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Author: Bryce Harris

Sagittarius male and marriage, will he ever settle down?

Well the straight up answer is, YES, he will. Most people decide to get married and settle down eventually. A Sagittarius male just tends to do so later than most people. For him, the term “marriage” alone is alarming. It can make him sweat more than when he’s inside the sauna. They like to flirt a lot and tying the knot will put and end to that. At least with other woman other than the bride.

One reason why they don’t marry at the usual “marrying age” is because most Sagittarius needs to find themselves first. They know how to have fun and how to give a good time but that doesn’t mean they know how to stay happy and fun the whole time. They know that parties and events only last a few hours so they need to look for something else to stimulate them and keep going on being happy after that. Just waiting until the next party starts is not acceptable.

They need to feel they’re on their toes constantly. It’s a sure way for them to feel they’re living their lives. The Sagittarius man likes to get the best out of life so they do while they still can. If that means being nonchalant and carefree then so be it. They don’t care much for who people will think about them. They are a bunch of rule breakers but they do know how and when to draw the line. They have a certain standard that they know they should keep up with and as long as they’re abiding by it then things should go smoothly for them.

When it comes to fidelity they aren’t really the most trusted one but it’s mainly because they love to flirt with the opposite sex. One thing you should appreciate though is when a Sagittarius goes home to you at the end of the day. Commitment itself is a huge deal for the archer so give him a little credit.

An important characteristic a Sag’s partner needs to have is patience. A whole lot of it. He is a lot to handle so if you’re not up to the task you better think twice before things get nasty. If you really want him though, all you need is a but more understanding and patience than average Jane Doe.

Don’t force him into it. A Sagittarius does not want to be cornered in any way and he sure won’t appreciate the subject of marriage suffocating him. You can open the subject lightly and see how he reacts to it. If he doesn’t sound so uptight about it then it’s a good sign. If he does get jumpy then back off and think of another way and another day to discuss it.

It seems hard to get this guy to walk down the isle but those who are patient and wise enough to wait and plan for the right day has the chance to see him waiting for you at the altar on your wedding processional.

Trials and Tribulations of a sagittarius male and capricorn female relationship

Much is said about the possible success of a Sag-Aries or a Sag-Leo relationship. They have the same interests and attitude towards life that makes them inseparable or that can make things work out, at the least. The Capricorn, however, is very different from a Sagittarius that their relationship, if they even get to that point, is bound to fall to pieces. This is a case where opposites do not attract.

On First Impressions. First impressions are important for a Capricorn. They hold on to it and it’s really the thing that draws them to a Sagittarius. When she meets a Sag, for instance, they tend to be open and lay all their cards on the table. Honesty, as we know, is very important for the Goat so for her, the Archer’s straightforwardness means he can be trusted.

The first thing a Sagittarius notice on a Capricorn is the quiet (to the point of being mysterious) demeanor and if there’s one thing that gets the Archer’s brain worked up it’s figuring out the puzzle that is the human behavior. He likes to figure things out and finds it exciting to tear down layers and layers of walls that a Capricorn surrounds herself.

If for some reason, a Sagittarius puts a crack on the trust that the Capricorn holds on too so dearly, or if the Capricorn even thinks there is a small chance he is lying, the walls will come right back up and this time, even more solid. The Archer will try to mend things and go on trying to get to her but usually gets tired eventually if she keeps being stubborn. When he gives up is usually the end of it.

On Communication. The Sagittarius male is very open; even to a fault. He sometimes even thinks out loud whereas a Capricorn female is so reserved she chooses her words very carefully before she spits it out. That is if she even talks at all. On misunderstandings, she would choose to keep quiet than argue her point. When it comes to the level when things are about to blow it’s usually too messy to fix things.

A Capricorn is also known to walk out of a relationship with no explanation at all. She is patient when it comes to the man she loves but when she gets a hold of hard facts to prove she has been wronged, she has a tendency to feel she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation and will just up and leave regardless of what the situation is.

Then comes the little stuff. The Capricorn is a very serious person, a Sagittarius only gets serious when he feels like he needs to be. They have different ways of having fun. There may be no problems when it comes to bed because a Capricorn, though cold and calculating in public, can be the hottest thing in bed a Sagittarius can ever have. And a Sagittarius would want that hot thing on his bed. But other than that, there really isn’t much to hold on to. They even have different tastes in people they like to hang out with. A Sagittarius likes huge crowds and loud people to hang out with. He accommodates everyone. A Capricorn, on the other hand, is friendly enough but prefer to hang out with small, intimate crowds and only with people she considers her friends. If there are only two of them, then so be it.

On Working Things Out. Different cases calls for different solutions. In general, a Capricorn should try to be more patient, more affectionate and communicate more. A Sagittarius on the other hand should not try to do anything that may break her trust. A Capricorn also might want to learn to drop the small things if she wants things to work out. And the Sagittarius might want to take things a but more seriously. If the two really wants to work things out it will take A LOT of effort and sacrifices on both sides. Meeting halfway would be a good start.

15 fun facts about famous sagittarius people

1) The Sagittarius people are known to be happy-go-lucky, wild and sometimes even crazy. Guess that’s one way to describe crazy, sexy and hard partier mother of two and former teen star Britney Spears. She was born December 2, 1981.

2) Sagittarius people are pretty much carefree and nonchalant but they can be very responsible and involved too. Abbie Hoffman was a political and social activist from the 60’s and 70’s. He was born November 30, 1936.

3) Amos Bronson Alcott is a proof of how people born under the sign of the Archer are intellectual and innovative. He was a teacher, writer, philosopher and a reformer. He developed new ways of interacting and educating younger students. He was a friend of no less than the American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson and were both transcendentalists.

4) The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Anna Freud may be more known as Sigmund Freud’s daughter but her works are as notable. She emphasized the importance of ego and its ability to be trained socially. She was born December 3. 1895.

5) A great sense of humor is one of the better qualities of a Sagittarius. And one of the funniest comedians of our time is Ben Stiller. He was born on November 30, 1965.

6) They’re not bad with the looks department too. The Hollywood A-Lister, a very much talented actor and the partner of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt’s zodiac is Sagittarius. He celebrates his birthday every December 18 since 1963.

7) A Sagittarius’ imagination runs as wild as he is. Or even more. The author of the famous book (which was made even more famous by the movie adaptation) The Chronicles of Narnia was born under the zodiac sign of the Archer. C.S. Lewis was born November 29, 1989.

8.) Another hot Hollywood actor under Sagittarius is Brendan Fraser. He was born December 3, 1968. He was famous for the three-part movie Mummy, George of The Jungle and Mrs. Winterbourne to name a few.

9) Another crazy, sexy pop star (though maybe not as crazy as Britney is portrayed) is Christina Aguilera. She celebrates her birthday every December 18 since 1980.

10) Often adventurous and highly athletic, the Sagittarius likes to get involved in a lot of physical activities. Dick Butkus, who played 9 seasons for the Chicago Bears was one of the “most feared and intimidating linebackers” of his time.

11) One of the coolest painting of all times was The Scream. It was a part of the a series where love, fear, death, melancholia and anxiety was explored and expressed by Sagittarius artist Edvard Munch. He was born December 12, 1863.

12) The Sagittarius has a taste for the good things in life. Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace is a Sagittarius born on December 2, 1946.

13) Another talented artist and performer who knows how to have and give a good time like a Sagittarius does is Frank Sinatra. He was born December 12, 1915.

14) Legendary artist and musician Jimi Hendrix was born November 27, 1942.

15) Another controversial Hollywood star known for the hit series 24 and being a hot head(reported head-butting fashion designer Jack McCollough).

Sagittarius and Aries Lesbian relationship

The Lesbian Sagittarius is smart, sexy and vey confident. She brings life to a boring party and often has a trick or two up her sleeve. She doesn’t walk around with a chip on her shoulder and although she needs babying at times, she knows how to take charge and usually does so.

A Sagittarius – Aries lesbian relationship is one mainly built on friendship and understanding. It is also about companionship and although most relationship is based on that, these two seem to take the cake. Everything seems to fall into place inside this relationship. Both actually wants a bit of babying and they provide a healthy size of it for each other. She enjoys taking care of the Aries (and vice versa). They aren’t very physical in public (then again, most Aries aren’t), but very intimate in private. They do find ways to be intimate outside by the tone of their voices and eye contact which is something so sweet that every couple should learn from them.

Although the Aries relies on her for most decision making, they actually agree for the Aries to take charge of the finances. They are both good when it comes to handling money but there’s a tendency for the Sag to spend more too so her partner tries to keep her spending habit manageable.

Surprisingly, she can be very domesticated when paired up with her lesbian Aries lover. Most Sagittarius would leave a big chunk of the chores to their partner but not this one. She enjoys having a fair share of the work load or sometimes even more provided she gets pampered afterwards whether it be some time at the spa or just a nice cup of coffee and a foot rub from her partner.

These two are all for pampering. They both love the finer things in life and would save up for their next weekend getaway either with friends or just by themselves. No cheap vacations for them too. They love going to exotic places and having fun under the sun trying out the area’s food specialty and exploring the attractions. If they can’t get away a nice and quiet restaurant will do before they go out shopping.

In terms of trust, an Aries knows the Sag likes to flirt once in a while but understands she is the one the Sag comes home to every night that she just doesn’t mind at all. They also try to have as much good times as they can with friends together. You’ll find these two are often hosts to small intimate gatherings among common friends and most their friends are common because they embrace each other’s lifestyles and acquaintances.

The Aries on this relationship has enough patience for both of them and the Sag, in return, gives life to a would be monotonous day to day living of an Aries. In a nutshell, these two has just the right amount of what each other lacks and a lot of good things to share that their relationship is bound to work out well from beginning to end.

Best Sagittarius Vacation Spots

When it comes to vacation spots, it’s important to consider what will make a Sagittarius the happiest. Keep in mind this sign is rather adventuresome, so just sitting along the beach or visiting relatives with no other activities in place are certainly not going to provide contentment for the Archer. Certainly this doesn’t mean you cannot take trips to the beach or other spots that are full of relaxation, but you have to include some
adventure into the trip as well. Remember, Sagittarius likes to keep moving and is not content to be confined to one spot.

If you’re going on vacation with a Sagittarius, you must remember they love adventure and exotic places. Don’t even think for a minute that you will satisfy this sign with just a relaxing time at home; the farther they are away from home, the happier they are. Not only are they lovers of exotic places, but they also enjoy going to places where they can learn about different cultures as well. This trait may be due partly because of their placement in the 9th House that is also known as the House of Long Distance Journeys. What this means is Sagittarians enjoy traveling not only because of the adventure it brings but also because of the learning experience.

Some of the places Sagittarians will enjoy include beaches, camping, hiking in the hills and fishing. While we previously mentioned the beach as something not likely to appeal to Sagittarius, it’s important to understand that the beach can be a place where you just lie out in the sound and do nothing—this will not appeal to Sagittarius—but if you use your trip to the beach as an adventurous activity such as engaging in water skiing, surfing, diving, swimming and other similar activities, it will give Sagittarius a chance to engage
in some adventure and even learn something new.

Sagittarians love any activities that take place outdoors, but they also enjoy traveling to exotic places including third world countries. To a Sagittarius all travel is an experience from which they can add to their knowledge base. However, you have to keep in mind that when you travel with a Sagittarius, it is important to choose places that are different from where he or she lives. Stay away from a hotel in the mountains or an island resort and plan something more exotic. In fact, this sign would prefer to just start traveling
and see where they end up instead of planning a vacation with reservations and daily itineraries of pre-planned activities.

They enjoy doing things on the spur of the moment, and would not only enjoy going to an unusual place but also to one of the usual places to just have fun without giving it any forethought. Your Sagittarius would enjoy going to the Rockies, Yellow Stone national Park or the Grand Canyon. These places are unlike the ordinary vacation spots that tend to attract most people because it gives you an opportunity to camp out or spend time with family and friends just having fun without planning an entire trip.

Sagittarius in the Workplace

Each person is faced with having to handle a variety of different people when they go to work. Sometimes the experience is positive and sometime barely acceptable. Even those who do not believe in the force of the stars for determining personality traits are likely to see the differences in the workplace. Each astrological sign has specific work-related traits, and Sagittarius is no different. For one thing Sagittarius is a traveler, and as such see every day as a new challenge. The cheerful and spontaneous nature of Sagittarius is one that will provide any workplace with a morale boost.

The Sagittarius has a great sense of humor and doesn’t possess even a single malicious bone in his or her body. On the down side you are likely to discover that this sign is more likely to provide a honest assessment of a situation when exercising a little bit of tact would have been a better solution to the problem. This can also cause some inner conflict with co-workers because the Sagittarius may walk away from the situation without giving a thought to the effect his negativity may have on others.

Friends and co-workers may not see the Sagittarius as being particularly deep, but in reality he is a deep thinking individual who gives a great deal of thought to the “big picture” including an analysis of why he or she is here and where he or she might be going from this point—this also includes the ability to frequently see the end results with a great deal of accuracy. The role of Sagittarians is to always seek more knowledge than they currently possess, so those born under this sign are more likely than not very well read in a variety of subjects and have a highly defined personal philosophy. Sagittarians will never lose their child-like qualities and will always see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. They will also never be completely serious about their daily lives and always allow for a little bit of childish behavior.

Sagittarius is also very self-confident, positive, enthusiastic and easy-going. You’re likely to find this sign with a map on the wall and push pins indicating all the places he wishes to go in his lifetime. He is also likely to be way ahead of everyone else when it comes to the future of the company and its overall picture. The Archer will aim high at work, which will allow him to achieve high goals (or occasionally extreme failures).
Fortunately the success rate of the Sagittarius will outweigh any failures, so you can feel safe in relying on his hunches to increase company profitability.

Sagittarius will have no problems getting along with co-workers in spite of his tendencies to be very blunt and tactless. This is partly due to the fact he has a need to know everything and therefore becomes a fountain of information for others in the company. The Sagittarius may also seem frivolous at times, but when you need someone to jump in to pitch in, Sagittarius will be the first one to volunteer.

Avoiding Conflict in all Relationships with a Sagittarius

Conflict goes above and beyond just the dating stage. There are other occasions when you may be in a position that might cause conflict, especially within the workplace. It is important to know things about Sagittarius in order to know what to expect and how to avoid getting into an unnecessary confrontation. All relationships whether personal or business are likely to have some conflict, but the important thing is to know how to handle conflict in order to lessen the aftermath of the conflict. In the workplace it can create a great deal of tension and anxiety for others in the immediate area, so you want to learn how to avoid any conflict before it has a chance to begin.

Sagittarians are very inquisitive and curious, a trait that can be both good and bad. They also need to find out everything about life and how they individually fit into the scheme of life. They are not the type of people who will be content for someone else to tell them what is going on around them; they must find out the answers for themselves. Even if you take them away from civilization and put them on a desert island they will conduct research and maybe even try to find a way to get back to civilization. They prefer finding their own answers to problems instead of allowing someone else to give them the answers.

Sagittarians are highly intelligent and must always be thinking or doing something or they will become bored and unhappy. They will never be content to just side on sidelines and allow someone else to do all the work—they have to be busy doing something and actively seeking answers to any questions they have. In the workplace this can be both a positive and negative thing because they are likely to even attempt to find new ways to accomplish things thus undermining the thoughts of supervision.

Sagittarius will also not be happy with a job that offers no challenges such as sitting at a desk all day answering telephones without an opportunity to do something worthwhile. They are also not happy with a situation that allows them to remain idle, so any job that provides any kind of time without work to do (outside of lunch and other breaks) will not appeal to a Sagittarius.

In order to avoid conflict with a Sagittarius, it’s important to understand their individual personalities and what makes them tick. For starters, you cannot take things personally if they attempt to change the way you are doing things or look for more information on a topic than you gave them. These traits are both part of the nature of Sagittarians as seekers of information and should not offend you in any way. You should accept any help you can from your Sagittarius mate, friend or co-worker, knowing that he or she is just
attempting to find the easiest way to perform tasks or find answers to questions that is in his or her mind.

How to Guarantee a Successful Relationship with a Sagittarius

One of the first things to remember about Sagittarius is they do not like anything routine. They much prefer being involved in situations that allow them to change and exercise their need for knowledge. This doesn’t mean they can never settle into a routine if it becomes necessary, but it is not the type of situation they prefer. Unless they have the thrill of knowing there may be change in the future, a Sagittarius may become bored and feel trapped.

The Archer needs to be faced with new challenges and situations in order to remain content, especially when it comes to his or her careers. At the same time they are highly responsible individuals and will allow their reliable judgment capabilities to overrule their need to throw caution into the air and follow their own course of action.

You will also discover as you get to know a Sagittarius that they are also very clever individuals. This may be due in part to the fact that they are well read and highly educated. When you get into a conversation with this sign, you are likely to be talking for hours although it will only seem to be a few minutes.

Another thing to keep in mind about a Sagittarius is they love travel and a sense of freedom. This sign is not usually content to stay at home but prefers activities that will take him or her away from home. Sagittarians love to travel to new places in order to learn about the atmosphere and culture. You may even find them picking up the accent of the places where they travel and taking it with them to their next stop. This is not
something they do to disrespect the natives of those locations but rather as a means for them to enjoy life to the fullest.

When it comes to signs that are compatible with Sagittarius, you will find there are two signs that are the most compatible with Sagittarius. These two signs are compatible for both friendship and love. The first sign is Aries, and this is partly because both Aries and Sagittarius share a love of adventure. While one might think the natural leadership qualities would cause conflicts with Sagittarius, the reality is that the Archer doesn’t mind being a follower as long as the road leads somewhere and is not just a dead end.

While both sides find rules impulsive and enjoy freedom, Aries is rather impulsive and quick to anger. However, Sagittarius possesses the responsibility and sound judgment that can help keep this kind of relationship on an even level.

Leo is also a great match for Sagittarius because of Leo’s personality and his or her love of attention. The Lion is always enthusiastic and full of energy with a deep creative sense that helps make life interesting for even the activity-seeking Sagittarius. Both Sagittarius and Leos enjoy action, a trait that helps them pair very well with Sagittarians. Both Leo and Sagittarius love the sense of adventure in traveling and are enthusiastic about the arts.

Developing a Harmonious Relationship with a Gay Sagittarius Male

Once you learn the Sagittarius of your dreams is passionate, sensitive and likes the same things you like, it is important to still remain somewhat aloof. Just because it may seem he has a genuine interest in dating you, it’s also important to remember he is an expert when it comes to being a “player.” The one thing you want to avoid at all costs is thinking you have a match made in heaven just because your Sagittarius always does things to please you. This is the nature of Sagittarius—at least while he remains interested in you.

One thing you must always remember is the Archer can be predominantly a “player” and will always make it a point to remain the object of your affections. It is not strangely impossible that he may have researched your life in order to understand you better and know what makes you happy and makes you “tick.” While he may do things that interest you and make you happy because he really is interested in you, he will become bored and disinterested if you make the mistake of removing the mystery by confessing all your innermost hopes and dreams. The key to keeping a gay Sagittarius male interested is to maintain a certain level of mystery to keep him guessing. While this is a very easy mistake to make, it can be the death of any potential relationship you man have with the man of your dreams.

Sagittarius males whether gay or not like their lovers to have a certain element of mystery, and if you allow them to know too much about you, he will quickly lose interest. Why? Because once he feels he knows everything about you he will see you as boring and uninteresting and no longer exciting. On the bright side this doesn’t mean a Sagittarius is not a good lover just because he is quick to fall out of love—the elements of love and sex are completely separate to a gay Sagittarius male.

The key to holding onto a relationship with a Sagittarius lover is to make sure he never knows everything about you. You also don’t want to make be too easy of a “catch” because once the excitement of the chase is over; he is likely to lose interest quickly. They are excited by the chase rather than gaining the prize in the end, so the longer it takes him to learn all of your little secrets, the longer you will be guaranteed to retain
his interest. He may even enjoy a lover who is subject to mood swings, exhibits a diva attitude or has a fiery temper. Certainly these attitudes are not true of all gay Sagittarius males any more than the traits of other signs are predominant among all born under those signs, but you want to make sure you understand the possibilities and be ready to act upon them.

Keep in mind even if you are not interested in a long term relationship with a Sagittarius, you can be sure you will find one of the best lovers in the world. The Archer is extremely passionate, has no problem with experimenting, and his tendency to become bored easily makes him ready and willing to try many different sexual positions. In fact, his love of emotional variety contributes strongly to his ability to be a great lover.

Sagittarius in the Business World

When it comes to their careers Sagittarians are very driven individuals even to the point of neglecting their friends and family. While this certainly is an attractive trait for managers and supervisors it can be frustrating to friends and family who may plan events only to find they must reschedule due to work commitments. Sagittarians will always put their careers before everything else including their spouses and children, something that can cause somewhat of a conflict on the home front. However, this is not a trait that anyone is going to change in a Sagittarius—it comes along with their need for knowledge and their quest to always be doing something.

With the gifts Sagittarians possess, they are great as teachers and philosophers. This relates partly to their ability and talent to fully explain the moral principles and laws that surround the universe in which we live. They are not able to fully explain these principles, but they find great pleasure in researching the information in order to satisfy their very active minds. Sagittarians must always be increasing their knowledge of the world and its surroundings. Their very active minds demand to be filled with new knowledge all the time. They need to learn and expand their knowledge in order to maintain a sense of balance in their over-active minds.

The gift Sagittarians possess also makes them naturals in the clergy as well as scientists. On the one hand they are good talkers, an essential quality for those working in the clergy whether as ministers, bishops or other important positions. They must be able to speak not only to large crowds of people in the church and other locations, but they must also be able to speak to people on an individual basis, sometimes in a counseling capacity. This natural ability to talk to people—or the gift of gab—is one that will help Sagittarius in many ways within the realm of various types of church and other charitable work.

Why would they be good as scientists? The fact that they are so eager for knowledge and must answer any questions that come into their very active minds makes them great choices as scientists. This position will put them in their realm of glory because they will be able to research, hypothesize and formulate the answers to many different questions. Being able to conduct all the preliminary research will allow them to choose which questions they wish to answer based on those that enter their minds at any given moment.

Sagittarians will also be great in law, politics, public service, social administration, public relations and advertising. These roles are also ones that are possible because of the Sagittarians gift of gab. The fact that they also like to be in control can be very helpful in these roles as well, especially when it pertains to law, politics and public service. There is a definite need in those positions for someone to be in control of the situation and know what to do at just the right time. Sagittarius with their ability to talk incessantly can certainly fit perfectly into any of these roles.

right thing for them. Some of the different possibilities include working on cruise ships, pilots, flight attendants, bus drivers, train conductors, professional athletes, professional dancers, and many more. If the job opportunities are limited in these areas, other possibilities are joining the armed forces or working as a traveling salesman. In fact many people join the military specifically for the traveling, especially the Navy where they can travel many places while onboard a ship.

Sagittarians are well-suited to many different occupations, especially if they involve a combination of travel and exploration. If they can use their brilliance in order to resolve those questions that come into their minds while also being able to keep their restless bodies on the move, they are in the perfect position. That doesn’t mean they will not fit well into other positions as well, but these situations allow them more control over their own lives which is what Sagittarians like the most.

One thing is for sure: Sagittarians would not be happy working in an office where they have to sit all day long and perform the same tasks. They need to challenge their minds which eliminate positions such as data entry, collections and customer service where they would be sitting all day doing the exact same job. They might be suited to a job as an accountant or financial analyst because it would challenge them to figure out the right solution. There is no doubt, however, that whatever position they obtain they will do well because they are very driven individuals that have a tendency to put their careers in front of their family and friends.

Sagittarians are also very loyal as friends, mates and employees. Their loyalty is one of their very endearing qualities and tends to override their tendency to fly off the handle at small things. Of course, they also know when it is appropriate to show anger and when it is appropriate to act professionally. Since they are interested in getting ahead and they put their all into their work, they are not likely to jeopardize all of that and become upset without cause or show their anger inappropriately.

One word of caution: even in the workplace Sagittarians need to be in control which is why they are better suited to some positions than others. It is essential to avoid being confrontational with Sagittarians or to challenge them in the workplace, especially if you are on the same level as they are. They can respect authority but will not be controlled by someone who is on the exact same level as they are in the work environment.