but Sagittarius doesn’t like to come off as unhappy or worse: without having all the answers. If you ask around and find out that something is up with them, just let them be. When the storm is over, they’ll come around and catch up with you.

They’re involved in a major intellectual undertaking. Once engaged, the Archer remains in motion, putting everything they have into something for as long as they can manage it. Sure, they need a distraction, and they need to get away from work, but if they’re involved in something they love, they may not wander too far from it. This is especially true if your Sagittarius is a writer, entrepreneur, lawyer, or some other person who has a lot of solitary work or specialized work that requires a lot of focus and dedication. They’ll come around once the work is over, or at the least the bulk of it.