With an intensely attractive Sagittarian around, you might be curious to know if this centre-of-attraction of all the parties would make a good pair with you or not? For getting an answer closest to your query, let’s first dive into a Sagittarius personality, and then see what all sun-signs can make a great match with them. Basically, the general personality trait each sun-sign possesses has a great deal to do with the compatibility factor.


Making of a Sagittarian

Looking at the possibilities of making a match with a Sagittarius needs to first get you a fair idea about how these people are ideally. These titled social-animals are very good at entertaining the people around, and are very active in being responsive. Hence, they attract people easily due to the shine in their personalities and vibe in their speech. Adventure-loving, fun-seeking and energetic are some of the most common tags given to a Sagittarian. People appreciate them for being very interesting, rich in talking, for the optimism they carry, and for being very trustworthy friends.


But, while looking to make a match with a Sagittarius, there are some changes of getting some eyebrows raised. Ideally known to be quick-moving in terms of relationships, and not being able to match up with seriousness of any love matter, Sagittarius are often very picky to make match with. There are certain sun-signs that might be great matches to get along with Sags with a long term commitment


Which ones make a perfect match?

A Gemini shares greatly similar energy-level with a Sagittarius, because of their hunger for exploring new things. And, for that matter, both of these sun-signs gel-up really well initially, and with continuity of shared interests, they make long ways together. Apart from time, it needs patience and smartness to carry this type of relationship along, as boredom peeps in quick in both of these personalities.


Leo and Aries are also great prospects for being matches with Sagittarians, as they both understand the Sag-personality really well. Understanding the never-ending hunger for adventure, taste for freedom and need for personal space is what makes these two sun-signs go a long way with a Sagittarius.


Which ones is a perfect ‘No-No’?

Virgo, to start with, is typically full of pride and value their traditions and intellect. Sagittarians are too open personalities for someone like this. Cancer, being much into family values and love for tradition also doesn’t go well with a party-animal, Sagittarius. Taurus, with ideally possessive features, cannot stand long with Sags who ideally love mingling with new networks in parties and gatherings.


Capricorns are also not a great combination with a Sagittarius, due to their being a little on the pessimistic side. Sagittarians are high in optimism and any sun-sign that doesn’t like freedom, adventure and open conversation with others outside the love-match would not go a long way with a Sagittarius.