Interesting and exciting: In order to date a Sagittarian, you need to be extremely adventurous and exciting. That’s what Sagittarians like in their partner. You should be charming and be ready to take the romantic passion that Sagittarians give. They are always in search of something new and like to unfold the challenges. A person who confuses them will capture their attention. They will avoid boring people. Try new things with them freely, they will like it. Love is an adventurous ride for them. Always expect the unexpected from them.

Independence: The harder you hang onto Sagittarians, the more they would resist you. You should be comfortable and secure. If you want to have them, let them roam free, that will bring them closer to you. They do not like to follow rules and if you hesitate, they will get frustrated. For their independence, they are mostly seen single for a longer time and take up marriage or commitments at a later age. They like partners who give them freedom like singles have.

Extreme relations: For them, either it is this way or that. They will quickly move from one thing to another at their own speed unlike most people who would start with friendship and then gradually commit. They will not just take to anyone who comes along their way. They will wait until they meet their right one. If they won’t love you, they will simply go away.

Physical attraction: They are not much into casual sex. For them their mental compatibility comes first and after that physical closeness. They like to share love of communication first. They like to talk about things which make sense and after that a sexual attraction can take place. Their relationships will not be based on sexual attraction, and so an attempt to attract them sexually will have no appeal on them.

Positive: They are very optimistic and do not take failure along. You will not find them mourning for their broken past relationships. Always keep a positive attitude with them and they will be the most generous and fun loving person you can find. They like to live their life and so you need to be charming. Never mind if you are totally different from them as they like to try something new every time and so they wouldn’t mind their partners even from a totally different country.

To conclude, if Sagittarians love you, they will go through everything with you. But if there is no love, they will not make any efforts at all. It is however exceptional that they can fall in love at first sight. It is also possible that they may be unfaithful in relationships, but if they truly love that person, they wouldn’t mind coming back and apologise. They are a fire sign and so are full of romance, passion, intensity and adventures. Feel free with them and love them for the way they are, and they will give you the best relationship of your lifetime.