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Author: Bryce Harris

How To Seduce A Sagittarius Woman

Normally a Sagittarius woman is the one who seduces a man. That’s because she likes the challenge. Sagittarians are full of ideas and are always positive about them so expect some pretty irresistible tricks from her. However, if you have been with Sagittarius women I’m sure you wouldn’t want to wait until she notices and seduces you. You have to take action as these fun-filled, lovers of life will not stay single forever. First things first, get to know her different sides; what she likes and not and try to work on it.

The Intellectual Sagittarian. Your main task would be to keep her mind stimulated. She is definitely not a dumb babe so don’t treat her like one! Sagittarians are the intellectual type and you might be surprised to realize you’re the one trying to keep up with how her brain works. She can talk about anything from politics, gas prices, law, traveling, traditions and exchange rate to the latest celebrity gossip, best salons and the price of a lemon. Not only that, she gets bored easily so you need to constantly think of new things to talk about or discuss or her eyes and ears would end up slipping somewhere else. Use your wit and intellect in seducing her. Be humorous and crack jokes. If you can make her laugh then keep going because you’re on the right track.

The Materialistic Sagittarian. At times a Sagittarius female will seem high maintenance. And she could be. Sagittarians love fun and adventure, traveling and sports. One way to seduce this side of her is to take her to trips and cruises away from her usual scenery. Go to a deserted island resort or book a few days stay on a luxury ship. This will blow her mind away. She knows how to appreciate the good things in life. Luxurious hotels, exotic restaurants and high end night clubs will be every appealing to her. Little tokens to show her how you appreciate her or a bouquet of flowers delivered in her office for everyone to see will surely get more than her attention.

The Simple Sagittarian and Sporty. Although she can be materialistic, the Sagittarius woman also values simple things. A Sagittarian when in love is very romantic. Camping out is a good activity to do with her. It’s something that will challenge her and make her sweat at the same time feel romantic because it’s just the two of you in the woods for the night. Bring a double sleeping bag because a Sagittarian is naughty and likes the idea of making love in the great outdoors. On a regular weekend, try staying in to cook for her and watch a DVD. Surprise her by planning a pillow fight but make it look spontaneous for added fun. Or chase her around the bedroom and make sure you end up in bed (or the kitchen counter if you must).

Now for a few DON’Ts. A Sagittarian values independence. Yes she’s a woman but don’t try to stop her for paying the bill at the restaurant. There’s no reason why she can’t do so. This does not mean you should let her pay all the time though. It’s just a way for her to feel you are equal. Also refrain from being to showy in public. Yes a Sagittarian is game for some quick fun in the men’s room but that is different from being mushy and clingy.

A Sagittarius woman will be easy to persuade as long as she’s in to you. Keep that in mind by the time you get into the actual seducing you might find you don’t need to do it anymore.

How To Seduce A Sagittarius Man

If you’ve dated a Sagittarius guy you’d know that he is complex and hard to catch. These men born under the zodiac Sagittarius are very approachable because they are naturally friendly people. But getting their attention is different from keeping it. Whether we like it or not, the men with the sign represented by an Archer or a Centaur will follow the next thing that will catch their attention. Being a dual sign (half man, half horse), a Sagittarian tends to have a double personality too. One is philosophical and idealistic (man) and the other wild and carefree (horse). Given that, one must be ready to come across both personalities and be able to handle it before she plans to seduce him.

Sagittarius Traits. A Sagittarian is easily attracted to a woman that’s fun and full of energy and sex appeal. So what you need to do is dress flirty (not slutty), put on some make up and light perfume, laugh, look fun and HAVE fun. This will get his attention right away and will make him fall for you. Be warm and friendly towards him and his friends. His friends are very important to him and this will make him feel you accept him as a whole.

The Sagittarius man can also be considered a knight in shining armor. Generally, he will want to reach out to help and fight for a worthy cause. But, other than hanging out with fun people he can’t help but get involved with a damsel in distress. Note that this is a part of him that has a dual personality or varied tastes. He may feel he has the responsibility to make things right for someone.  This is the alpha male in him acting out. On the contrary, he doesn’t like women who cannot stand for themselves. This is where it can get complex. Do you act like someone in need or someone who doesn’t need anyone? A little bit of both. You don’t want to act like a weakling who can’t fend for yourself. You need to have enough confidence to let him see you do have your moments but you can always bounce back on your feet.

Moreover, the centaur is a physical person and it bores him to sit around doing and seeing the same things. You need to be able to offer him something else. Constantly.

Seducing The Sagittarius Guy. Don’t just go for the usual things people do on a date. That’s no way to turn on the Archer. If you want him hooked to you engage him in physical activities. A Sagittarius loves sports and outdoor events so plan on a weekend out of town or do activities together. Some of the things you might want to try are gambling, camping, horseback riding, wake boarding or even bungee jumping and sky diving if you really want to impress him. Be impulsive too. Even if you have planned to do one activity it wouldn’t hurt to switch to a different one or add it up if you can still take it. He would love the spontaneity. Do some of these and he will surely bite it hook-line-and-sinker. One thing to keep in mind is that Sagittarians are direct people. You might not need a lot of seduction to get him to jump in bed with you. Most of them may even consider sex as a sport. Be aggressive and tell him what you want. You might want to refrain from mentioning anything about a commitment yet because this will make him run for the nearest exit.

Know What His Dating Rules Are. In every relationship it’s very important to know where you stand. Luckily, being straight forward people, Sagittarians doesn’t go through a lot of phases before he tells you what the score is. But you also need to know what his rules are when it comes to serious dating as opposed to casual dating. Do not force him into going to a serious relationship if he isn’t ready or does not want to. This would only push him away even more.  Give him a little freedom and before you know it he will come back to you.

Best And Worst Careers For A Sagittarius

Sagittarians are the intellectual type. It’s easy for them to learn about new things. Thus, they can get bored easily. They’re the adventurous people who are not afraid of taking risks. It won’t be a surprise for this person to switch jobs everytime they see fit (meaning when they get tired of the what they’re doing which can happen all the time or until they find the perfect job for them). The archer is known to aim for high goals but no matter how much they make or how high the position is, if they feel they’re getting caged in they will look for something else. Below is a brief explanation and tips of what you can do If you’re a Sagittarian and are unhappy of your current career (or finding it hard to figure out what your next career move is) or if you work with a Sagittarian and would like to improve your work relations with him/her.

Figure out what you are good at and what you love doing.

Because a Sagittarian has a lot of interests they also have a lot of big ideas and they are very optimistic about these. They won’t mind investing all the time and resources they have for a certain project. A lot of Sagittarians are entreprenuers so they get into their own businesses and most of them succeed on this. Having a good grasp of the bigger picture might also help them be good managers. They see the big picture and then share it with the team so they can work on it. It won’t be hard as Sagittarians are natural born teachers. They are good at interacting with people and they have the patience to explain their ideas to them. That being said, Sagittarians can also be teachers and writers. The archer loves challenges. He wouldn’t mind a bit of pressure (as a matter of fact, he is good under pressure) because he likes finishing things he already started. He is very active and also love the out-doors so a career in sports, travel or tourism might be suitable.

To sum that up, the more active Sagittarians lean on sports and traveling/tourism, where they can meet people and move around a lot. On the other hand, the more intellectual types can go for more intellectual professions as trading, law and business.

Sagittarians as a boss.

Generally, Sagittarian bosses are easy to get along with. They are very generous when giving bonuses or a raise specially with employees who they know are working well. They can also be generous with time or deadlines and are very reasonable … most of the times. So if you’re having a hard time keeping up with the deadline he might just cut you some slack provided you have acceptable reasons. One bad side about a Sagittarian boss is that he can be stubborn and change his mind a lot. Specially when he gets one of his big ideas.

Sagittarians as an employee.

Sagittarians love being with people and working with people. He’s a very good team player. Being always happy and optimistic he will serve as an inspiration or a morale booster for his fellow employees.

Some of the careers or prefessional fields that a Sagittarian could consider are: Entrepreneur, Teacher/Professor, Lawyer, Sales and Marketing, Writer/Journalist, Public Relations, Trader, Sports Instructor, Athlete, Travel Agent, Tourism related fields.

Top 10 Drinks A Sagittarius Will Enjoy

You decide to host dinner for a Sagittarian date. What better way to get to a person’s heart than through his/her stomach, right? You check if everything’s set:

Dim Lights/Candles – CHECK!

Romantic Music – CHECK!

Appetizer – CHECK!

Main Entrée – CHECK!

Deserts – CHECK!

Red Wine/Champagne – CHECK!

Well, Sagittarians are known to lean on the fun side. Don’t get me wrong, everyone enjoys a romantic dinner at home … once in a while. This might be fun to do if it’s the first time and you’re trying to get to know each other but after 2 or 3 times you might want to add a little spice to it (not sex, dear, cause that comes after everything else … or not). So for once, why don’t you drop the wine and give it a little twist. Of course you don’t have to wait for a romantic dinner. You could be throwing a private party for a Sagittarian or just wanted to share a quick drink but just work with me here, okay?

Here we have a few cocktail drinks that a Sagittarian might enjoy:

1)      CAIPIRINHA – also known as the national cocktail of Brazil and used to be the country’s best kept secret. USED TO BE because it’s now a favorite in Europe and US. Here’s a simple way to make one at home:

Ingredients: 2 ounces Cachaca, some Sugar, 1 Lime, Ice Cubes

Preparation: Mash up the the limes with sugar (just enough to get the juices out), mix the juice with Cachaca, stir, add ice and stir again.

*Cachaca is a type of sugarcane wine. But if you can’t find one on your local store, vodka would do.

2)      COCONUT BATIDA – Not the one you buy on bottles. Batida is a mixture of Cachaca and fresh fruit juice. You can use most tropical fruits for this but coconut cream or milk can be commonly found on supermarkets AND has an exotic twist on it.

Ingredients:  50ml Coconut Milk, 25ml Cachaca, some Nestle or Table Cream and some ice cubes.

Preparation: Just blend everything together and you’re good to go.

3)      FISH HOUSE PUNCH – This is a rum based cocktail that does not have any fish in it. The punch was named after a gentleman’s society in Pennsylvania called The Fish House.

Ingredients:  fresh lemon juice, powdered sugar or syrup to taste, brandy, peach brandy, light rum club soda, ice mold and citrus slices to garnish

Preparation: Chill all of these ingredients before mixing. Put the lemon juice in the punch bowl (add some syrup or sugar to taste). Mix the brandy and rum (tea can also be added for a stronger taste). Add the club soda last and then some ice mold fruit slices (like you would a usual punch).

4)      CHOCOTINI – Nothing like classic chocolate to seduce your partner. This time with a twist of liquor.

Ingredients: Vodka, White Cream De Cacao, Coffe Liqueur, some Triple Sec and cherry to garnish

Preparation: Shake vodka, Cream De Cacao and Triple Sec, put it on a chilled martini glass then add the coffee liqueur which will settle to the bottom.


Ingredients:  Tequila, Orange Liqueur, Pani Puri Masala, Crushed Mint, Lime Juice, Ice Cubes

Preparation:  Pour tequila and pani puri masala along with crushed mint and limejuice in a shaker. Add ice to it and give it a long shake. Pour in a glass rimmed with salt. Garnish with lime and some green chili to give it a more exotic look!

6)      FLIRTINI – This is a drink that would suit the younger Sagittarians. Specially cause it’s hip and was made famous by the series Sex In The City.

Ingredients: Raspberry Vodka, Champagne, Pineapple juice and Cranberry juice (optional).

Preparation:  Combine all the ingredients in a tall glass and garnish it with citrus fruits.

7)      STRAWBERRY BASIL CAIPIRINHA – Basil on your drink? Why not! Here’s another cachaca based cocktail with a hint of basil. On the rocks!

Ingredients: Cachaca, Strawberries and Limes cut in quarters, small/torn basil leaves

Preparation: Mash all the ingredients together. Pour it into a cocktail tumbler with ice, add sugar, mix and pour into a rock glass. Garnish it with strawberry and basil for a more fun look.

8)      CITRUS-GINGER COOLER – To sum it up … ginger = exotic + tangy.

Ingredients: Orange, Lime and Lemon slices, Spring water, Ginger water, Orange Vodka and/or Citrus Vodka and syrup to sweeten.

Preparation: Mash up the orange, lime and lemon slices together.  Add ice, ginger water, spring water, vodka and syrup. Shake well and pour in a tall glass. Garnish with candied ginger.

9)      PEAR AND SPARKLING CIDER COCKTAILS – TIP: The bourbon usually overpowers the taste of the pear nectar so make sure you use one that you like.

Ingredients: chilled pear nectar, chilled sparkling apple cider, chilled seltzer, bourbon whiskey, and pears (unpeeled, cored and cut into wedges) for garnish

Preparation: Stir everything together and pour on a cocktail glass. Use one pear wedge per glass for garnish.

10)   LONG ISLAND ICED TEA – Pretty common but the mix of tangy taste sure is appealing for the Archer. MUST: Use all white liquors.

Ingredients: Vodka, Tequila, rum, gin, triple sec, sweet and sour mix, Coca Cola, lemon to garnish.

Preparation: Pour all alcoholic ingredients into a pre-iced shaker. Pour into a tall glass with ice and add some Coca Cola.

Bear in mind a Sagittarian has a passion for exotic things including food and beverages. They’ll try anything once (or twice if it involves alcohol) so the more exotic and unique the drink is, the more appealing it will be for them.

Good Date Ideas For A Sagittarius

If you’re planning to impress a Sagittarian date, a movie and a romantic dinner might not just make it. Don’t get me wrong, Sagittarians love eating, movies and clubbing. But if you want it to be more memorable and at the same time don’t want to step away from the run-of-the-mill dates that people are used to (because you can have those any other day — or night) then a little bit of imagination and creativity is all you need. Here are some things that you might want to consider when planning THE unforgettable date with a Sagittarian.

BEACHES AND LAKES. Since Sagittarians are the outdoorsy type, plan for a weekend trip or outdoor activity. The beach would be a good place to start. If you’re already thinking along the lines of a dinner by the beach don’t just stop there. You’re already at the beach! Make the most out of it. There are a lot of things to do there whether it be a remote one or a major tourist spot. Try a water sport that he or she hasn’t tried yet. Rent a boat and go island hopping, snorkeling, or even scuba diving in the day.  Go for a swim in the afternoon and watch sunset together. Set up a romantic dinner by the beach (as you originally planned) with the waves as an alternative to romantic music and finish the night off by walking along the shore with the water splashing on your feet.

CAMPING. If you or your date is a more active type you can go hiking and camp out. Watch the stars and listen to each other’s stories about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees in front of the bonfire. Okay maybe that’s a bit odd but hey, there’s just the two of you in camping the woods … what’s there to do? You’ll be surprised how being close to nature can be romantic for a party animal Sagittarian.

MUSEUMS AND HISTORICAL PLACES. Another trip worth taking with the Archer is to a historical place … somewhere. Try a small town in another state or country where a hero was born … or executed. Learn about their heritage and tradition. Explore their old architectural designs, their food and everything else you can absorb. Sagittarians love trying out exotic food that’s new for them. Going out of town just to try a restaurant can be more fun than trying out a new one in the city.

SPORTS. For younger couples who doesn’t have the resources or the time to go on trips right now … try an adventurous sport that both of you can enjoy. Okay so maybe bungee jumping is a bit too extreme. Wall climbing might just be your thing. It’s done indoors, cheap and pretty easy to learn. Riding your mountain bikes on the trail on the hill isn’t such a bad idea too.

SIX FLAGS. Yes the amusement park. Well it doesn’t have to be Six Flags really but a theme park or amusement park is a good idea. There will be lots of people, different rides and plenty of activities to try. Winning a huge stuffed toy from the game booths might be a bit too cheesy but it’s how you won it that would matter. Throwing balls and knocking out bottles isn’t easy you know.

To sum it up, a Sagittarian has varied tastes. They are considered one of the most adventurous signs among all zodiacs. They have a passion for traveling and exotic food and are very inquisitive about rich cultures. That’s why they are often referred to as the globetrotters. They just don’t stay put; always up and about and looking for something new. So consider these small things and incorporate them with your original ideas when trying to come up for a memorable plan. This might just be that one date that will change everything.

Sagittarius Babies

Active and playful makes up a Sagittarius baby. They are the first babies in the day care center that would walk and expect to see a beaten path on the way that he goes. Sagittarius’ are natural born explorers. They are also very curious so these babies will touch everything they see on their way. Wondering what it is and what it tastes like! Sagittarius babies, or any baby for that matter, just have the urge to put anything and everything in their mouths. That said make sure he roams around a clean and hygienic place.

Speaking of roaming around, being an explorer he will want to go up and about a lot so it’s a good thing to give the baby a lot of space to run around and discover new things. Taking the baby out to the playground is a good thing; just make sure someone keeps an eye on him every single second he’s out there. The Sagittarius baby will also be excited about seeing people. They love meeting people and being part of a crowd; they will play with just about anyone they meet. Again, someone needs to keep an eye on him when he’s out on the playground because they could easily wander away. You don’t have to be on his side all the time, though. Sagittarians like feeling free and independent. Being beside them all the time and telling them what to do will make them feel boxed in. That’s no way to raise these babies. They will want to be able to discover things on their own and they will come to you when they do to show you what they just found proudly. It could be a rock, a flower or an abandoned toy on the sandbox. Just act like it’s the most wonderful thing you’ve ever seen. They need to feel inspired all the time; or successful and proud of their achievements. Be supportive of what they want to do. Feed them with more information. If they get interested in insects (they usually do) buy them books and encyclopedias about insects. Or educational toys that will make them more interested. Not doing so might put the baby off and dampen his high spirits.

Sagittarius babies will be proud of what they discover. He is a walking think tank and is like a sponge that will absorb everything he sees around him. Wondering what all these things are for. He will seem very brave for a small guy when compared to other babies as he isn’t afraid of new people or taking a bus or loud noises. Other babies might cower and run for their mommies when they hear a loud animal’s cry at the zoo. A Sagittarius baby will crane their heads to all directions and look where it comes from.

There will be times a Sagittarius baby might come off as boisterous and nosy kid. Sometimes even a wrecking machine. Don’t think this. He’s just trying to investigate and examine the things he finds interesting. In the end, it’s up to the parents to show him how he should deal with things and how a Sagittarian baby will grow up. A parent of a Sagittarius baby should have a lot of patience and enough tolerance and creativity to guide this little curious mind in exploring the big world in front of him.

5 Ways To Attract A Sagittarius Female

A woman born under the Sagittarius sign is full of life, independent, idealistic, and a lover of traveling and knowledge. With these characteristics it’s not impossible that men would go out of the way to woo her. It might seem easy at first. Besides, these female Archers (or Centaurs) love meeting people. They are known to be flirtatious and playful; perhaps, too flirtatious and playful. Keeping a female interested is the problem they have to overcome. Sagittarius females get bored easily. They tend to look for new things to try or new people to connect with. Here are some tips to bear in mind when trying to attract Sagittarius women.

1)      Dress Up. It might seem shallow, but women (in general) give high regards to a well dressed guy. When going out, make sure you dress better than your friends. Don’t overdo it though. Dress up for the occasion. Don’t wear a suit if it’s not a formal gathering and don’t wear jeans in a formal party. Some of the things to check out are shoes and fingernails. Seriously, if you can’t keep those clean (they’re in plain sight) then women won’t want to know about things they can’t see. Accessories are good too. Usually a wrist watch or a bracelet is enough. Again, don’t over accessorize.

2)      Keep Her Amused. It’s not all about the looks. Sagittarians are highly intellectual and philosophical people. On the other hand she also loves fun and laughter. So engage her in a light but stimulating conversation. Talk about business but don’t be too technical (unless she asks). Talk about her latest trip or your travel plans in the next few months. Or an exotic restaurant you want to try out.

3)      Be Hot And Cold. Now for a more devious trick … be unpredictable. Nothing drives a female Sagittarian crazy than an enigmatic guy. In flirting with them, the push and pull theory totally works! Be sweet with them and then keep your distance the next time you see each other. Going on and off will keep them wondering what’s up and keep them interested. It provides an air of mystery that messes up with their senses.

4)      Be The Prize. Don’t show them attention the whole time. Be the one who is worthy of attention! Make yourself the cath. Or at least make yourself seem like the most eligible bachelor in the room. Sagittarians love challenges. She’d be thinking of ways to win a “prize” and she would want the one with the highest value.

5)      Respect Her Freedom. A Sagittarian can very well take care of herself. She’s independent and she loves it that way. You have to respect that. She doesn’t want to be tied up. Don’t ask for a commitment after 2 weeks of going out with her. Do not give her an ultimatum and refrain from being too clingy (yes men can be that way too). Give her space to grow.

More importantly, be sure to explore new things with her. This is the best way to connect and keep up to date with what it takes to keep her interested.

5 ways to attract a sagittarius guy

So you’ve figured out from your horoscope that the perfect match for you is a Sagittarius male. The next step of course is to meet them. Pretty easy, just hang out in places where they might like to hang out. Where? Being happy and free spirited, this guy likes to party and have a lot of fun. Try a packed bar or a club. There will be a lot of guys with raging testosterones in there.  Some of them will be Sagittarians.

A Sagittarius male in some ways is just like any other male. Say it with me … testosterone filled. So first, just think about the usual ways you’d do to attract a regular hot blooded man. (No sweetie, don’t walk in the bar naked). Then incorporate it with the Archer’s characteristics. Here are five ways that will help you attract a Sagittarian male:

1) Be Mysterious and Aloof. Sure you’ve gone out on 3 or 4 dates already. But that doesn’t mean you have to tell him you can recite the multiplication table backwards. When you were five. While you were sleeping. The Zodiac Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. They are philosophical people and like puzzles. Don’t get us wrong here. You’re not supposed to act all weird and zoned out but being aloof should do the trick. Tip: Mysterious is NOT the same as weird. If he, for example asks a question that you don’t like to answer like … “How many boyfriends have you had in the last 2 weeks” just smile and say “Why would you want to know?” That way you’ve avoided answering his question in a polite BUT playful manner and at the same time leaving him with a little puzzle to figure out.

2) Be Fun and Playful. We all know Sagittarians are happy people. No Sagittarians would want to hang out with a gloomy chick. So if you’re all “Emo” and determined to cry the next time a chalk breaks you might want to change your priorities a little bit because Sagittarius and suicidal (yes they both start with the same letter, but still) does not go together. You have to be little miss sunshine. Smile. Laugh at his jokes. Try to engage him in a light conversation. And no matter what happens, refrain from talking about how, every now and then; you almost always want to follow your dead cat to the other side.

3) Flirt. If you’re in a bar and you want to come over and talk to him and get his number? Go ahead. Make the first move. There’s no law that would stop you from doing so. They like meeting new people so it won’t hurt. They will love the attention. It might overwhelm him a little bit but in this case, an overwhelmed Sagittarian is a good thing. Again, laugh at his jokes. Tap his arm or thigh lightly if you must. Bear in mind, Sagittarians like to flirt.

4) Be Unpredictable. So assuming you are already in a relationship with a Sagittarian male, this does not mean you’re going to stop from getting his attention. You still have to work on it because the Archers get bored easily. And once they do, expect him to head out of the door and look for some fun and excitement. So be unpredictable. Should be easy enough as women are known to be like that anyway. It’s not the same as being fickle minded, though. For example, plan on a weekend trip to the beach. Sagittarians love to travel so going out to a new place would excite him. If you’re used to planned vacations, try back packing for once. Just get on a bus, don’t book for hotel rooms or a car service. Head out the door with a few cash and even less clothes and no plan at all. This will make the adventurous part of him very happy.

5) Be confident and always look your best. Confidence takes people a long way. Sounds pretty generic. But physical appearance is very important to any guy. Especially to a Sagittarian. Of course it’s never a good idea to just rely on looks but it definitely helps. Be clean and hygienic. Dress sexy. Smell fresh. You don’t have to be crowned Miss Universe but if you don’t look after yourself, Sagittarius men (or any men for that matter) may just not make that second glance.

There are a lot more ways to attract the Sagittarius male.  Various “techniques” will come along the way. For now, bearing these simple tips in mind is a start and will come in handy.