The Sagittarians have the quality of liking the things which are natural, adventurous and they love to do outdoor activities. They would prefer anything creepy, which any other sign may not even think of trying. A healthy, wholesome meal defines food for Sagittarian.

Natural: Talking about dessert after dinner, Sagittarians will love to have ice creams especially cherry flavoured. As mentioned above, they would relish anything natural and so you give them anything fruity and they will be happy. They also like raspberries and melons. They would avoid food items which are flavoured or made with synthetic methods. As Sagittarians love sweets, they can also be served with beet which is best for proper functioning of liver. And beet also has a naturally sweet taste. Cinnamon is also preferable for Sagittarians as they have a soft side for sweets and the spice can help them in avoiding the chances of diabetes. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar. Sagittarians may not necessarily develop diabetes, but the spice will help them reducing sugar levels after the Sagittarian may have gathered pounds of fats.

Healthy: They prefer nutritious food which will enhance their active routine. Offer fruit slices and nuts and they will love it. They think food as an energy source and so they would prefer anything which is healthy. The Sagittarians will prefer apples as they will help them in digestion. They can also be served with sage as it enhances brain function which a Sagittarian requires to avoid memory lapse issues.

Extravagance: They should be served anything in large quantity or else they would not be satisfied. Serve them a large bowl of sour flavoured ice cream. Sagittarians generally will not take up another serving if it is needed. In order to cool down the temperature of Sagittarians, cucumbers are best as they contain good amount of silica avoiding dehydration.

Unusual: Never hesitate to try something unusual with a Sagittarian, as they would love it. Food items which are foreign and unknown to them and also exotic are recommended. They also enjoy eating food during picnics, outings or BBQs. As Sagittarians love to eat anything unusual, currants are recommended for them as they help in digestion of food properly and also avoid the chances of food poisoning. For adventurous people, currants are best.

Energetic: For the adventurous Sagittarians, they can also be served with chicken during their growing years. The Sagittarians who are non-vegetarians can include chicken in their diet. This gives them a boost of energy. They can also gain extra energy from olives.

Hence, give them anything cheap, cheesy, and tasteless: they would eat it with their full heart as long as it is healthy and energetic. Even appetizers are recommended for them as they like to have a meal in good amount. For a Sagittarian, health is the priority when it comes to diet as it should not hamper their lifestyle which may include anything out of the box. Also never hesitate to ask them their preference as though they are perceived to be the most chilled and well-mannered sign, they will not mind in giving you the right answer.