Generous: Sagittarians are very good teachers. They are very good in explaining moral principles and laws and so they can be very good scientists too. They are also very kind and they love to get involved in social causes. So the profession of a doctor totally suits them. They try to satisfy other people’s requirements. They would keep working for a cause as their priority rather than working for money and success. They do not yearn for big rewards for their job and they like to serve people and usually they work so hard that eventually the recognition comes to them. They also think about the planet’s well-being as a whole and also try to contribute in its improvement.

Intelligence: They have a very deep insight. So they can be very good doctors and can be successful as medical professionals. The role of doctor requires great amount of benevolence and Sagittarians are best suited for it. They are very serious thinkers. They are also very honest and straightforward which is why they are trustworthy. Trust is a significant factor for a profession like that of a doctor’s. So whatever it might be, they will show a clear picture to their patients. They are also very enthusiastic and like to try and experiment with new things. They are also very good in their judgement.

Positive: They are very efficient in making other people happy and can also take good care of people – patients and others alike. Generally patients need more comfort and they are also required to feel better and Sagittarians can perform this job very well. They can also be successful pharmacists or genetic counsellors. You will find them making small talk and light conversations with people before starting to talk about anything serious. They also love to feel proud of their achievements when they feel that they have contributed in improving their environment and making it a better place to live in for everyone.

Hence they are fun to work with. Their co-workers and colleagues enjoy with them, as Sagittarians treat them as their own family. They love to share their experiences and stories with others. This cheerful personality is best suited for healthcare industry. They are very energetic. They also do not feel easily insulted or get offended which is common during an emergency when everyone is screaming at one another and can easily handle the situation calmly. They can work very well under stress, compared to other sun signs. So it is sure that a patient will feel better when a Sagittarian nurse or doctor will be around. They will also be relieved that they are doing something right. They would not mind serving for their career even at the cost of his family and personal life.

Here are some famous Sagittarian personalities who were successful in their career as a doctor and in the medical profession.

Andrew P. Ordon: He was a plastic surgeon. He became famous from a medical talk show, ‘The doctors performing as a host’.

Boris Borisovich Yegorov: He was the first Soviet physician who was sent in outer space.

George Richards Minot: He was the Nobel-prize winning physician who discovered a treatment for a deadly disease called anaemia.

Carlo Croce: He was the best known doctor for his research of genetic mechanisms of cancer.