The adventurous, social and friendly Sagittarius loves to live life to the fullest and with a complete zest for it. He or she will usually speak his/her mind and can sometimes come across as quite aggressive and blunt to people who would prefer a more subtle approach. This behavior is deeply rooted in their love for freedom. They would rather speak their mind than bite their tongue and keep quiet.

Though the Sagittarian is full of positive traits, the dark side to his/her personality is the anger or aggression which can rise over trivial matters.

Fire signs tend to be quite warm. The most basic trait of a fire sign is that it lives the moment without much forethought . This is the reason as to why they can overtly rely on survival instincts.

The highly energetic Sagittarian can be quite aggressive at times with streaks of being headstrong and short tempered. The Sagittarius sun sign is ruled by Jupiter which makes him/her a freedom lover . Therefore anything that restricts their freedom or unexpected delays or commitments they are not ready for will make them flare up and get very aggressive. If at all you want to give them any command it is best to be gentle and say it nicely. If they get to know they have been lied to they will absolutely hit the roof top. So, it’s best to be honest and straightforward with them when in a relationship.

If you are living with a Sagittarian the key is to learn how to deal with their sudden outburst of anger and aggression. This applies to relationships too. If a Sagittarian feels tied down in a relationship he /she will tend to revolt. So, the best option is to give them their bit of space. The key to a successful relationship with  a Sagittarian is to accept them for who they are and not confine them.

The typical Sagittarian person values his/her independence and immensely dislikes being in the position of being too obligated or trapped. An ideal match would be somebody who is strong willed and can manage himself independently .If you are too possessive its time to re-examine your nature and accommodate your Sagittarian partner by giving him more space.

Sagittarians can be quite a bagful of mixed emotions. Though they are friendly companions they are quite notorious for their bluntness as they can be brutally honest. To deal with a Sagittarian’s aggression the first and foremost skill that you require is tact combined with the ability to give them their freedom and not pin them down. Otherwise this can escalate into aggression that can be very difficult to handle.

So, in order to be able to deal with a Sagittarian’s aggression all you need is some well thought of discretion and diplomacy and not to stifle them with your demands. Just give them their space and respect their freedom .This will ensure a smooth relationship without any bumpy rides!