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> Daily Archives: April 20, 2014

Intimacy with a Sagittarian

Before we delve in to the aspect of intimacy with a Sagittarian, let us understand the people born under this sign. A lot of their traits in love are determined by their zodiac. Sagittarians are people ruled by the ninth sign, that is, Jupiter. Since Jupiter’s traditional name is ‘Jove’, it goes without saying that Sagittarians are jovial people. Sagittarians are people born between 22nd November and 21st December. Their key traits are that they are magnanimous, honest, expansive, generous, reckless, extroverted, proud, larger than life, and independent.

We should garner from the above characteristics that a Sagittarius is eternally free and independent. They are also adventurous and love to travel. Boredom is not a word in their vocabulary and they seek the same amount of excitement when it comes to any kind of relationship with another. Therefore, in terms of intimacy as well, a Sagittarian will also seek a thrill. They might be a bit wary of intimacy as they feel that it takes away their independence. In that respect, intimacy which binds them will not work as they like being free. But, if a partner gives them ample amount of space, they will not feel weighed down and welcome it with open arms.

In those terms, they should be able to make their decisions in any intimate relationship. They will be forthcoming with what they feel as they are extroverted by nature and will not hide their feelings. The freedom to go out and do what they feel will only increase a Sagittarians intimacy with their partner. They are open and honest and therefore do not feel the need for complicated mind games. It’s either a yes or a no for them as they know what they want.

One should also remember that they are very creative people and love delving into intellectual thoughts. They are a fire sign and are excited by challenges.  Therefore, doing things out of the box is a sure fire way of getting a Sagittarian to open up deep down and bring in trust and respect in the relationship. Never be afraid to do things differently and ensure that a Sagittarians mind is always occupied.

Since they love to travel, intimacy with a Sagittarian can be increased by taking trips with them. They will pull out all stops if they are up for it and even small things can turn romantic and sensual. Fantasies which satiate their curiosity and their wild side will make a relationship hotter and more intimate. Still, one must remember that they do not burn with a sexual charge like that of a Scorpio and can settle into a platonic frame of mind and body over a long period of time. They are however good soul mates with their magnanimous nature.

They are friendly and kind and will never intentionally hurt another. That being said, they also usually never apologize for their actions as they believe in what they are doing and the rightness of it. In the end, one must never forget that Sagittarians are innately truthful and frankness and openness will work wonders when it comes to intimacy with a Sagittarian.

Casual Dating with a Sagittarian

Sagittarians are adventure loving people who like to seek the thrill in life. They are free in their heart and soul and like to be that way. When it comes to dating, Sagittarians are at first apprehensive. Paradoxically they also make great life partners but that only happens in the later stages of their life or after a very long term. At first, they are afraid of saying yes as they feel threatened to the loss of their freedom.  Independence to a Sagittarian is everything. They like living on their own terms and doing things their way. In that regard, they know what they want and go for it. Therefore, dating someone may seem like they are being bound into something, which will invariably make them run in the opposite direction.

That being said, casual dating is a great experience to be had with a Sagittarius sign. In any casual relationship, you get to have all the fun while keeping your own space and living life on your own terms. This idea might appeal to a Sagittarian. Also, the challenge and thrill is never gone from the relationship. Sagittarians are attracted to a challenge and will not think twice from jumping off the cliff as they are optimistic by nature. So, when one is not serious dating, Sagittarians feel a certain challenge in getting the other person and having them in their lives. This keeps them going.

As far as a thrill is concerned, casual dating offers the innately adventurous Sagittarian an outlet for the wild side. They can be spontaneous and the entire relationship is based on fun which suits a Sagittarian just fine. The adventure lies in exploring different sensual and sexual scenarios, giving a free hand to fantasies and generally doing things in a free and unapologetic manner. Sagittarians can just be themselves and have a great time. Since they have a gift of the gab and are extroverted, it is ensured that the partner will have a fabulous time in the casual relationship.

In a casual dating scenario, there are no long term commitments or responsibilities which will give ample space to a Sagittarian. It does not mean to say that Sagittarians are not responsible in relationships or incapable of a long term commitment, but just that they take time to settle in the groove. They are also very honest and forthcoming, and will be the same in a casual relationship. While one is worried about speaking their mind until they get to know the person really well, Sagittarians will surprise their partner with truthfulness. While many signs leaning towards emotions will be put off by this trait, and decide that casually dating a Sagittarian is not their cup of tea, others will love it and be attracted to them even more.

Lastly, Sagittarians have a vibrant personality and know how to exercise it. If there is one guarantee of casual dating with a Sagittarian, it is that no matter what, the partner will never ever be bored and solely for that, casually dating a Sagittarian is worth giving a try!