When it comes to vacation spots, it’s important to consider what will make a Sagittarius the happiest. Keep in mind this sign is rather adventuresome, so just sitting along the beach or visiting relatives with no other activities in place are certainly not going to provide contentment for the Archer. Certainly this doesn’t mean you cannot take trips to the beach or other spots that are full of relaxation, but you have to include some
adventure into the trip as well. Remember, Sagittarius likes to keep moving and is not content to be confined to one spot.

If you’re going on vacation with a Sagittarius, you must remember they love adventure and exotic places. Don’t even think for a minute that you will satisfy this sign with just a relaxing time at home; the farther they are away from home, the happier they are. Not only are they lovers of exotic places, but they also enjoy going to places where they can learn about different cultures as well. This trait may be due partly because of their placement in the 9th House that is also known as the House of Long Distance Journeys. What this means is Sagittarians enjoy traveling not only because of the adventure it brings but also because of the learning experience.

Some of the places Sagittarians will enjoy include beaches, camping, hiking in the hills and fishing. While we previously mentioned the beach as something not likely to appeal to Sagittarius, it’s important to understand that the beach can be a place where you just lie out in the sound and do nothing—this will not appeal to Sagittarius—but if you use your trip to the beach as an adventurous activity such as engaging in water skiing, surfing, diving, swimming and other similar activities, it will give Sagittarius a chance to engage
in some adventure and even learn something new.

Sagittarians love any activities that take place outdoors, but they also enjoy traveling to exotic places including third world countries. To a Sagittarius all travel is an experience from which they can add to their knowledge base. However, you have to keep in mind that when you travel with a Sagittarius, it is important to choose places that are different from where he or she lives. Stay away from a hotel in the mountains or an island resort and plan something more exotic. In fact, this sign would prefer to just start traveling
and see where they end up instead of planning a vacation with reservations and daily itineraries of pre-planned activities.

They enjoy doing things on the spur of the moment, and would not only enjoy going to an unusual place but also to one of the usual places to just have fun without giving it any forethought. Your Sagittarius would enjoy going to the Rockies, Yellow Stone national Park or the Grand Canyon. These places are unlike the ordinary vacation spots that tend to attract most people because it gives you an opportunity to camp out or spend time with family and friends just having fun without planning an entire trip.