Generally, Sagittarians are known to make friends easily. They can be best friends forever. They are overwhelming, honest and straight forward. They are resourceful and preferred as a good company in times of difficulties in life. They are most compatible with Aries and Leo. It is said that a person is lucky if he/she has Sagittarians as their friend.

Positive: They can be best friends due to their positive attitude which is ever cheering and inspiring. They can do anything to cheer their friends. They are also blessed with a very good sense of humour, and can also speak truth easily in a light manner. They have the potential to forgive their friends easily. They will always support you in fulfilling your wishes, dreams and ideas.

Selfless: When they make friendship, it is totally unconditional, without any selfish motive. They would not expect anything from their friends. With friends, there is no room for conspiracies, revenge and mind games. They mean what they say, which is the best part of Sagittarians. They will be friends with you just for the person you are and will always be concerned for you. But they would at least expect trust from their friends.

Live and let live: Because of their positive nature, they will also never intervene into their friends’ issues, giving them space. They will not get suspicious or jealous if something is not told to them. They will let their friends live in their way and give the same treatment as they expect.

Trustworthy: This is the most important part which a person will always look for in their friends and this quality is possessed by Sagittarians. They are known to speak the truth, whether it may be against you. They would not lie to you just to make you feel better. And one thing is sure that whatever they might say will be real. They are very frank and do not like to hide anything. You can count on them for anything.

Unorganized: The people who prefer a well-organized, fixed routine life, Sagittarians are a bad choice for them. Sagittarians will always be found reaching late everywhere and this may happen because they think too much about the future and forget about the present. So you need to be patient with them. They will not do it intentionally but if you understand this, then they will bring brightness in your life. They would like anything but with very little responsibility.

Adventurous: This is the most significant trait of Sagittarians. Because of this characteristic, they will enjoy a lot with people who like to party.

For a Sagittarian, it is advisable that they should take care that their generosity may not be misused by others and even they should also take care while making friends that some of their wildest dream may not be fulfilled. Sagittarians may think positive about everyone, but it may not be the same for them. Hence, they can be very good friends as they possess almost all the positive qualities which a friend should have for another. Hence, they have the ability to fix a friendship.