High in energy and loving to introduce new things in life every single day, Sagittarians are known to be passionate but flexible lovers. They are passionate when they find the partners alike, sharing time doing similar things, and staying busy; but get loose when they find themselves stuck with a partner of opposite choices. If you are getting into a marital bond with Sag, there are some things that might clear off some confused clouds inside your mind.

There might be the very first doubt in one’s mind when it comes to a Sag and marriage. Why do Sags decide to get married? What is their motivation to get into a bond, when they are known to be anti-commitment people? The major reason behind Sags getting married is their strong belief into religion. If religion commands everyone to get married and make a complete family, Sags won’t decline that, and would try to do their best to find a perfect partner to fulfill this. Now, once they are sure about getting married, they come across two options. One, arranged, and two, love marriage. Here, we would analyze about their performance, idea and suggestions in terms of love marriage.

Sagittarius & Love marriage

As a love marriage requires the family indulgence later, it leaves more room for the partners to understand each other first and decide on the wedding later. So, you might have already tested some basic instincts of a Sag by now, and think you are ready to start a life. But, there are some differences that you may face.

A Sagittarian loves to see the spouse busy. As a love partner, you might have spent little time together versus the time you are going to spend after wedding. So, you might have to keep that energetic impression consistent after marriage as well.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that, you need to keep patience while your Sag partner becomes socially active. Till now, being a love partner you were always fine to see the person mixing up with people along, but now being a husband or a wife you might see jealousy and doubt peeping in. Rather than letting doubt seep in, better is to convince yourself that only thing that would keep the other to love you and be with you is to show your entire trust and motivate the person to live the life he/she chooses. A strict or restricted atmosphere is the first step to ruin the entire settled relationship.

Also, while you were not married but loved the high energy of the Sagittarian partner, wedding might get the thought inside your head wherein you want your partner to be more responsible now. Try to understand that the Sag might look hyperactive in terms of being social and devoting a lot of time outside, but that doesn’t fail him/her as a responsible person. Rather, ruling as a boss might make the person feel bonded slave, which is a very unhealthy feeling with Sag, and is most likely going to kill the love in the long run.