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Sagittarius And Capricorn Compatibility

General Compatibility:

A combination of Sagittarius and Cancer is a difficult one. Fire (Sagittarius) and Water (Cancer) as we know does not go together. Yes they are both generous people but the compatibility ends there. Cancer likes to kick off their shoes, put it up on the table, watch tv and have a quiet evening at home. Sagittarius would want to go out instead and have fun. The emotional and moody attitude of the Water sign Cancer may be easily offended by the reckless and blunt ways of a Sagittarian. An innocent and simple, straight forward comment from Sagittarians may come off as very harsh for a Cancer and could set off mood swings where the trouble normally begins. In able for this to work out, each should respect one another's very different opinions. Both should make big sacrifices. The Cancer, for example, needs to give more space for the Sagittarian than its clingy nature allows. There is no room for being possessive. Sagittarius believes his freedom is very important. Otherwise, water may turn out to conquer the fire which makes the Sagittarian a totally different person. The Sagittarian, on the other hand, will have to be a little bit more sensitive and be very conscious of what they say specially if a Cancer is around. The Archer likes to go fast and just shoot forward whereas Cancer is a lot more mellow and needy. People born under the Cancer sign are family inclined and tend to focus on them a lot. A Sagittarius does not have a problem with that except he's a natural wanderlust and would eventually look for something new somewhere else.

Romantic Compatibility:

Sagittarians are carefree and venturesome while Cancer can be possessive and needy. They may be attracted in a way that they are very opposite. Cancer admires the energy and spirit of the passionate Sagittarius. This stimulates his adventurous side. And Crab's nurturing ways is what draws the Archer. But although at first these opposite traits can push them together, it will also eventually be the same thing that will pull them apart. A Cancer may want to settle down immediately which makes Sagittarius look for the nearest way out. He likes being taken care of and being the center of Cancer's attention but it's not enough to keep him faithful and make him stay. He may more likely be scared once Cancer gives a little hint of domestication. If a Cancer wants to stay with Sagittarius, Cancer must be prepared to let loose and live life to the fullest. Have fun and get out of the comforts of one's home. This will not be an easy relationship. However, the result will be very rewarding if the Sagittarian chooses to work it out as Cancers has the tendency to protect and provide for their loved ones. Adaptation is the key. It is usually advised for these two to remain friends. To sum it up, a Cancer is a home maker, a nurturer, a parent and, and a caretaker. A Sagittarius on the other hand is an adventurer, a thrill-seeker, philosopher and can even be a dare devil. You get the picture.

Sexual Compatibility:

If there's something that would make these two click, it's sex. The Archer and the Crab will rock each other's world. These two have a very different approach to life but sex will bring them together. A Crab is highly clingy and emotional. They believe in making love and not just having sex. The approach should be through Cancer's need for nurturing and security. Not exactly what a Sagittarian is looking for when it comes to a sex partner but if he is patient enough he will be able to see the wild side of this person.